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1 They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.

Gen one was a mess of a game. They don't know what they're missing out on. Its just protected by nostalgia. Lots of things are - keycha1n

What about gen 2 with breeding and shiny Pokemon, gen 3 with double battles, gen 4 with WiFi battles, gen 5 with triple and rotation battles, and gen 6 with Mega evolution? - MrQuaz680

God these douchebags are so annoying they thing gen 1 is the best game ever, when really all other gens are better that this piece of garage

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2 They complain about the new designs

Typical genwunner in a nutshell ZOMG! An ice cream Pok mon? So unoriginal! Game Freak is running out of ideas! I'll stick with my magnets, eggs, and piles of purple goo instead! .

When you're complaining about the speck in someone elses eye, you should first realize about the plank in your own eye.

In this case the speck is garbador / klefki and the PLANK is Voltorb / Jynx.

Any questions?

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3 They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.

They used minerals and letters! Only gen 5 had colors after gen 1 - MrQuaz680

4 They think that the 1st 151 Pokemon were the only original ones

U realize there were about 40 others that didn't make the cut such as Scizor, Ho-Oh, and Weavile! - MrQuaz680

Ha. Yeah right look at all the crappy Pokemon they have like charizard, magnemite, and voltorb. How original.

5 They complain about having too many Pokemon.

Your brain is capable of memorizing every single page of Bulbapedia, let alone Pokemon. - MrQuaz680

6 They think the original starters are the only good ones.

Piplup, Mudkip, and Froakie are my favorite starters and they're all awesome. Greninga is banned to Ubers because of it's OP ability. - MrQuaz680

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7 They think Nintendo is trying to be like Digimon with Mega evolutions. V 2 Comments
8 They put down the other gens cause it's "fun". V 3 Comments
9 They think that the 1st season of the anime was the only good one.

Advanced battle. Also best theme song!

The first season was good, but it was the worst of them. The only decent battles were Charizard VS Magmar and Pikachu VS Raichu. All of the others, PIKACHU ONE SHOTS THAT Pokemon WITH AN OP ELECTRIC TYPE Pokemon MOVE EVEN THOUGH THAT Pokemon IS A GROUND TYPE Pokemon! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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10 They make you want to hate gen 1

Charizard is my favorite Pokemon but I do not think that Charizard is the best Pokemon! Charizard is just my personal favorite Pokemon! Thanks to Genwunners, all of those competitive try-hards are overly hating Charizard with Stealth Rock Comments! @ Why doesn't Volcorona get hated for this? Talonflame? Because there are no annoying fanboys! Thanks to Genwunners, my favorite Pokemon is now currently the most hated Pokemon IN THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well they did a good job because God do I hate the game.

Charizard is overrated. He's literally not even that good. Usually a noob's favorite Pokemon.

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11 They rage like crazy when you say anything against their beliefs.

Pokemon, which is a great franchise with interesting gameplay and a unique concept, unfortunately has one of the whiniest fanbases ever. When I was browsing the Sun and Moon comments, (no lie, I wish I could make this up) one genwunner was insulting people like a madman just because he thought "the new games suck" and "generation 1 is the best." The saddest part is that he openly admitted that he was 20, yet he stated his opinion was fact, and everybody else was an idiot for not agreeing with him. Pathetic. Genwunners are insipid man-children who probably still live with their parents and harbor some serious rage issues. All of that over a children's game.

I said something to a guy about liking Garbodor better than Muk, and he threw a bigger tantrum than Caillou, D.W, and any 4 year old ever could. - Scorpio

Go ahead, just insult Charizard to their face. Also, record it and put it on World Star Hip Hop. It'll make for some epic LOLS to see them rage.

The insults towards Charizard are true but exaggerated! IN MY OPINION OF COURSE! IN MY OPINION! - HeavyDonkeyKong

12 They complain about new designs when Gen 1 had it's own bad designs

Charizard and Blastoise are amazing in my opinion! But what about Voltorb and Electrode? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Anyone wanna pokeball inside a pokeball? Well voltorb is for you!

Garbodor = ugly Talonflame = unoriginal
Muk = beautiful Charizard = epically amazing

Genwunners be likeā€¦

13 They hate Furrets
14 They hate the newer games for things they've always been doing since Gen 1
15 They think Nintendo is running out of ideas for Pokemon V 1 Comment
16 They think other people's opinions don't matter V 1 Comment
17 They're stuck in the 90s
18 Because the original games had a lot of glitches
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1. They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.
2. They complain about the new designs
3. They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.
1. They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.
2. They complain about the new designs
3. They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.



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