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21 Anna and Elsa's parents hiding the truth from Anna leaving her by having their younger daughter living with the confusion, isolation and loneliness away from big sister Elsa.
22 No Fighting

I don't get it. If Hans is about to chop Elsa's head of, why does she not fight back. She literally just sat down and did nothing.

Honestly Disney Studios. If you are going to create a super powered being, then don't make her another Damsel in Distress.

Elsa was a character written to be misunderstood. The script writers and producers certainly succeeded. I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, I don't really get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa! *scoff*

Elsa just has Ice powers to impress her mediocre fans.
Sub Zero has Ice powers to impress and fight.
Elsa would not stand a chance against Sub Zero or Shredder.

Frozen would have been 1000000000000% million billion or even a zillion times better if it was hand drawn. I miss the amazing hand drawn animation. I think that Disney should've left all the CGI Animation to the Professional Pixar. Poor Elsa would've had far much more combat and ice experience in canon. What if Elsa was properly raised by Sub Zero properly instead of Elsa's so called parents? Elsa herself would've been better off growing up with Sub Zero? What if Elsa was properly trained how to use her ice powers by Sub Zero? What if Elsa was properly trained how to fight any of her opponents by Sub Zero? What if Elsa was guided much better than ever? What if Elsa was properly taught how to solve any of her problems even without having to run away from them? What if Elsa was properly taught how to embrace not only just her ice powers but also herself for who she really is and born to be too? What if Sub Zero replaced the king of Aren-delle as Elsa's father? What if Elsa grew up to be ...more

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23 Anna got more screen time than poor Elsa got

I wish Anna never ever even existed.

24 It Is Different Than the Original Fairytale, 'The Snow Queen'

I think Frozen and The Show Queen the original fairytale are equally good in different ways.

It's Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck who should've included another snow queen who is bad just like the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen. What is Jennifer Lee's and Chris Buck's problem and deal with that idea, anyway?

I know that Disney "Disneyfies" it's movies a little bit...
But if I am correct, it does not completely change the plot into a totally different movie.
Am I right?

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25 It's Sexist, Not Feminist

Only the dumb Disney Princess has super powers...

Screw this. I am off to watch Big Hero 6.

The whole story just focuses on 2 stupid females who don't know how to solve their problems while the males are a simple joke to laugh at in this film.

Elsa has ice powers but no common sense

Hiro hamada doesn't have ice powers but he can easily beat the smartest people of all time

Elsa runs off like a cry baby and sings a dumb girly song

Hiro faces his problems and goes after the culprit

Elsa "killed but not exactly killed" anna with an icy blast

Hiro almost kills callaghan but he realizes his error and swore not to do it again unless necessary

Elsa cries like a crybaby over anna's death not realizing she just lost her dignity

Hiro cries over tadashi and baymax's death but he still remains a good leader among his teammates.

So tell me, who do you think is better, huh? Face it, Frozen, you're just a screw-up movie. Big Hero 6 is a movie that is, and always be IMOO-IMMORTALSS!


Get better Disney. Big Hero 6 is better. - SwampertBABY

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26 The Background Animation Sucks

Because the background animation Looks cheap.

How does the background animation sucks?

Cheap CGI Animation. Lame.

27 The Songs Do Not Go Well With the Plot

The story is inspired by Norway,but let it go is a pop song,no Norway style. - SamuiNeko

28 Elsa is a Rip-Off of Princess Elyon

Ever noticed that Elsa and Anna are similar to Elyon? Her name even sounds like a combination of Elsa and Anna. She's also a naive young girl with pigtails (Anna), and is a powerful queen (Elsa). She also shares their loving nature.

Just because Elsa and Elyon have a lot in common doesn't mean Elsa is a rip-off of Elyon. You Elsa haters are wrong.

You are so annoying, Shut up! Just because we don't like Anna and Elsa does not mean we are Elsa haters! And you are being completely ignorant right now, You are the reason why I hate your fanbase. - MeaganSaysHI

29 It's Overrated

I never ever even care if Frozen is overrated.

30 Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother

Sisters make Lame untrusting siblings that will stab you in the back, walk away from you and never look back.
Bros are the real deal as they will Always be there for you through thick and thin.

Calm your tits, Frozen Fangirl Moron. Bros are the Best siblings and you Know it. You are possibly the worst sister a sibling could have. And you just got Owned.

So what? Anna and Elsa may be brotherless so don't blame those two orphaned sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa for that.

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31 Elsa Totally Overreacted

When Anna took her glove. Anna is dumber then a goldfish.

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32 Anna and Elsa are forced to be separated by their parents
33 Elsa Is Stupid V 4 Comments
34 Anna and Elsa Are Both Stubborn
35 Anna and Elsa Are Both Bratty
36 Anna and Elsa Are Both Irresponsible
37 The "trolls" scene was stupid and unnecessary

Honestly, for a Disney movie. I thought that they were going to go to a sensible Wizard or a Witch. Not some silly mediocre trolls.

Walt Disney approves.

One of the most obnoxious scenes in a Disney movie. Totally annoying.

This makes Disney Movies look Lame. If you have seen Disney Classics, then you will know that Disney always comes up with Masterpiece Magical Being (Like Genie or Peter Pan.)
Frozen is a Mock to all great Disney Movies.

38 Over-protective fans

What, we don't have the right to defend something we enjoy? I used to think Gordy was the most over-hated movie ever but no, it has to be Frozen. Although, Gordy is still the most UNDERRATED movie ever. (at least to me).

Both Frozen and Gordy are good movies in different ways.

39 Anna is disgusting

The way Anna sleeps. That disgusting rude pig. She ain't ever going to get a boy friend if she sleeps like that and Kristoff is never going to get serious with her share a bed with that Slob.

40 Disgrace To Disney

Compare with Disney Masterpieces and this Mediocre Trash then you will know.

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