Top Ten Reasons to Hate Foxy Fans from Five Nights at Freddy's

In my opinion,foxy is the worst character from five nights at freddy's. It's because everyone loves him.i think mangle is best.

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1 They try any way to make him a good guy

Or maybe a person that is normal - HATOOTEH

Foxy is such a stupid dumb fox..

How is foxy even dumb!


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2 They leave all other characters underrated.

No,I like Freddy Bonnie chica and foxy the same

Especially Balloon Boy.

3 They make horrible couples

Anime and five nights at freddys are completely different dickhead

No those are anime fans,not five nights at freddys fans

I like all the animitronics,but I don't do this

Not me,every time I see a video where 2 animitronics are in love,I comment BOO U STINK

4 If you deny that foxy is the best they will rip your head off

Well Freddy is the main character,but I like all of them the same

And as long as u like five nights at freddys,I'm ok

5 They worship him

Though Foxy is one of my favorite characters I don't worship him if anyone I worship Carl ( that's what I call the Cupcake)But my favorite character actually is Mangle but even though She/He is an alteration of Foxy I still don't worship then

Ok,their is no church in the universe worshiping foxy,so shut up

No,the living tomstone is just the fnaf theme song

6 Foxy sucks

Why are all the annoing foxy fanatics swarming this page?

When he runs he give u a heart attack

I mean the crazy ones you tintins - HATOOTEH

Foxy doesn't

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7 They try to force other people to like him

False I like foxy and you can hate him all you.

very true

8 They think they have sweg

Because their brave enough to play ot

People who play five. Nights at freddys do have swag

9 Foxes are stupid

I wont hate people that like him, I just think they gone to far.
I do not think foxy's stupid, it's the closest opinion to do this comment.

10 They say he is scary because they like him

Who made this list I want to know and guys I khow you hate foxy for dump reasons but don't listen to this guy he's properly the age of 5 that hasn t been potty trained yet but foxy inst dump he's smart but that's easy for to say foxy haters because you hate him all of you foxy haters are just cry baby s

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11 They make the worst fanfictions

Nah their kind of good

I have seen sfms,and they are good,whoever made this list,u must be one of those girls who wanted five nights at freddys to be an anime

12 They are annoying

I'm not,I like every animitronic the same

13 They like him more than their parents
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