Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

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61 They are too girly

Most girls nowadays hate pink and love games.

Have you heard of tomboys? I'm a tomboy. You seem pretty dumb. - NoOreoForU

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62 They give you nightmares
63 They have personality problems

Some do, some don't. Same with boys, ya moron.

64 They chase boys V 1 Comment
65 They are evil

I WILL report this list!

Are you saying this because of trakeena, astronoma, and queen banshee,vita and dementia from power rangers are evil ( astronoma turned good)

Yes we are! >:D There's a reason why Witches are considered evil while Wizards aren't! - Blight

66 They text too much V 2 Comments
67 They call too much

It's like you're whining: "They text too much, they call too much, they complain too much, they gossip too much, they insult boys too much" - Blight

68 They spy on boys

No. I stay in my house all day. - NoOreoForU

Yea, like men don't. Both genders have problems, guys.

69 They have scratchy nails V 1 Comment
70 They are picky

My friend named Ruby (who is a girl) loves all the food in the world. This list doesn't make sence. And so are some boys! - NoOreoForU

71 They are complicated
72 They complain too much

Only children. - NoOreoForU

73 They say they don't need men

How much more Sexist can they get. Women need Men just like Men need Women. Where did that Sexist remark come from?

You say women are sexist yet you are agreeing with these sexist posts. - Musicorn

74 They are disgusting V 1 Comment
75 They are pathetic
76 They are delusional
77 They ruin your life
78 They fight to the end
79 They have periods
80 They wear makeup V 1 Comment
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