Reasons to Hate G. Hannelius

These are reasons why you should hate G Hannelius. G Hannelius if you see this list sorry this isn't to hurt your feelings or bully you or make you commit suicide please don't take this the wrong way.

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1 She is ugly

I call her Rat Face because she looks like one

Dude! She is just a kid, just because you don't like her dosen't mean you should post it over the Internet, something like that really lowers a girls self esteem!

She looks like a rat!

To whoever that added this item, THAT'S NOT COOL!
Note: I am not a G. Hannelius fan and I don't like Dog With A Blog - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

2 She is very very very skinny

! This the way she is built and you are body shaming and she is only 15, seriously.

That's good! At least she's not fat, don't be mean to her!

I understand yes she is so skinny and small but don't bully her.Most children are small for their age like me I'm 12 and I have very large hips but is kinda small for my age yes I couldn't believe she was 15 either and yes she still looks the same age and size from Leos Little big show(I think that's what its called)But you don't know she could be going through a hormoine disorder it happens sometimes where you just stop growing and stay the same size have the same voice everything that involves growing just stops at a certain age.Even if she doesn't have a hormoine disorder,you can't change the way she looks and her weight.Even though she is small doesn't mean she does not have feelings so what if shes small and skinny don't hate her just because of her size

3 She looks like she is 40 years old

SHE DOES NOT! Even if she does to you, she was built that way and cannot change it. She is really pretty.

She looks like a baby with a 40 year olds head on it!


4 She is short

She can't control her height, this is a really dumb reason to hate her, looks don't matter!

Ya, I agree. This was the way she is, and she can't change it. This is a stupid reason to hate G.

Ok I don't like this girl to be honest but really? Hating someone because of their height and built?

5 She can't sing

! She REALLY needs some singing lessons. I heard one note and called the police thinking it was a dying animal! G, if you are reading this, PLEASE get some help for your disorder for believing you have a good singing voice.

I REALLY hate her stupid shrieking voice! I watch the episodes when she sings to make fun of her!

Guys, that's really rude, who wrote this crap, keep your opinions to yourself if they can hurt someone's feelings, how did your top ten not get taken down?

Her voice is so bad! G get some singing lessons!

6 She plays a stereotypical girl that wants to fit in

Ok, seriously, this is not her fault. These are the parts she gets, and you should not hate her for this. G is a really nice girl, and she is pretty, too. You shouldn't judge her on what the director told her to do. G is really good at acting, so she got the one of THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS IN DOG WITH A BLOG. She CAN act and you are all trying to make yourselves feel better my making someone else feel bad.

Every girl wants to fit in first of all and second of all she can't change what Avery is like, she would get fired!

7 She is very untalented

G is an amazing singer. Have you actually heard on of her songs? Seriously! She is and amazing actress, too. What if she can't dance? You don't have to be good at everything! Anyways back to the point, singing. You shouldn't compare G to other singers because she is probably going through purberty and many other singers aren't. We should cheer for her because she has the courage to do that. I bet you don't.

No triple threat there. Can't sing, dance, or act. So, how did she get on Disney Channel. Because maybe I could get a shot too HA HA!


8 She is an idiot

I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude but really don't like this girl.

She is so annoying and when she so called "sings" it sounds

Like she's talking with music in the background. I don't really

Care about her being skinny but I really don't like her I honk she's a terrible actor and single and if Disney Channel wants to get their act over her then thy should FIRE HER AND NEVER LET HER ON CAMERA

Seriously, she plays the smartest character on the show and this is a really dumb reason, if there is a way to report you I will have it done, mark. My. Words.

She's just an untalented spoiled brat! She only got on Disney Channel because she's a little rich bitch!

9 She loves Hillary Clinton

Just another Hollywood liberal. Attacks Donald Trump and Pence constantly on her retarded Twitter page. Now I am not saying that people can't have their own opinion, however, in this scenario she should consider checking into Clinton's past. So Genevieve tears trump down about insulting comments to women but completely ignores Crooked Hillary for killing 4 people in Bengahzi. Again, she rips on Pence for saying that many immigrants overstayed their visas, and that "only" 1 percent actually overstayed their visas. It is true that 1 percent overstayed their visa. What is 1 percent, you ask? 525,000! What the heck is wrong with Genevieve? Does she not realize that over half a million immigrants overstayed their visas?!? That so called "only 1 percent" is taking out jobs, and even a few are criminals. Then Genevieve forgets to mention all of Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. I have many other reasons that I hate g hannelius, but we all get the jist. Never forget ...more - StarmooreEnterprise

I am in complete agreement. G should be in prison for supporting her!

She said on her twitter account, "Keep your tiny hands off my rights! End the patriarchy! My body my choice! P**** grabs back! " Excuse me, since when is murdering babies a human right? This, among other things, is why I despise Genevieve Hannelius and other Hollywood liberals like her. I'm grateful that HELLary KKKlinton didn't win the presidency.

10 She plays Avery Jennings

I do not hate G.Hannelius its just that I hate her character Avery Jennings from Dog With A Blog.I mean why does such a great actor have to play an annoying character.I know,she does not write the strips but this show is really one of the worst Disney Channel shows like the topic doesn't make sense A Dog With A Blog really.that's so unrealistic, I know its suppose to be for entertainment but kids should not be watching such unrealistic shows it messes with their heads.Honestly I think its awesome to have a big imagination I have one myself and I'm 12.What I really hate is,is that Disney is basically telling young girls they should be anorexic and wear make-up just to get a boyfriend.that's another thing I dislike about G's character,throughout the seasons she starts getting really inappropriate,what I mean is that in one episode she made Cloe and the boy she likes(I don't really know his name)sister befriend each other so that she can get closer to her crush that is really messed up ...more

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11 She always plays the annoying character

Sighh, so much hate for a little girl, don't worry G, I got your back, don't let the haters lower your self esteem.

12 She's a bitch
13 She's annoying
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