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21 You have to pay to post a video on YouTube

That's stupid - izackak

22 Held back videos

It's just a person going from 12th grade getting held back to Preschool and eventually expelled. Even the slightest step in the wrong direction gets them sent back a grade. - thunderstar1124

Next; "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together", Please!

23 The voices of the characters sound like robots

I do text-to-speech because I don't have a microphone on my computer - mayamanga

They are robots... - Iamcool

The voices are so stupid

NotSmirks doesn't steal characters.

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24 They don't use their imagination

They literally take other characters and plots from other "animations".

All they just do is this, get nuts! - UntitledMan

25 They hate Warren fans.

I hate Warren Cook, but his grounded videos are getting too overused. Sometimes these kids like to hate on Warren fans over an opinion. They deserve the right to have an opinion on a user. - ThePwoperMuser101

I get that Warren makes fake VHS openings, but you make EXECUTION videos out of him. That's just mean. Imagine if he did that to YOU. When the "Bad" users make videos out of "good" users, the "good" users go completely ballistic. And yet the "good" users still make execution, grounded, etc videos out of "bad" users. Seriously? - EpicJake

Warren did nothing wrong. Wardrobe Cooking is the worst character on uolliaC though.

Warren Cook does a lot more bad things then just VHS openings. He swears, watches porn, gets detention, gets suspension, and peed and pooped all over the house!

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26 The users are wimps

Warren Cook type of stuff.

These users make "rants" on T.V. shows or users. These rants are one of the most lazy works I have ever seen! They go like this: X? More like Y. This thing sucks. Do you know who likes this show? (BAD PERSON/CHARACTER), Do you know who hates this show? (GOOD/PERSON CHARACTER). Screw (BAD THING), and screw (ANOTHER GOOD THING). (GOOD THING) is one trillion times better than (BAD THING). End of rant.

Like ya' know, also worst on google plus - UntitledMan

They are also crybabies - UntitledMan

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27 They ship Caillou and Dora together

I'm gonna tell you right now: Dora and Caillou are very unique from each other. Dora is a spanish speaking explorer, while Caillou is a 4-year-old brat whining a lot. So have your opinion and hate them both, but shipping them is just disgusting.

It looks more like Caillou is dating a male because the GoAnimate users are too lazy to make an accurate Dora Model!

Why does this pairing ever existed!?! Bad GoAnimate Users! Bad, Bad GoAnimate Users! Go Home and Never Ever Return!

More like Caillou x D.W read

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28 Dora sounds like a teenager

They don't have good voices.

She even likes dating Caillou! That's Gross!

Dora is 7, not 15! You chewing Frick!

Dora is a teenager (15 years old) even though I hate Dora.

29 OfficerPoop247 is Selfish

OfficerPoop247 has very stupid and brutal videos. For example, Boris is a substitute teacher and he kills Caillou for spelling a word. Also, his punishment days involve punishments like drinking from a toilet that hasn't been flushed or cleaned in years, breaking his favorite things, and killing him. Who would find that funny? Oh yeah. Only OfficerPoop247 would.

He should get terminated from YouTube, he likes to abuse children!

You should watch the Isaac Anderson videos, they are worse, In one video Boris cut caillou dick off and eyes, ears, mouth, and his head

OfficerPoop247 did change her name to Go! Thug247 but he still
is so stupid because he likes child abuse. one time he make made this goanimate video called Caillou stops an atom bomb/grounded which the worse video I ever saw because you know why because I saw that boris and doris ground caillou because caillou save goanimate city by stopping the atom bomb and boris and doris just ground caillou for stopping the atom bomb which is basically a nuke

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30 They hate some shows and stuff because they are girly

They like MLP The Most! and I am the only one who respects Inez Thomas' Opinions only and not others - UntitledMan

31 They Like Shows Like Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig

I got a newcomer for ya "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together", well?

Nickelodeon should pull the plug on Breadwinners Right Now!

Like Something actually good GoAnimate!

There's nothing wrong with liking an unpopular show. - Murvine_Taylor

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32 Racist Videos
33 They hate Dora the most

There are other things you should hate more decides Dora.

What's wrong with that? I hate Dora too.

Well yeah so do I but there are other things put there that you should hate

They can't move on - UntitledMan

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34 They like almost everything

I remember this one fellow who, once ANY type of animated movie came out, made by ANYBODY and of ANY quality, started milking the HELL out of that movie. - RoleplayerR

They even like garbage like Modern SpongeBob, Family Guy, Teen Titans Go, Sanjay and Craig, etc.

The Only thing they hate are Kids Shows, Justin Bieber, and Things that Most People Dislike. They Even like MLP! Depends on what Idiot. They'll Hate you if you don't have Same Opinion. - ChroniclerMan5

Exactly. They always tell you to "respect their opinion", and yet they don't respect yours. What a bunch of hypocrites. - EpicJake

They like Boomboxer and SuperMarioLogan too much! - UntitledMan

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35 The "43 Chars" Videos are Not Funny

These users are trying to make these "NotSmirks like" videos then make Caillou or Warren say things like "my butterfinger", " 43 chars nooo", "papa m", etc. Bart Sampson is a ripoff of Bart Simpson that everyone praises for saying " my Butterfinger" and making them laugh and say " XDD SO FUNNY! "

36 They pronounce Caillou's name wrong

That's because the text-to-speech voices can't really pronounce the name. Just say, "Kai you" and it will sound correct. - mayamanga

Well I wouldn't blame this on creators... The blame is more on the voices that Go! Animate provides.

"K-Loo" doesn't make sense at all. - EpicJake

Even worse, they also pronounce Chara (Undertale) her name wrong - UntitledMan

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37 Some people get grounded in almost every video V 2 Comments
38 They hate some of our favorite childhood shows

I hate Caillou.

I like Caillou or neutral over that series so don't you dare cyberbully me! OR ELSE! - UntitledMan

Pingu and Peppa Pig bring back memories. - Lunala

What freaks.

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39 They like Teen Titans Go

What did you expect? They like everything...

More Like Teen Titans No!

So, what does that have to do with goAnimate, just wondering... - NikoX

Everyone has their own opinion - Officialpen

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40 GoAnimate fans calling themselves "animators" just because they use GoAnimate

Animators are people who create their own work, as in draw their own characters or work on models for their own skits and animate off that. However, with this type of thing, the characters and animations are previously drawn by others. Not to mention they copy and paste google images to use for props.

This is a huge insult to those who are passionate about animating for real and have devoted hours of their lives into learning how to do it. Pretty much anyone can just drag and drop stuff to put a GoAnimate clip together. - Entranced98

Real animators don't use goanimate! they make the animations themselves with paper or computer. - Iamcool

Is it good to combine Goanimate and Flash videos using Sony Vegas? - BorisRule

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