Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Fat Acceptance Movement

The FAM is pure cancer. And this is coming from an overweight person. Here are ten reasons The Fat Acceptance Movement sucks.

The Top Ten

1 They believe obesity has nothing to do with health

Yeah. I know obesity can cause serious problems like heart disease and spinal dislocation. - Neonco31

Yeah, obesity has a lot to do with health. In fact, obesity causes health issues! - NikBrusk

2 They want people to accept all bodies, but they hate on skinny and fit people

Yet another Animal Farm example of "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others". If they want equality they ought to stop being greedy about it. - Entranced98

That's not hypocritical at all, isn't it? - NikBrusk

3 They ignore scientific facts to make people feel better about themselves
4 They think that being fat is oppression

I'm kind of chubby, and I'm offended! Being fat can cause health issues and being fat won't oppress anyone. - BorisRule

5 They praise sickly obese people and bash fit people who actually do take care of themselves

I saw a Twitter post with a fit couple working out at a gym, and there were a TON of comments insulting them. Then I saw a picture of a disgustingly obese girl, and people were praising her like she was a goddess!

To quote Professor Farnsworth: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." - NikBrusk

6 They think health isn't within our control

Aside from severe diseases, it actually is within our control. YOU decided to overeat and get fat. - NikBrusk

7 They try to make people proud of things they shouldn't be proud of
8 They once assumed a poster with a fit lady is fat shaming

This is just stupid. - NikBrusk

9 They got mad over a clothing line selling clothes for skinny people

It's perfectly fine for much thinner people to be able to buy clothing that's a good fit for their body shape, just the same way as obese people can buy clothes in their size from dedicated clothing lines. The clothing line the FAM made a huge fuss over wasn't even aimed at them, so they had no rational reason to get involved. - Entranced98

10 They believe in thin privilege
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