Jake Rants: GoAnimate

Well, GoAnimate is an animating site. Well, it's actually just a toy. Real animators don't use it. Also, I have a lot to say about GoAnimate, so let's move on, shall we? Back in the old days, GoAnimate videos were quick and simple. Until, GoAnimators copied each others videos, which created grounded videos. And grounded videos suck. Want to know why? Because at the end, they videos are like " You're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for life! Go to you're room now!". See what I mean? Grounded videos would be a little better if they only said "You're grounded" once. And then, the grounded person goes to their room while crying. That's pretty much it.

Well, another problem I have with GoAnimate is for sure, it's fans. I used to like its fans, but now they are just immature hypocrites. Let's talk about their taste in TV Shows first. Well, for starters, they hate all little kids shows such as Dora, Barney, Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, etc. And they like all TV shows for big kids and adults such as Family Guy, South Park, Total Drama, etc. they even like the horrible kids shows such as Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Uncle Grandpa. And they only rant on TV shows they hate, that's it. They only rant on TV shows. Stupid, right? And people call them "good users". Why? Well, it's because they're "good". Why are they "good"? Well, almost all GoAnimate fans have at least 1,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. And if they hate another GoAnimator, they would put hate comments on their videos. Here are some examples:

- F*** You.

And lots more. And that was the part where I had enough. But their is still more to say. The GoAnimate Fans always make bad user alerts out of users they hate. Not only that, but they also make grounded videos out of users they hate.

Well,that's it for this episode of Jake Rants. So long.


I don't get your point... - Puga

Exactly. It's because of GoF*** acting like idiots and this is supposed to give them criticism. Well, this blog post IS HQ, so yeah. - EpicJake

Jake, please start making sense. - muffinkid

What about the "Buisness Videos". I have an Account on Goanimate and I made a Show..But I'm only on Free Trial, and most of the videos are Fnaf or Anime Characters in Comedy World Version. - Ihaskitty1234

Epicjake called someone ELSE an immature hypocrite? Oh lord... - muffinkid

Sorry! - ChuckECheese

Looks like a fight is starting I'll get the popcorn - RockStarr

Get me some Fanta! - gemcloben

Ok! - RockStarr

BUT I don't WAN TO EAT THE POPCORN! And by the way this is a joke based off of a ts2 quote - NESSquid

I'll bring the donuts! - BeatlesFan1964

Gimme some PIZZA! - visitor

I WANT COCA COLA! - ChuckECheese

I remember finding this funny in the 3rd grade. Now I'm scratching my head watching them thinking "why? " - Garythesnail

Also, Grounded videos would be better if they didn't exist. - Garythesnail

I know - EpicJake


So what if they like horrible kids shows, everyone has their own opinions plus not all users like Breadwinner's and Sanjay and Craig. - Discord1

If they like horrible kids shows then why did they rant on Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinner's - Discord1

T.V. shows aren't the only things they rant about. They also rant on people, movies Characters etc. - Discord1

Also put dead meat videos on this rant please because I find them extremely annoying - Discord1

Welp. I See some Go! aniimate Freaks likes MLP! Not all of them. - ChroniclerMan5

I used to have an account on Goanimate, and while it wasn't known very well, It did have some videos that weren't nearly as bad as other ones, mainly because I thought of my own ideas instead of stealing them from others, like all the other users have done. - visitor

GoAnimate animation looks horrible. I mean why the characters' hands are looks so stiff, it has very bland scenes, some objects can't edited and more...

I feel awkward when I saw a videos because that reasons. - visitor

Go Animate Sucks! - ChuckECheese

Go Animate Sucks! - ChuckECheese


And yes your post comment was censored - ChuckECheese

I respect your opinion on grounded videos, but I do many of them harsh. The good thing is that I'm not saying as much hate on baby shows now as I used to. I like GoAnimate, but I understand why people dislike it. - anonygirl