Top Ten Reasons to Hate Furries

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1 They make porn with animals

It's the most disgusting piece of crap I've ever seen

I love this list. I really hate these guys and they deserve to be treated as subhuman!

Yes, some furries do make that stuff. And yes, it’s disgusting. But judging a whole fandom just because of some art is stupid. And calling them "subhumans" just because they dress up differently than you is just as dumb. - SilverstreamSucks

2 They're freaks
3 They dress up as animals

Oh wow. That’s so scary. They should all die, right now! - SilverstreamSucks

4 They draw human cartoon characters as animals

How’s that affecting your life? Did it make you cry that someone put a wolf head on top of a human body? - SilverstreamSucks

5 They're disgusting
6 They're sexually attracted to animals

Have you heard of the Kero the Wolf situation? - SilverstreamSucks

7 They shouldn't exist
8 They're creepy

In my nightmares, I see people bashing others because they like different stuff than you. - SilverstreamSucks

Furries are in my nightmares...

9 They give internet culture a bad name

Get this to 1. - TwilightKitsune

10 They make bad fan art

The Contenders

11 They ruined Zootopia

Yeah, you’re right to be honest - SilverstreamSucks

12 They bully anyone who uses their art
13 They give animals human body parts

Once again, how’s that terrible? - SilverstreamSucks

14 They make Furloid porn
15 They are greedy

How’s that? - SilverstreamSucks

16 They only care about art
17 They abuse GIFs
18 They are rude to anyone who is younger than 18
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