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1 They are annoying

Why do they always whine in a hate comment? - Nateawesomeness

@Frozen fan do you love me because I have blonde hair

They think that the lists of

They whine over every comment every frozen hater says,in fact I'll give an example[a comment by a frozen fan] that might pop up below me

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2 They won't accept that not everyone likes Frozen


Not true, I am a frozen fan but I accept that not everyone likes Frozen. - Ilovestephanie

On my list "Worst Things About Frozen" the infamous raging Elsa fangirl commented under the "annoying fans" entry. The comment is the more ignorant hypocritical thing I've ever seen. First she asked what frozen fans had done to us. Well she's writing this aggressive comment. And she ruined a couple lists with her stupid rage comments. Next she states that they just express their opinion on frozen, that's all. Hm, I wouldn't call spamming senseless, pointless, annoying, repetitive comments in all caps all over lists "just expressing your opinion." And she says that we must tolerate frozen fans no matter what. Then why don't you try tolerating US, hypocrite! Why don't you stop spamming these annoying comments everywhere! How would you like it if we went to a list for bests things about frozen and spammed in all caps on every entry why frozen is horrible? - SammySpore

What's more aggressive than a list of reasons to hate Frozen fans? - Suzerain

I know. They don't respect our opinions. Not everyone is gonna like something. Every show and movie has haters and lovers. - cosmo

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3 They love Frozen more than their moms

Why do they call us ingrates? They are probably ingrates themselves! They love that stupid movie more than their parents! - FrozenisOverrated

Danteem loves Luigi and Super Smash Brothers more Han his family.

How do yo guys have proof that all of frozen fans do it that like saying hate every Call of Duty fan beacance they hate Mario and not all do it

Their parents gave them what they wanted,like food, toys, and even bother to work no matter how hard their job is just to do the above. But they treat them like they're non existent, and worship some movie that didn't do anything like that.All I have to say is:enough Said.

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4 They think they are better than everybody else

They say we have no lives but if you make a frozen hate list they go on and SCREAM at everyone, but when we go on there frozen love lists they act like we killed a queen.

Frozen fan are the most dramatic people I have even seen on the internet

WOW,somebody said they are,and they said were dogs,but just saying,dogs can be cute you know - Nateawesomeness

Lol theirs one right now,she thinks we're dogs,dogs can't go on the Internet u dumbass,and dogs can be cute too,see,they like that overrated movie more instead of their pets

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5 They shove the movie right in our faces

I'd rather get shove by MLP than get shoved by Frozen - Neonco31

Especially the guy *who would do anything to defend Anna and elsa*,that guy thinks he's a mayor or something,because he wouldn't stop whining! Here's what I think of his comment ->💩

6 If you say that you don't like frozen then you end up being the enemy

Not true. Like I said, I am a frozen fan but if someone says they don't like frozen they end up being my friend because I am friendly and nice. - Ilovestephanie

When I was the first one to comment,a bunch of frozen fans are screaming at me,their so spoiled this is what they like if they were the mayor,i declare the frozen hater guilty for hating a Disney movie

I learned that the hard way,

7 They never bother to see other movies

Frozen is so overrated, go see an underrated movie like Big hero 6 or Titanic, they both have better story lines than frozen anyway. - FrozenisOverrated

I know! Big Hero 6, Harry Potter, Tangled and Mulan are better. Titanic is about the same for Titanic. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Other movies are way better than Frozen. - cosmo

Crossovers between Harry Potter and Frozen should happen in canon.

(Besides everything else Anna said to watch)yea go and watch big hero 6!

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8 They made it popular

Never deserved to be popular in the first place. - FrozenisOverrated

And please respect the fact I don't like gravity falls - Nateawesomeness

Same thing happened to gravity falls - Nateawesomeness

I never thought a fandom could suck a movie dry. I was wrong. - AnnaOfArendelle332

9 They address us as, 'those meanie Frozen haters'

Also I hate it when frozen fans think that Katniss and Elsa have a lot in common! They don't Katniss is awesome and Elsa is a stupid little jerk! Katniss and her have nothing in common!

10 They hate anything else but Frozen

Like that Cap-lock girl - FrozenisOverrated

They think frozen haters are worse then Hitler - Nateawesomeness

Especially everything about frozen haters,get a grip frozenz not the only movie Disney has

My sister is a frozen fan. She is obsessed with it she has frozen underpants, perfume, roller skates, headphones,lunchbag, and school supplies. Also she thinks the Lion King is oka. Who can love Frozen and say The Lion King is okay. I onced asked her why does she like Fozen and she said because of Elsa. Then I asked why does she like Elsa, she said because of her powers and she thinks she's PRETTY. Just WOOOW!

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11 They hate Rosalina

Rosalina is more than a princess than cowardly Elsa. - MorganChambz

Its an Opinion, Moron - VideoGamefan5

Shut up rosalina fan

I'm a Mario fan and I hate rosalina I ain't a frozen fan I just like the movie I hate rosalina beacance shes overrated in the Mario series

12 They hate Larry the Cucumber

Larry the cucumber from Veggietales.

13 They constantly sing Let it Go

It used to be a good song,but then they spoiled it by singing it for millions of times - SamuiNeko

In 4th grade, my class was singing to it. So annoying. - EpicJake

If I were you and my class was singing it, I would have screeched "SHUT UP! " - Navylexi

I hate that song now - Nateawesomeness

YESSS! my sister sings it constantly and blasts it on my radio! GEEZ!

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14 They are hypocrites

"You must tolerate us" then why don't you tolerate us, idiots. - SammySpore

Dumbness. Annoying. Enough said. - EpicJake

*cough *cough* Disney 1994 - Nateawesomeness

Look, they claim they are expressing their opinions, but they are just doing unnecessary spamming in Caps.

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15 They hate Nintendo

What?!, I Never Heard A Frozen Fan Who Hates Nintendo? , Besides So? - VideoGamefan5

It would be a VERY BAD, HORRIBLE idea for Disney to be Nintendo... Then a root happens

Disney needs to buy Nintendo so those characters can have good movies finally.

Any proof I love Nintendo

16 They only buy Frozen toys
17 They pay no attention to good animated movies like Zootopia, Big Hero 6, and Wreck-It Ralph

That's Bull crap they se what they want to watch the fact is that's they do

18 They hate other good movies like Moana, Coco, and Mary Poppins
19 They hate Rapunzel
20 They type in all caps

I know right! They are such hypocrites! - AnnaOfArendelle332

AOA are you switching sides, love Anna but hate every other character or someone else, because I'm pretty sure you were defending it before.

21 They are stupid

Anybody who is a fan of that horrid movie cannot possibly be very bright - Shake_n_Bake13

Ok that's Just Offensive - VideoGamefan5

See,the only insult they can think of is ungrateful,heres what I say to that bad name,BOO U STINK

22 They don't believe you when you say you hate Frozen

Yup. Happens to me a LOT. - Navylexi

23 Young fans wear the same "Elsa" dress every year for halloween.


24 They make fun of nature cat fans
25 They hate Michael Jackson
26 They hate Freddie Mercury (Queen)
27 They hate He-Man
28 They hate Nature Cat
29 They don’t care about anything but Frozen
30 They hate SpongeBob SquarePants
31 Kids won't stop singing "Let It Go"

Frozen and birth control

32 They think Moana is a ripoff
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