Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

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1 They think they are a prize

Well I'm a guy, but why did you make this list!? If girls find out about this, then they will go furiously out of control against every guys they see! Worse, they will kill us guys in a silent way.

Too late, like 50% of the people who saw this list are girls (Including me) - Fandom_Lover

Uh no, men tend to think that women are a prize, you haves a warped vision on this subject sorry - Quart

To be honest, most of them are. - PetSounds

They sometimes are and sometimes they think too high of themselves

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2 They are stupid

What kind of list is this? This is one of the most sexist lists I've seen on here, with completely biased reasons. They are stupid? They are annoying? Some girls can be, but those shouldn't be reasons to hate all girls. - Minecraftcrazy530

Whoever made this list is very, VERY, SEXIST. I mean really, take a look at hermione granger, and princess leia and...look, the point is, you should not say something like this out loud in public to everyone because you gon be in serious trouble dude!

I don't wanna be "that person" but I'll have you know that I'm the smartest in my class and everyone wants to be partners with me in projects, cause I know what I'm doing. - SansTheComic


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3 They are annoying

I'm trying so hard not to laugh at this list! I think I'm going to get many dislikes for no reason.

There only two female users I don't like, and one is nine. Oh, the memories of these lists. - Therandom

Some girls are very annoying, like the ones that come up to you and start random conversation

Some girls get kinda bitchy but boys can be equally annoying

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4 They call boys perverts

Perverts can be either boys or girls. I've seen plenty of girls outright stalk an attractive celebrity or a popular kid. - ethanmeinster

This isn't true, but...(and I quote from one of my classmates),

"F TIME! (While getting up close to my face, which is against the rules in the manner he did it" - WonkeyDude98

That is not true - TragicalRobin72

Goes both ways and some actually are

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5 They break your heart

Girls are mean, boys are mean. Happy everyone? - SansTheComic

Tell that to my boyfriend who made out with 7 other girls and pushed you down stairs to seem cool to their friends yeah we are the only heart breakers

If girls break our hearts the how com I've been dating my girlfriend for four years. - TragicalRobin72


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6 They ask if they are fat

The only reason I agree with for a general girl. They always think they're fat, and it gets annoying. - Therandom

Hey, not my fault. You realize that I care for my looks and what people think. Us girls, we're very insecure, and normally at the worst moment. I went to a concert and I asked about my hair twice, if I was fat, if my makeup looked good 3 times, and I thought people were talking about me. The point of this story is that we're insecure and you don't need to make us feel more that way. - AnonymousChick

Hah if I ever have an annoying girlfriend and they ask if they are fat I will say why yes, yes you are I am proud you noticed.

Depends on the girl

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7 They can do boy things, but if a boy does girl things he gets called gay

Society does that, not just girls. Lots of girls don't do that. It's annoying! Like a girl show, everyone calls you a disgrace to humanity (yes, I am talking about Bronies.) Society is awful.

I don't do boy things or girl things. I'm more of a science and anime nerd. I'm into things that appeal to both genders. - RockFashionista

No I don't do that. - NoOreoForU

This is one of the only things I agree with. I'm a tomboy myself, but it's ridiculous how girls can be tomboys and nobody cares, but boys can't be tomgirls (what I'd think is the term for boys who act girly) without being called a "f@ggot" and stuff like that. - Hanjax70

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8 They love Princess Peach

This list is so inaccurate! We don't ALL love Princess Peach, and in fact I think she is a useless, whiny, girly character who makes Mario chase after her all the time. And anyway, why isn't there a list called, 'Reasons to Hate the List, 'Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls'?!

I am a girl, I am a tomboy. Not all girls have to be 'OH PRINCESS', MAKEUP, PINK, GLITTER.' if anything I'm pretty much a boy from how I act. I hate Peach, even the fruit.

No, not at all. I don't care for any of the stupid princesses. - RockFashionista

Okay, whoever made this list needs to ask an admin to delete it. I can't believe how rude some people are, and I'm guessing that whoever made this list is either
1. A six-year-old who still thinks that "girls have cooties"
2. Some guy who is butthurt over not being able to get a girlfriend.
Just stop with the negativity! - RedTheGremlin

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9 They are greedy

This is definitely true

They think they can do whatever they want which is really annoying

Whoever made this list is a stereotypical generalizer. Some of the most selfless people I know are girls!

Seize the means of production!

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10 They make you sick

Oh look! Some girls have seen this list and the comments. The world is getting worse!

No they don't,their just ordinary people - Nateawesomeness

Lol, this list is going to make me throw up. The irony is real - Keb

This list makes me sick - AnonymousChick

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11 They ask if they are ugly

I think most of the items on this list are more correct than the reasons to hate boys list, except a few biased ones.

That's because guys tend to view certain girls as ugly and certain girls as hot. - anonygirl

Most girls care about hot boyfriend looking, that's why I hate girls.

You complain about how women ask if they are ugly and care about how they look,but many people care about what girls look like and will judge. - Musicorn

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12 They are gold diggers

Girls can fall in true love if you have income of 6 to 8 digit value.

Yeah they are..

Too true


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13 They gossip too much

They love shopping aren't they?

Not all of us gossip. This is the one of the most sexist lists I have seen. - IcetailofWishClan

I hate gossiping. Stop stereotyping women - MLPFan

Gossipin g is gay and a disgrace to the female gender. This is why I hate my gender. - Wth

14 They make fun of boys

True that true that

Because boys are sometimes immature. - anonygirl

Mothers and fathers are woman and man. They should never be involved in this list

That's true

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15 They hang out with other girls

Dude that reason is STUPID It is okay for girls to hang out together just like it is okay for boys to hang out with each other

GASP! They actually DO THAT? I didn't know that! Clearly this means they are terrible! - DCfnaf

This is a reason? - AnonymousChick

I'm a female and I tried hanging out with other girls (in my class) but it just ends up awful and awkward plus they took away my old friend, so I hope they get raped and punished for their actions. - Wth

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16 They are physical threats
17 They have periods

Excuse me, I am a girl and I know about periods. If you boys have something like periods you would have shut your mouth.

So do you! Nobody can escape puberty, idiot. - RedTheGremlin

This shouldn't be in this's men words

18 They sometimes torture boys

Well, not as often as I used to. I can't! He stole my whip! - Britgirl

My sister slammed my brother's finger's in the door and took 4 months to heal

Some girl touched me and I now think about suicide

I wanna watch every one in my school cry after I give them a corn syrup filled ice cream

corn syrup is depression... corn syrup is the silent weapon of lucifer

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19 They are arrogant

So are you by putting us on here. - RedTheGremlin

Very true - Userguy44

20 They are catty

To the person who says "Most girls don't like cats much", I'm a girl and I LOVE cats and my friends like cats too. Not "most" girls, but "some" girls.

Kick cats out of the house. I'm allergic to it!

Cats? No. I like dogs more. Even though I have that thing on my profile. I just did it for fun. I still like dogs more. - NoOreoForU

Me too! I hate Cats! Well, no, I don't, but I still really dislike them. I've seen Catty boys. They exist. - Blight

No. Horses are where it's at. I wish I could report this list. - RedTheGremlin

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21 They give boys a bad reputation

Excuse me? How? - RedTheGremlin

22 They are jerks

Can the genders just stop hating on each other? Please? - HaydenFullwright

Your calling ME a jerk?

23 They are mean

Its best to just try and rid this population of girls

Both genders can be soulless and heartless, it is not restricted to one gender. - Hanjax70

Boys can be mean too...

This is so hypocritical! You are mean by making this gosh darn list! - RedTheGremlin

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24 They mostly get lucky

Umm... No. Just no. My brother gets SPOILED. - NoOreoForU

Lol this salty girl doe

25 They are dangerous

This list is absurd, but true, I personally hate girls but to say random think such as "they want to control the world" is not found on anything, moreover if your going to make a list do it so that it applies to at least more than 50 % of the girl in this world, if not your just making the situation worst than it already is.

PS: I hate girls and I am guy.
My opinion on girls : they are 3/4 of what was said on this website except for very rude fact, whiteout knowing it and that's why we hate them right guys?

26 They try to take over the world


You must be in third grade then. Nobody says that anymore, stop trying to get attention. - RedTheGremlin

27 The girls insult boys too much

And what are you doing right now? Oh yeah, INSULTING GIRLS! - DCfnaf

28 They are creepy

How are girls creepy?
Gimme one good reason and maybe I'll make your death a little faster and less painful
Oh wait...
That's how

That's what little boys say when they walk in to their parents having sex,and it's the boys fault for being retarded enough to look at sex

They wear Jeff the Killer suit.

Not all girls. - anonygirl

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29 They get scared easily

Not really. I didn't get scared for any of the movies most people call scary. - Musicorn

Hey, I was the one laughing at kids when my class watched Annabelle. - AnonymousChick

No... Just no...

I LOVE CREEPYPASTAS! And they don't make me scared. - NoOreoForU

30 They are emotional

They might be emotional, but that is not a reason why they suck. It is actually a good thing that they are emotional. - anonygirl

And how is emotionally numb a good thing? - RedTheGremlin

Actually crying and admitting you're wrong makes you stronger

Ummm, I am emotional. Does that make me suck? NO. You a re just a sexsits little moron who say bad things about girls.

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31 They mature earlier than boys

Um no. Just no. - RedTheGremlin

32 They use cuteness to win
33 They don't accept apologies

Not true. Ever heard of Jesus? You should have a little chat with him after making this list. - RedTheGremlin

34 They're hypersensitive


35 They're simpleminded

I am the smartest person in my class... no, In the whole entire school. I won two spelling bees in a row.

Oh, I know someone who's also simpleminded, THE CREATOR OF THIS LIST WHO CAME UP WITH THIS LAME SEXIST EXCUSE OF AN INSULT! - Fandom_Lover

Girls are simple minded magikarp while boys are smart Porygon-Z

36 They make you nervous
37 They are boring

Even when I fall in love I hate to listen to them for too long. Being more precise: For more than one or two minutes, tops. I'm 19.

Wow I throw parties for people with bad lives (even boys)! So boring.. - NoOreoForU

This list is actually borimg

38 They make you feel weak

Nobody can, regardless of gender... - Therandom

Eh, its just hormones so you have to be in a way attracted to them. your conscience is the enemy

39 They are sneaky

Girls are mindless sex machines

I got robbed by a boy. I think it was you. - NoOreoForU

40 They are unfair

Totally look what a girl did on why to hate boys it was retarded it made me furious

It was a girl who gave birth to you and let you live - TwilightKitsune

41 They are too girly

A lot of girls are tomboys... - cosmo

Most girls nowadays hate pink and love games.

Have you heard of tomboys? I'm a tomboy. You seem pretty dumb. - NoOreoForU

Things and preferences are not categorized because of gender. Tomboy and girly girl are stupid terms. Because someone likes pink they are a girly girl. Like rlly?

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42 They are picky

My friend named Ruby (who is a girl) loves all the food in the world. This list doesn't make sence. And so are some boys! - NoOreoForU

43 They are willing to kill all men


44 They enjoy emasculation

Yes this is true. They do enjoy this a lot. I have seen this again and again.

45 They are weirdos

Thanks I like being weird because being normal is boring

46 They are sensitive
47 They are drama queens

So are you - RedTheGremlin

48 They are shallow
49 They hate SpongeBob.

I love SpongeBob! You stereotypical jerk. - RedTheGremlin

I am a girl, and I love SpongeBob. - anonygirl

50 They are psychotic

They are not pyychotic, I'm a guy, but this list is stupid.. - Moorefamval

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