Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

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21 They are mean

Its best to just try and rid this population of girls

Boys can be mean too...

You...YOU MADE A LIST THAT IS MEANT TO BE MEAN AND HURTFUL TO GIRLS! How much of a hypocrite do you have to be to have this on your list? - DCfnaf

I was bullied by a boy last year. Both genders can be mean. - anonygirl

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22 They mostly get lucky

Umm... No. Just no. My brother gets SPOILED. - NoOreoForU

Lol this salty girl doe

23 They are dangerous

This list is absurd, but true, I personally hate girls but to say random think such as "they want to control the world" is not found on anything, moreover if your going to make a list do it so that it applies to at least more than 50 % of the girl in this world, if not your just making the situation worst than it already is.

PS: I hate girls and I am guy.
My opinion on girls : they are 3/4 of what was said on this website except for very rude fact, whiteout knowing it and that's why we hate them right guys?

24 They try to take over the world


25 They are creepy

How are girls creepy?
Gimme one good reason and maybe I'll make your death a little faster and less painful
Oh wait...
That's how

That's what little boys say when they walk in to their parents having sex,and it's the boys fault for being retarded enough to look at sex

They wear Jeff the Killer suit.

Not all girls. - anonygirl

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26 They have periods
27 They mature earlier than boys
28 The girls insult boys too much

And what are you doing right now? Oh yeah, INSULTING GIRLS! - DCfnaf

29 They don't accept apologies
30 They get scared easily

Not really. I didn't get scared for any of the movies most people call scary. - Musicorn

Hey, I was the one laughing at kids when my class watched Annabelle. - AnonymousChick

No... Just no...

I LOVE CREEPYPASTAS! And they don't make me scared. - NoOreoForU

31 They're simpleminded

I am the smartest person in my class... no, In the whole entire school. I won two spelling bees in a row.

Girls are simple minded magikarp while boys are smart Porygon-Z

Oh, I know someone who's also simpleminded, THE CREATOR OF THIS LIST WHO CAME UP WITH THIS LAME SEXIST EXCUSE OF AN INSULT! - Fandom_Lover

32 They make you nervous
33 They are boring

Even when I fall in love I hate to listen to them for too long. Being more precise: For more than one or two minutes, tops. I'm 19.

Wow I throw parties for people with bad lives (even boys)! So boring.. - NoOreoForU

This list is actually borimg

34 They make you feel weak

Nobody can, regardless of gender... - Therandom

Eh, its just hormones so you have to be in a way attracted to them. your conscience is the enemy

35 They are emotional

They might be emotional, but that is not a reason why they suck. It is actually a good thing that they are emotional. - anonygirl

Actually crying and admitting you're wrong makes you stronger

Not that emotional. Also your making me so mad now. - NoOreoForU

36 They are arrogant
37 They are unfair

Totally look what a girl did on why to hate boys it was retarded it made me furious

It was a girl who gave birth to you and let you live - TwilightKitsune

38 They are picky

My friend named Ruby (who is a girl) loves all the food in the world. This list doesn't make sence. And so are some boys! - NoOreoForU

39 They enjoy emasculation

Yes this is true. They do enjoy this a lot. I have seen this again and again.

40 They are weirdos

Thanks I like being weird because being normal is boring

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