Top 10 Reasons to Hate Gameloft

Gameloft is a mobile gaming company that is famous for creating games like Asphalt, Modern Combat, Sniper Fury, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Over the recent years, they have come under heavy fire for their anti-consumer ways, most notably forcing non-competitive players to spend real life money in order to compete with competitive players, regardless of whether those competitive players have paid money or not.

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1 Anti-Consumer/Player Practices, Bad Overall Business Practices

This is evident in virtually ALL Gameloft games from 2013 onwards, especially games released from 2015 and later. In Asphalt 8: Airborne, in particular, there have been multiple instances of abusive anti-player practices, most notably banning people from the game over a YouTube video of an early-released car (such as what happened when ReV-GhoSt got in big trouble simply for posting a video showing all the Main Goals for the Porsche 959 Championship event on the day the event was released), as well as banning innocent players for no reason while keeping hackers in the game despite Gameloft claiming otherwise. - McLarenP1Boy

2 Greed

Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll provide at least one example here anyway. In Asphalt 8, more than 90% of the cars in the game are priced over 100,000 Credits, and more than 70% of the cars require AT LEAST 1,000,000 Credits to fully upgrade. Obtaining Credits in the game, while easy, does not earn a player a lot. This can turn off new players, especially when a new update comes out and releases a car that replaces the car the player has been working hard for. Unfortunately, this happens too often. Gameloft games also now have insanely expensive IAPs, often hitting $99.99, a common practice in mobile games. Why spend $99.99 just to get a single car in Asphalt 8 when you can spend that on something else? - McLarenP1Boy

3 Ripping Off Other Games

This should be no surprise since many mobile games are ripoffs of critically acclaimed PC/console games. For example, Asphalt is a ripoff of Burnout, Need for Speed, and Ridge Racer. Gangstar is a ripoff of Grand Theft Auto and Saint's Row. - McLarenP1Boy

Yah Asphalt is just copying Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, Modern Combat is just copying Call Of Duty, Gangstar is just copying Grand Theft Auto, N.O.V.A is just copying Halo, Little big city is just copying Sim City. and all of these 'copied' games are not fun at all. screw you gameloft!

Yess I agree

4 They Make False Promises

An Asphalt Wiki user named Mike458 has publicly accused the Gameloft Forums' Community Managers of being puppets who give Asphalt players false hope that their "ideas" are being implemented when most of them never actually get implemented. - McLarenP1Boy

5 Absurd Game Logic (Often Taken Too Far)

I know Asphalt 8 is an arcade racing game that is not meant to be realistic in any way, but you know things have gone too far when we have a 2016 Camaro doing 314 mph while a Lamborghini Veneno does only 277. - McLarenP1Boy

6 Fun Factor Has Diminished Greatly Over Time

Dungeon Hunter and Asphalt used to be very fun to play, but much like other Gameloft games, they have lost their fun factor almost completely. In Asphalt 8, back in 2014, playing Multiplayer races was generally considered to be more about skill than the type of car driven. What about now? No matter which car the player uses, they will get slaughtered easily by infamously broken cars like the 2016 Camaro, Sagaris, Evoque, and Vulcan. This is what makes current-generation Asphalt 8 Multiplayer not fun anymore. - McLarenP1Boy

7 Owned by Vivendi

Ever since Vivendi hostilely seized Gameloft from the Guillemot brothers in June 2016, the quality of Gameloft's games has gone down. Some games that were planned to release due to being announced in a March 2016 PDF detailing Gameloft's future have been either put into development hell or canceled altogether due to Vivendi's takeover. - McLarenP1Boy

8 Customer Service is Useless

In many cases, the Customer Service/Care in Gameloft's current games is often useless, with automated responses always scapegoating the user or whatever they have (WiFi connection, pets, etc.) for their problems even though another factor did cause the problem(s). In other cases, even the technicians at Customer Care still cannot help with a user's problem or a user's ban from a game that happened suddenly. - McLarenP1Boy

9 GL's Games Encourage Hacking

I am not one to encourage hacking here, but it seems that some players who want to stay competitive or otherwise just stay on top (e.g. always winning) in GL's games but neither want to pay real money nor grind naturally resort to hacking. - McLarenP1Boy

10 Mobile Games Are Bad Anyway!

Most of them are bad, and they include Gameloft games, especially from 2013 onwards. Asphalt 8 is a good game that has been ruined almost completely, for example. - McLarenP1Boy

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