Top Ten Reasons to Hate the First Mario Party Game

The Top Ten

1 It's Unfair

It's always unfair! I don't like that! - Danteem

2 You Can't Turn Off The Bonus Stars

It's stupid! I had the most stars and other players get bonus and beat me! Mot happens all the time! - Danteem

3 It's Too Hard

Very hard! Hardest and Worst Mario Party Game Ever! - Danteem

4 It Took Much Luck

It's deep luck based! Sucks! - Danteem

5 You Can Rarely Win

I've only win one damn time! - Danteem

6 No Items

It's no fun without items! At least Mario Party 2 let you carry only one item and Mario Party 3 and beyond let you carry three items! - Danteem

7 The Other Players Cheat

Yeah They always Cheat! - Danteem

8 The Boards Suck

Danteem, really? You're going to say Mario Party 1 is worse, simply because it was first? :T
Kinda stupid, if you ask me.

9 Rotating Mini Games

There are hard and stupid! Some people injured there hands by that! I never did but almost! - Danteem

10 The Eternal Star is Just Impossible

If I play that board I will get in last! Even on easy! - Danteem

The Contenders

11 Tug O War
12 Losing Coins When Failing a Mini Game

No other Mario Party game does this. It makes it seemingly impossible to win anything at times.

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