Top 10 Reasons to Hate Five Nights at Freddy's

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1 Furries Play It

There are some annoying people who decide to become sexual with the characters. Not cool.

I don't know why you would want to have sex with a robot

But same with everything I guess

I actually wanted the reason to be called”It is taking over the Internet” because I don’t think Furries Play it is much of a reason.

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2 Disgusting Fanart

On deviantart, more than half of the (already pretty weird) artwork is of disgusting pictures of chica in some pose or something.

Oh boy, I've seen bad toy chica images

So far, almost all the fanart of fnaf that I've seen is worse than garbage. Seriously, who would want to have sex with a robot.

Every time I search fnaf in google, I see this. Almost all of them are worse than garbage.
I wish I don't see this crap anymore.

3 It is ultimately overrated

I am autistic. I am downright sick of being compared to fnaf. Now, because of it, more people use autism as an insult directly towards the game and its fans. Every time I see anything about fnaf, I want to break it.

I hate the fnaf wave. Sure, the game is boring (yes, screaming in your face isn't that scary), but I hate it because of what it started: the cringe inducing fan art, the overprotective fans themselves, and the worst thing? People who call fnaf "the autism game" or something. I wish this game never was such a hit, because it just spreads more drama over the internet between the nastiest fans and the most caustic people to ever turn on a computer, and I am on neither side. Whoever made the game had no idea about what people like would get dragged into just for being autistic.

"If you have autism, then why don't you like FNAF like the other trash kids? " is pretty its motto nowadays. I guess the best thing we can all do is forget the game even existed if we hate ...more

It's even more overrated then Roblox!

I like the game but I will admit, it's REALLY overrated.

It was good until the second game.

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4 Fan Songs

I hate you living tombstone and any other fan song maker I don't like the fnaf crap anymore!

These songs have no talent put into them. Besides, these suck! - N3GAT1V3

Good god, kill the all

Dude u got a rhyme for. Balora dora

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5 All it does is door shutting, light checking, camera watching, etc.

That's the gameplay but why does the 5 nights has your exact same movements?

Gotta disagree with this one. Play the game to the 7th night and it becomes a lot more challenging then you might think at first glance, in spite of the simple mechanics.

The fifth game, Sister Location, is much different, you can finally move and every night is different.

Boring, ugly, and not scary. One of the worst indie games ever made.

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6 You don't move

So what about it


Does that matter,some games do,some games don't,


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7 It's scary

This game is not scary. People act like it's more terrifying than the Atari ET graphics, but it literally isn't close to scary.

Before if a Robot kills you, Their scream is really loud.

Even Foxy's footsteps even shocks my back! This game scares me.

Notice: if your too scared to play FNAF then don't play it.

If people only hate it because it's scary.. - TeamRocket747

Acutally it’s NOT scary

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8 Little kids are playing it

A lot of kids at my school are playing this. LOL, why are parents letting their kids play a horror game. Its like the parents don't know it's a horror game - Sparkjolt

My sis plays this game when she was 7 and she didn't get scared.
Up to now, we slip here. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

Yes, so many elementary school kids play it. It's like parents are in one gaming bubble and kids are in another.

This is pretty weird that a lot of kids are playing a horror game - Sparkjolt

I'm in grade 5 and I see first graders drawing it.heck I seen a few wanting to bang the darn things!

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9 It's a frustrating game

Yeah, it's a really hard game once you get used to it. You get mad when a robot kills you

What's the matter? Bad at videogames?

Frustration doesn't make a game bad! Theirs even more frustration in geometry dash and everybody likes it,and everybody likes five nights at freddys

10 Little kids convincing others that they are a FNaF character

I loved the game until this stuff started happening

My friend chris dose that and he never stops talking about having sex with toy chica

Hey just make them that they are your favourites not convincing that YOU are a fnaf character!

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? Terrible Animations
? It's Too Hard

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11 Characters that looks like the characters from Chuck E Cheese's

Yeah what if Freddy sends an attack on Chuck E Cheese. I used to like Chuck E Cheeses when I was a little boy

Five Night's At Freddy's Was Based On Chuck E Cheese's.

Because Chuck E. Cheese is scary

Fnaf is better so don't say it's a rip off

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12 It's a "print money" game.

This is outright wrong. The first four games were each made to present the story (and they're cheap), the fifth game takes a different approach by having voice acting all throughout and being mainly story-centered to actually make the story clear for once (as well as actually giving names to people), as well as introducing, and the sixth was made to clarify it further. Ultimate Custom Night was made to have better gameplay. Besides, FFPS (the sixth game) and UCN are free. So you see, each game was made to clear a gap, the main series being the story (because the first four games had limited storytelling methods), and UCN gameplay.

Let's face it, it's overall something the creator's just out to get more cash. - mattstat716

13 Terrible songs
14 It's taking over deviantArt

It is a cancer. It is spreading across a website that actually contains great artwork.

It's taking over the internet!

15 It's everywhere

Minecraft is dead because of FNAF fans.

So true

R.I.P. Minecraft (2009 - 2015)
Taken over by little kids who play FNAF

16 The game is pointless


17 People think (for no reason) robots have feelings.

It is true that robots don't have feelings. that game takes place in the 80's and today we don't have robots with feelings. but in the movie Wall-e, he has feelings due to a glitch, but that is because he was alone for 7 centuries.
in fnaf, the robots there are all together and what is this kind of game? I even go to school with fnaf fans! THIS GAME IS LIKE A ZOMBIE VIRUS!

18 It stereotypes kids

I'm almost a teen and hate the game. And then I hear that only kids play it...what? I always feel sad when I see a kid time you hear that dumb song, punch them in the mouth

Hate the game. hate the stereotype more

My sister and me in a nutshell. [We used to play this as kids] - HistorianaPhilippiniana

19 It overshadows all the good games
20 It's a ripoff of Chuck E Cheese's

I don't like the game but the creator just took a bit of inspiration no one today on the internet knows what a rip off is and taking inspiration if it was a rip off the animatronics would have been the same

This one should be on number one

Ripoff of Chicky Chica Chosen Cheesy Cheeses. That's weird!

21 It is overthrowing minecraft art

I go look at minecraft art now and then and I can't get away with looking at more than 10 pages titled FNAF! It's SO ANOYING! PLEASE MAKE THIS NIGHTMARE STOP!

Just saw it again, 2 pictures themed FNAF! I didn't look at it. ITS EVERYWHERE! IT 1000000000000% (A trillion) PERCENT SUCKS! SOMEONE SHOULD END THIS FANDOM!

22 It's extremely boring
23 It has stupid theories


24 It's trash
25 It's just Slender but with robotic animals

I agree with the person who said that the other person was an idiot by the way check out my youtube channel Destroy FNAF w/ jg2

1.its animitronics 2.the game is nothing like slender 3.slender isn't as scary as fnaf

Whoever put this here is an idiot. Not to be rude, but seriously.😑😑😑

26 The puppet master has 3 names

The puppet master,mangle,and the marionette.

Nope, the 3 names are Puppet, Puppet Master, and Maronite

27 Some animations are just too scary

My friend pissed his pants and had nightmares for a month after being jumpscared by Nightmare.

28 The kids who play him will turn into brats

I experienced this with my friends. Sad times. - Floebieuniverse

29 It's a waste of time and money
30 Terrible crossovers
31 All It Is is Clicking
32 It's not scary
33 It gives you nightmares

Same thing as 'it's scary' ( I said something about it not even close to Atari et graphics scary) this game is not scary at all and never will be.

34 It's a cash grab
35 It's the same thing for every level
36 The building is a living Hell
37 It causes rages
38 The Phone Guy sounds like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon

Want proof? Watch "WARNING: LEAST SCARY GAME IN YEARS | I HATE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S" by I Hate Everything. - TheYoshiPyro64

I think it's obvious why he hates it, doesn't he?
Check his channel name. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

39 It ruins your childhood
40 It's taking over Roblox
41 Fans believe that the characters are real

No joke my friend told me about this there are fans out there who believe that the characters are real. Mostly little kids do

42 It lacks creativity

All it is is Slender mixed with Chucky Cheeses. Plus, if one game wasn't enough, they shoved in too many sequels that are entiirely pointless.

43 It's Repetitive It's Repetitive
44 It Stereotypes Furries
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