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1 All they ever do is grounded videos

These are SO uncreative! UGHH! It's the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER! It's all: The kid cuts school and goes to Chuck-E-Cheeses, then his teacher finds out, THEN calls the kid's parents, THEN the kid gets "grounded grounded grounded" for a ridiculous amount of days! SERIOUSLY? And don't even get me STARTED on Punishment Days! They LITERALLY make their kid eat s***! THAT IS CHILD ABUSE! (Feels good to get that off my chest! )

You can't ground a kid for "6928732187329173 years".
They make the kids eat dog poop and send them to Hell.
If Dora's Parents get sent to jail by Dora and the police aren't convinced the parents are innocent, why do the parents SIMPLY WALK OUT OF THE JAIL in one of those crappy videos? They can't do that!
The logic in the videos is like the stuff Caillou's dad forces Caillou to eat on "Punishment Day" - The_Dragon

And those aren't bad words. Your like 3 years old or something. Only the believe those are bad words - WorldPuncher47592834

Agree! One thing they always do and I don't understand, They keep Pairing Dora and Caillou Together! Why!?! What's Next, are they gonna pair Barney and Strawberry Shortcake, then Arthur and Peppa Pig!?!

A a a a a a o o o I I a a o I a a a that's it your grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 266458908654579986544575380075335776 - 10 to the power of 21 years. Go back to your room now you ******* **** (lots of swearing). - MChkflaguard_Yt

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2 Dead meat videos

These kinds of videos are extremely stupid. - EpicJake

I made a video called "Behavior Card Day Goes Wrong" with no dead meat.

They're not even real for God's sake! We get grades, not color cards or other BS. Not to mention that the cards represent graduations, bring off school for a ridiculous amount of time as well as having detention and suspension for a very long time. First of, you can't graduate unless you reach the end of the school year, second, you can't sit in the detention for a long time doing nothing. To add insult to injury, some dead meat videos show pre schoolers and adults getting cards. Seriously, pre schoolers haven't started school yet while the adults are supposed to be working. No wonder these videos make no sense whatsoever. - AinezoChan

GoAnimate is supposed to defy Reality, Logic, and Common Sense

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3 The grounded videos don't make sense

Still funny but sometimes don't make sense. For example, Caillou got grounded for 2 years for causing an earthquake, but got grounded for 10,000,000 years just for farting on the bus.

You're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for life. Go to your room now! That's makes no sense. - EpicJake

There are grounded videos that are nonsense. Getting a nightmare does NOT get you grounded.


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4 It is a waste of money

Premium costs WAY too much per MONTH!

It is $40 a MONTH, yes, a month, you can buy a simple drawing tablet for the same price, $40 a year is fine, back when GoAnimate4Schools existed (a version of GoAnimate used for educational purposes), you were able to pay $80 a year for a teacher plan, which was pricey, but not as bad as $300 a year - FasterThanSonic

The animation on GoAnimate makes the animation of Peppa Pig and 12 oz. Mouse look like the Cartoon Network Shows!

40 dollars just to make grounded videos - WorldPuncher47592834

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5 Caillou's Dad is Really Harsh on Caillou in the GoAnimate Series

He grounds Caillou for stupid reasons like farting, breathing hard, losing a game, and sometimes no reason at all other than the enjoyment of him. Boris was never that mean in the actual Caillou series. - anonygirl

I actually do find that pretty depressing even though I didn't watch Caillou that much. - Murvine_Taylor

For example, in the punishment day videos, he assaults Caillou in very brutal ways. For example, he pulls out Caillou's cavities, makes him drink from an old dirty toilet, and even killing him. This is normal for OfficerPoop247, who likes the assaulting baby show characters!

He is such a bigger idiot than he was in the original cartoon, and he just won't shut up!

GoAnimate Boris is so obsessed with grounding and will keep saying random numbers and I will be like, "Can we get on with it? " This also applies to other grounding parents, but I think Boris is the worst. At least the canon Boris did not have a grounding fetish. - Murvine_Taylor

Some laws or goverment really needs to get rid of these pesky morons who keeps going on goanimate and making fun of caillou and send them to jail or somewhere (goanimate is now called Vyond now though)

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6 Punishment Days

Boris, in my opinion, gives out the worst punishments to Caillou. He even does it to Rosie in videos where she gets grounded instead of Caillou. - Murvine_Taylor

I hate how the parents punish their own kids on those videos! Like making them eat crap, or worse, crapping on them!

Are go-animators really saying "abusing your children is what all parents should do to their children any time or for no reason at all! " NO! parents should love and support their children, not treat them like crap and kill them! Go animators should be ashamed of themselfs.

I hate them!

7 The videos are not creative

They're always the same!

I might make movies that are like you see in theaters on this website

How a normal movie maker plans his movies: "Lets see... What should I do. Oh, I know! Let's do this random thing, and now to spend the next 53 minutes coming up with the greatest story ever! "

How a goanimate user plans their "animations": "Oh, I like this video, so I'm going to make the exact same video but with a different character."

Not just grounded videos, but there was this series called “Chomp Bro For Hire”, every time, Chomp bro is rude to the customers, One customers orders a ton. Another does not have the right amount of money, then they blame him. For hire videos are about as stupid and not creative as grounded videos. Also, they are crappy.

8 Some characters get grounded for coming in last at a race

Thought that was bad? Some videos involve characters being grounded for absolutely no reason other than the parent's enjoyment.

Getting grounded for coming in last is just as harsh as getting grounded for nothing at all. - anonygirl

The parents are trolls and the kids are rage people.

Its not wining that counts its how you play the game

*Burst into laughter* Really?! Wow... - NikoX

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9 Sometimes people get grounded for nothing at all

This is especially bad in "Held Back" videos. The troublemakers just have to do ONE bad thing, no matter how small it is, and they get sent back to a smaller grade.

Like when Boris ate Caillou's lunch and put the contents on his pizza? - Goatworlds

Caillou why did you have a nightmare? That's it you're grounded Grounded for infinity years. - NikoX

That's why I don't have Goanimate account - BorisRule

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10 GoAnimators hate some TV shows just because those shows are for babies

That's all they ever hate, I've watched a video made by CollosalD which was called my top 20 hated characters, and 50% of it consisted of baby show characters! Even though I hate some baby shows in particular, GoAnimate should just hate on something else that is bad rather than just baby shows!

GoAnimators are just edgy 9 year olds trying to be big boys by bashing shows for little kids without any solid reasoning. They even hate on the GOOD ones. - Cartoonfan202

A lot of them even hate the good preschool shows like Sesame Street, Blue's Clue's, and Bear in the Big Blue House (and rant on it for no reason). - anonygirl

Don't get me started on no let's watch

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11 The Rants

Most rants are based a show for young children. Even with a lot of stated reasons why it sucks, most Go users hate the show for the soul reason that "it's for babies". If you even comeback in the comments or say something positive about the thing being ranted on, get ready for a butt load of hate.

The only thing they rant on is "baby" shows. - EpicJake

If you comment and say I like the show he/she will make a grounded video of you.

Idiots who calls little kid shows "baby shows" and makes rants on them on goanimmate are just a bunch of whiny little BRATS

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12 Some videos are inappropriate

Yea. Such as guns and destroying places like Pizza Hut, Chuck E. Cheese's, Taco Bell, McDonalds, GameStop and more. I mean what?

Some swear, I cannot believe these are on YouTube Kids.

Caillou pees laser on the teacher. - Chaofreaks1

Panimated makes videos with profanity - WorldPuncher47592834

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13 It Is boringly generic and repetitive

If I watch two lockdown videos, the storyline and phrases would be exactly the same but different characters. I've heard "How dare you pull and hit your vocal chords to sound like the principal" in three different videos by three different people.

It is very bland to make those videos because there so cringe worthy - UntitledMan

It is bland boring and the characters look like Family Guy rejects - Cartoonfan202

There is those "timeline" videos and they r annoying because the same boring old thing happens. The mom is pregnant & the baby comes out, they di a christmas vlog, the child gets mad and at oreschool some kid eats all the milk and cookies and some onter crap. Like they r slight differences in soem of them, but most of them r just the same boring old thing. UGH!

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14 Alvin Hung Alvin Hung Alvin Hung is the creator of the site known as "GoAnimate". He has gotten controversy for being greedy and removing many things on the site. He has gotten lots of hate from GoAnimators.

They are all making "Grounded" videos out of alvin hung. Hung is a real person, come on guys. And Hung could take down the entire of Goanimate if he wanted to. Won't be surprised if he takes Goanimate down because of little children using his software to make videos of Boris forcing Caillou to eat dog poop and videos of random Characters peeing all over the house while their dad is out (Actual videos.) - Lunala

I highly doubt that Hung will take down GoAnimate because of some Twerps are making some weird videos. He's basically making money off of it. Lol. - NikoX

Now he has a base of 2 year old fan boys like alan the video maker praising him for trashing go animate

At least there are no more grounded videos.

They should deserve it. The baby show haters suck. Alvin Hung ideally must close the site - Ikura

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15 Apologies are Never Accepted

Like why the hell would they not accept apalogies when they say sorry a lot?

16 The people who make the videos are mean

"Good" Users, There are no such Thing as Good Users! They are all Bad Users!

"Hello. Your video needs some original characters and plots instead of replacing Dora causes a Lockdown and it's storyline with Caillou causes a lockdown. Original videos are more entertaining an-" *comment gets spammed with immature hate*
*Beware of this User video of you made just because of your mature criticism* - The_Dragon

17 They say "grounded" a lot

Look, I get that the kid is getting grounded for doing something bad, but the parents shouldn't have to say "grounded" multiple times. They should only say it once... - EpicJake

They do. It's a little annoying. for example, "Eric, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for..." WE GET THE POINT!

"You're Grounded (x25) for 1234567890 Years, go to your room now! " Get the Picture!?

They say grounded 10000 times - Cartoonfan202

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18 Cyber bullies

Yeah, I mean, people in the goanimate community are like 2 year olds who are always fighting and sending threats. - HoldenFanatic

GA is full of "Bad User" crap. - Lunala

Tons of cyberbullies there - Cartoonfan202

Cyberbullies are annoying pricks

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19 Held back videos

It's just a person going from 12th grade getting held back to Preschool and eventually expelled. Even the slightest step in the wrong direction gets them sent back a grade. - thunderstar1124

Next; "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together", Please!

Stupid idiots who makes videos like this are a bunch of morons who are born without a heart

20 You have to pay to post a video on YouTube

I never had that issue. I only had to pay for the subscription. - Murvine_Taylor

21 The voices of the characters sound like robots

I do text-to-speech because I don't have a microphone on my computer - mayamanga

They are robots... - Iamcool

They removed all the good voices. - WorldPuncher47592834

Boys having girl voices what. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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22 They don't use their imagination

They literally take other characters and plots from other "animations".

All they just do is this, get nuts! - UntitledMan

23 They hate Warren fans.

I hate Warren Cook, but his grounded videos are getting too overused. Sometimes these kids like to hate on Warren fans over an opinion. They deserve the right to have an opinion on a user. - ThePwoperMuser101

I get that Warren makes fake VHS openings, but you make EXECUTION videos out of him. That's just mean. Imagine if he did that to YOU. When the "Bad" users make videos out of "good" users, the "good" users go completely ballistic. And yet the "good" users still make execution, grounded, etc videos out of "bad" users. Seriously? - EpicJake

Warren did nothing wrong. Wardrobe Cooking is the worst character on uolliaC though.

Warren Cook does a lot more bad things then just VHS openings. He swears, watches porn, gets detention, gets suspension, and peed and pooped all over the house!

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24 The users are wimps

Warren Cook type of stuff.

These users make "rants" on T.V. shows or users. These rants are one of the most lazy works I have ever seen! They go like this: X? More like Y. This thing sucks. Do you know who likes this show? (BAD PERSON/CHARACTER), Do you know who hates this show? (GOOD/PERSON CHARACTER). Screw (BAD THING), and screw (ANOTHER GOOD THING). (GOOD THING) is one trillion times better than (BAD THING). End of rant.

Like ya' know, also worst on google plus - UntitledMan

These good users that dislikes little kid shows are a bunch of stubbern mules,
not like me, I am not no mule

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25 They always make grounded videos out of baby show characters like Dora, Caillou, and Little Bill

They even make fun of shows that are good for children like the Backyardigans, Sesame Street, Sofia the First, Blues Clues, Doc McStuffins, and many more, while I don't watch these shows, GoAnimate fans just make fun of every baby show they see.

I, be honest, am a Bubble Guppies fan (my opinion, please). and when someone makes fun of the show, I don't really care. But GoAnimate is wasting their time making stupid videos about a show the creators tried so hard on.

Baby shows may be terrible, but making grounded out of them is just getting old now. - anonygirl

Don't call them baby show, just call them little kid shows

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26 Dora sounds like a teenager

They don't have good voices.

She even likes dating Caillou! That's Gross!

Dora is 7, not 15! You chewing Frick!

I hate fans of dora

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27 They hate Dora the most

There are other things you should hate more decides Dora.

What's wrong with that? I hate Dora too.

Well yeah so do I but there are other things put there that you should hate

If you hate dora's guts
Then I hate your opinion

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28 OfficerPoop247 is Selfish

OfficerPoop247 has very stupid and brutal videos. For example, Boris is a substitute teacher and he kills Caillou for spelling a word. Also, his punishment days involve punishments like drinking from a toilet that hasn't been flushed or cleaned in years, breaking his favorite things, and killing him. Who would find that funny? Oh yeah. Only OfficerPoop247 would.

He should get terminated from YouTube, he likes to abuse children!

His account got terminated


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29 Racist Videos
30 They ship Caillou and Dora together

I'm gonna tell you right now: Dora and Caillou are very unique from each other. Dora is a spanish speaking explorer, while Caillou is a 4-year-old brat whining a lot. So have your opinion and hate them both, but shipping them is just disgusting.

It looks more like Caillou is dating a male because the GoAnimate users are too lazy to make an accurate Dora Model!

Why does this pairing ever existed!?! Bad GoAnimate Users! Bad, Bad GoAnimate Users! Go Home and Never Ever Return!

More like Caillou x D.W read

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31 If you do something wrong, they could make a grounded video out of you

GoAnimate "Good" users in a nutshell... - EpicJake

That's so mean


32 They Like Shows Like Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig

I got a newcomer for ya "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together", well?

Nickelodeon should pull the plug on Breadwinners Right Now!

Like Something actually good GoAnimate!

There's nothing wrong with liking an unpopular show. - Murvine_Taylor

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33 They like almost everything

They even like garbage like Modern SpongeBob, Family Guy, Teen Titans Go, Sanjay and Craig, etc.

I remember this one fellow who, once ANY type of animated movie came out, made by ANYBODY and of ANY quality, started milking the HELL out of that movie. - RoleplayerR

The Only thing they hate are Kids Shows, Justin Bieber, and Things that Most People Dislike. They Even like MLP! Depends on what Idiot. They'll Hate you if you don't have Same Opinion. - ChroniclerMan5

Exactly. They always tell you to "respect their opinion", and yet they don't respect yours. What a bunch of hypocrites. - EpicJake

Whoever hates sesame street needs a good spanking now hate it a big big world instead

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34 They Hate Baby Shows To Make Them Look Cool

Baby shows are here to let children learn (some), not being here to be made fun of. Plus, some of us have our favorite early childhood shows. Why make grounded videos out of them? Come on, guys! You know better than this! - HelloWhyImHere

That is so ridiculous

Yeah like you shouldn't always or be like that at all times, because they're for education amd entertainment

Here are reasons why paw patrol is not for babbies
1 skye and chase has sex with each other babies can't learn crushes until there older
2 it scary sometimes
3 the music can hurt babbies ears
4 they don't sing songs like twinkle twinkle little star alphabet songs or if your happy and you know it
5 it talks about what's babbies can't learn yet
6 it has restricted stuff for babbies sometimes
7 just because it on nick jr do not mean it appropriate for babies
8 it inapropite for babbies
9 they show dangerous stuff that babbies can do when they can't
10 ages are 5 and older to watch
(Note I love paw patrol and I hate baby shows except blues clues sesame street Thomas bear in the big blue house Clifford and dragon tales) I don't know if Mr rodgers arthur or cyberchase are for babbies because I watch those shows

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35 Some people get grounded in almost every video

Four Twenty is good

Except for NotSmirks

36 They like Teen Titans Go

What did you expect? They like everything...

More Like Teen Titans No!

So, what does that have to do with goAnimate, just wondering... - NikoX

Everyone has their own opinion - Officialpen

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37 GoAnimate fans calling themselves "animators" just because they use GoAnimate

Animators are people who create their own work, as in draw their own characters or work on models for their own skits and animate off that. However, with this type of thing, the characters and animations are previously drawn by others. Not to mention they copy and paste google images to use for props.

This is a huge insult to those who are passionate about animating for real and have devoted hours of their lives into learning how to do it. Pretty much anyone can just drag and drop stuff to put a GoAnimate clip together. - Entranced98

Real animators don't use goanimate! they make the animations themselves with paper or computer. - Iamcool

Is it good to combine Goanimate and Flash videos using Sony Vegas? - BorisRule

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38 Barney Errors Barney Errors

That Kidaroo Voice is Annoying!

It was fun at first, but doing later. - BorisRule

Kidaroo's voice sound sounds funny to me
Note: I love barney, and don't you dare hate me for this, OR YOU'RE DEAD

39 The "43 Chars" Videos are Not Funny

These users are trying to make these "NotSmirks like" videos then make Caillou or Warren say things like "my butterfinger", " 43 chars nooo", "papa m", etc. Bart Sampson is a ripoff of Bart Simpson that everyone praises for saying " my Butterfinger" and making them laugh and say " XDD SO FUNNY! "

40 They take jokes seriously
41 They pronounce Caillou's name wrong

That's because the text-to-speech voices can't really pronounce the name. Just say, "Kai you" and it will sound correct. - mayamanga

Well I wouldn't blame this on creators... The blame is more on the voices that Go! Animate provides.

"K-Loo" doesn't make sense at all. - EpicJake

For example: Kayloo or Kayeyeyou - CaillouFanatic

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42 The users are dumber than they think

Like Officer Poop 247.

Generic GoAnimate User: Duh, Tyme Tu Mak Sum GoAnim8 Kayloo Gits Growndud Vedyos, Ten, Aftr Tat, I'll Mak Dorah Gits Grownded Ten Litl Bil Gits Grownded Vedyos So Evryun Wil Prase Me Four My Wurk!

43 L Ryan's a jerk

In some of his shows, characters are being tortured for no reason at all. I remember his first episode of his character elimination's 4th season. The challenge contestants were playing a game of Beach volleyball. Caterpillar from Baby Einstein however, didn't want to play. He decided to shoot the volleyball with a gun to pop it. When he succeeds in doing it, SpongeBob scolds him for costing their team the challenge even though they could just get a new ball. Caterpillar gets 5 penalties that basically feel like he is automatically disqualified.

Another thing about torture is that he has interns that he treats like slaves. If they do one small mistake, they die, I wish I was kidding. One time, he even killed the main protagonist of Antz by drowning him in a toilet simply because he took a shower without permission.

One final thing I want to talk about his his opinion on Sky from Total Drama. Up until June of 2015, anybody who disliked Sky was on his list of enemies. She ...more


44 They hate some of our favorite childhood shows

I hate Caillou.

I like Caillou or neutral over that series so don't you dare cyberbully me! OR ELSE! - UntitledMan

Pingu and Peppa Pig bring back memories. - Lunala

You hate caillou!?!

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45 They Blame Alvin Hung For Ruining Go!Animate

Alvin Hung IS greedy with the HTML5, but seriously! The people make killing videos and send death threats to Alvin Hung!

It's not Alvin Hung, it's Jessica Gongora! It was her idea to remove the non business themes and fib about HTML5!

Jessica is a bitch!

46 Alvin Hung is removing voices Like David, Kayla, and many others

I wouldn't be surprised when people start to give extreme negative feedback because they removed a lot of voices, and then non business themes! Before 2015, GoAnimate was so goood! But it's just stupid having to upgrade and sacrifice a lot of good things just to improve the site!

They removed every good voice. - WorldPuncher47592834

They made Dora sound like Caillou's mother/have Julie's voice! >:(

The GoAnimate voices Alvin Hung removed were all VoiceForge voices including Shy Girl, Kayla, Kidaroo, Princess, Lawrence, Belle, Young Guy, Diesel, French-Fry, David, Millie, Tween Girl, Wiseguy, Evil Genius, and Zack. I know it stinks when VoiceForge voices have to be removed, but the reason they had to is because they are a waste of money which is making Alvin Hung's family starving to death. You see, food is more important than VoiceForge voices. We want to help Alvin Hung and his family instead of raising money levels high just for VoiceForge voices, instead use Ivona and Vocalware voices for GoAnimate characters like Eric, Julie, Dave, Brian, Veena and others.

47 They Like Clarence

Clarence is overrated!

Because clarance is a good show

48 They think child abuse is funny

Child abuse SUCKS

Are these people crazy do these people even know what raising a child is like
if a 3 year old kid is annoying you do you treat a kid like he stretch aemstrong
NO! you just cool off not try to kill them settle down jason

49 In some videos Caillou sounds like an adult

That's true oobi also has an adult voice

Caillou sounds like a drunken pervert especially when he says Chuck E. Cheeses with that David Voice, and don't get me started on why he loves Dora, which is very stupid!

On uolliaC he sounds like a alien.

Caillou also has a adult voice in my series - CaillouFanatic

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50 They hate nearly all villains

Just because the characters are villains doesn't mean you should hate them. Some villains like Darth Vader are awesome. - EpicJake

This is the biggest reason why they suck.

I bet they like Hero Factory. - ChroniclerMan5

They even hate Ernesto De La Cruz (Main villain in Coco) - WorldPuncher47592834

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