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1 They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.

They are just plain stupid and they think it's good. Luckily not many of those drunk guys exist today. Gen 1 was the first but it was a mess and digimon was better since gen 1 lacks character development, have messy sprites, glitches, and much more flaws and if you don't have gen 1 games, it's not worth the money - Masterofal

Gen one was a mess of a game. They don't know what they're missing out on. Its just protected by nostalgia. Lots of things are - keycha1n

What about gen 2 with breeding and shiny Pokemon, gen 3 with double battles, gen 4 with WiFi battles, gen 5 with triple and rotation battles, and gen 6 with Mega evolution? - MrQuaz680

They don't like it when Nintendo has actual ideas, yet the bastards always find a way to complain about how the new feature means they're running out of ideas. Oh, I'm sorry to hurt your non-existant ballsack, but out of all of them, gen 1 is the worst. There. I said it. Out of all gens, gen 1 is the worst. Sure, you can think the uppee gens have un-creafive designs all you want, but... You guys don't have:

-Gen 2: Pokemon breeding
-Gen 3: More developed storyline, double battles
-Gen 4: BATTLES OVER THE INTERNET! Yes, I know they were glitchy, but damn were they important!
-Gen 5: Triple battle rotations
-Gen 6: 3 dimensional graphics, pokemon interaction
-Gen 7: UBs, trials, possibly one of the best storylines of pokemon

But I suppose you don't like ANY of those because change is just AWFUL! I mean, how DARE Nintendo and Gamefreak come up with these... Ideas!?

Really though, gou could give them any pokemon game and the bitches would be like, "THIS ...more

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2 They complain about the new designs

Typical genwunner in a nutshell ZOMG! An ice cream Pok mon? So unoriginal! Game Freak is running out of ideas! I'll stick with my magnets, eggs, and piles of purple goo instead! .

They're are good ones like Greninga, Serperior, and Hydreigon. - MrQuaz680

Anything can be a pokemon - Masterofal

Your Typical Genwunner: they have an ice cream, a chandelier, a sword and a keychain now? So unoriginal! I'll stick with my eggs and magnets!
Me: they did make some good ones! Take a look at reshiram, lycanroc, xerneas, sylveon, hawlucha, samurott, and lunala, to name a few! And am I the only one who actually LIKES vanilluxe?!?

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3 They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.

They used minerals and letters! Only gen 5 had colors after gen 1 - MrQuaz680

4 They complain about having too many Pokemon.

Your brain is capable of memorizing every single page of Bulbapedia, let alone Pokemon. - MrQuaz680

5 They think that the 1st 151 Pokemon were the only original ones

U realize there were about 40 others that didn't make the cut such as Scizor, Ho-Oh, and Weavile! - MrQuaz680

Ha. Yeah right look at all the crappy Pokemon they have like charizard, magnemite, and voltorb. How original.

6 They think the original starters are the only good ones.

Piplup, Mudkip, and Froakie are my favorite starters and they're all awesome. Greninga is banned to Ubers because of it's OP ability. - MrQuaz680

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7 They think Nintendo is trying to be like Digimon with Mega evolutions. V 2 Comments
8 They put down the other gens cause it's "fun". V 3 Comments
9 They think that the 1st season of the anime was the only good one.

Advanced battle. Also best theme song!

The first season was good, but it was the worst of them. The only decent battles were Charizard VS Magmar and Pikachu VS Raichu. All of the others, PIKACHU ONE SHOTS THAT Pokemon WITH AN OP ELECTRIC TYPE Pokemon MOVE EVEN THOUGH THAT Pokemon IS A GROUND TYPE Pokemon! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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10 They make you want to hate gen 1

I personally agree with this. The amount of genwunners in this world today makes me want to destroy the concept of Gen 1. Sure, they already had a lot to hate with their random eggs, magnets, et cetera. But now, thanks to those genwunners, my second favorite Pokemon (Zard, please no hate, just an opinion, and I DO NOT think it's the best Pokemon) is one of the most hated Pokemon in the ENTIRE FRANCHISE. Why don't Talonflame and others get hated because of Stealth Rock? There're no annoying fanboys/girls. So, genwunners, I hope you will someday have an open mind to Pokemon and accept that the series will always move on, whether you like it or not.

Charizard is my favorite Pokemon but I do not think that Charizard is the best Pokemon! Charizard is just my personal favorite Pokemon! Thanks to Genwunners, all of those competitive try-hards are overly hating Charizard with Stealth Rock Comments! @ Why doesn't Volcorona get hated for this? Talonflame? Because there are no annoying fanboys! Thanks to Genwunners, my favorite Pokemon is now currently the most hated Pokemon IN THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well they did a good job because God do I hate the game.

Stealth rocks memes only existed because of genwunners and to mention charizard has flaws

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11 They complain about new designs when Gen 1 had it's own bad designs

Hey genwunners, would you take three brown rectangles with eyes and noses or a gigantic, awesome mole with a drill above its head a gigantic claws and is a really awesome Pokemon that kicks butt in the anime? Think about that for a minute (Excadrill is actually my favorite ground type and Dugtrio is my least favorite ground type)

Charizard and Blastoise are amazing in my opinion! But what about Voltorb and Electrode? - HeavyDonkeyKong

As a nostalgia lover, Genwunners make me wanna cry. They give nostalgia fans a bad name, and they wil hate on any female characters that aren't Misty.

Have they seen pokemon like Gallade, Hydreigon, and Garchomp? Those are totally better than a pokemon based on a pokeball and a pile of sludge.

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12 They rage like crazy when you say anything against their beliefs.

Pokemon, which is a great franchise with interesting gameplay and a unique concept, unfortunately has one of the whiniest fanbases ever. When I was browsing the Sun and Moon comments, (no lie, I wish I could make this up) one genwunner was insulting people like a madman just because he thought "the new games suck" and "generation 1 is the best." The saddest part is that he openly admitted that he was 20, yet he stated his opinion was fact, and everybody else was an idiot for not agreeing with him. Pathetic. Genwunners are insipid man-children who probably still live with their parents and harbor some serious rage issues. All of that over a children's game.

I said something to a guy about liking Garbodor better than Muk, and he threw a bigger tantrum than Caillou, D.W, and any 4 year old ever could. - Scorpio

Flabby,unshaven man children who do nothing but sit around in their apartments all day raging about the newer gens while paying rent and making the landlord faint with their manchild underarm odor.

Go ahead, just insult Charizard to their face. Also, record it and put it on World Star Hip Hop. It'll make for some epic LOLS to see them rage.

The insults towards Charizard are true but exaggerated! IN MY OPINION OF COURSE! IN MY OPINION! - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 They hate Furrets

What does this one mean? - SocialMediaStinks

14 They think Nintendo is running out of ideas for Pokemon

Nintendo is running out of ideas... Pumpkins and Ice Cream is less creative than my Magical Poop Monster and my Seal With Horn.

Anyone ever heard of SEEL?

Gen wunners are dumb people though I do agree with Aloan dugtrio

15 They think other people's opinions don't matter

Ugh jeez a lot of people do that, Genwunners think only there opinion matters... and (sorry to bring these two franchises up but it's true) people think that because someone's a Brony or a FNAF fan there opinions don't matter

Trademark trait of a genwunner.

16 They're stuck in the 90s

Duuuh! Pokemon began and ended in the 90s. Pokemon's still going strong in 2017!

17 Most of the good things in Pokemon came along after Gen 1

Mega Evolution. Great. Full color. Great. Genders. Great. Breeding. Great. Physical-special split. Great. Amazing graphics. Great. Incredible Pokemon like Greninja, Infernape, and Blaziken. Great. What did Gen 1 have? None of these.

All gen 1 did was introduce the franchise. It has grown massively. - SocialMediaStinks

18 The Gen 1 anime was so controversial

Electric Soldier Porygon? Holiday Hi-Jynx? The Kangaskhan Kid? Beauty and the Beach? These are probably the four most controversial episodes in the Pokemon anime. Nowadays, they seem to have cleaned it up.

Yet they think it's still the best - Masterofal

Yet you morons, Pokemon in the 90s was not like nowadays. It was BIG, it was EVERYWHERE. You probably wouldn't understand people who grew up in the classic Pokemon days. AND THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS GENWUNNERS THANK GOD FOR THAT.

19 They liked it when they just fought each other without strategy

The idea of math existing in Pokemon has been looked down upon by many genwunners. Mostly because back in Gen 1 you could give something Earthquake or run X Accuracy on a Nidoking with Horn Drill. Nowadays, Pokemon is based a lot more on strategy. In other words, Earthquake won't save you now.

You are campanile of finding a good iv ditto with a good nature and breeding and karma will come to the genwunners for acting like such babies - Masterofal

20 They hate the newer games for things they've always been doing since Gen 1
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1. They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.
2. They complain about the new designs
3. They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.
1. They complain about Nintendo running out of colors to name the game after.
2. They complain about the new designs
3. They think gen 1 is the only gen that matters.



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