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41 GoAnimate fans calling themselves "animators" just because they use GoAnimate

Animators are people who create their own work, as in draw their own characters or work on models for their own skits and animate off that. However, with this type of thing, the characters and animations are previously drawn by others. Not to mention they copy and paste google images to use for props.

This is a huge insult to those who are passionate about animating for real and have devoted hours of their lives into learning how to do it. Pretty much anyone can just drag and drop stuff to put a GoAnimate clip together. - Entranced98

Real animators don't use goanimate! they make the animations themselves with paper or computer. - Iamcool

Is it good to combine Goanimate and Flash videos using Sony Vegas? - BorisRule

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42 The users are dumber than they think

Like Officer Poop 247.

Generic GoAnimate User: Duh, Tyme Tu Mak Sum GoAnim8 Kayloo Gits Growndud Vedyos, Ten, Aftr Tat, I'll Mak Dorah Gits Grownded Ten Litl Bil Gits Grownded Vedyos So Evryun Wil Prase Me Four My Wurk!

43 L Ryan's a jerk

In some of his shows, characters are being tortured for no reason at all. I remember his first episode of his character elimination's 4th season. The challenge contestants were playing a game of Beach volleyball. Caterpillar from Baby Einstein however, didn't want to play. He decided to shoot the volleyball with a gun to pop it. When he succeeds in doing it, SpongeBob scolds him for costing their team the challenge even though they could just get a new ball. Caterpillar gets 5 penalties that basically feel like he is automatically disqualified.

Another thing about torture is that he has interns that he treats like slaves. If they do one small mistake, they die, I wish I was kidding. One time, he even killed the main protagonist of Antz by drowning him in a toilet simply because he took a shower without permission.

One final thing I want to talk about his his opinion on Sky from Total Drama. Up until June of 2015, anybody who disliked Sky was on his list of enemies. She ...more


44 They made Dora's family wrong

Even Dora herself, she looks more like a boy rather than a girl, although I hate Dora, GoAnimate is bad at making cartoon characters match they're real counterparts!

All of the characters along with Dora and her family on GoAnimate are ugly and lazily made, heck, even I can draw better than them! GoAnimate Sucks!

They're even uglier then they were in the original cartoon! Mainly Dora!

45 They Blame Alvin Hung For Ruining Go!Animate

Alvin Hung IS greedy with the HTML5, but seriously! The people make killing videos and send death threats to Alvin Hung!

It's not Alvin Hung, it's Jessica Gongora! It was her idea to remove the non business themes and fib about HTML5!

46 The character getting grounded often gets really harsh punishments

Punishment days are child abuse and I remember a video where they shoved the illuminati up caillous butt and then boris cut off caillou's (ugh I don't want to say it but it's a body part)

And in general they make the grounded character eat dog poop, drink hot sauce and take very cold or very hot showers. - Lunala

If you accidentally fart in public, you get grounded for 16689180797932809887882901017924781891737781888 years. There was one video where Little Bill was put on death row just for stealing a small cup. Also, they have punishment days, which also involved harsh punishments like eating poop, taking an absolute zero temperature shower, and being cooked in the oven. - anonygirl

47 Alvin Hung is removing voices Like David, Kayla, and many others

I wouldn't be surprised when people start to give extreme negative feedback because they removed a lot of voices, and then non business themes! Before 2015, GoAnimate was so goood! But it's just stupid having to upgrade and sacrifice a lot of good things just to improve the site!

They made Dora sound like Caillou's mother/have Julie's voice! >:(

48 Barney Errors Barney Errors

That Kidaroo Voice is Annoying!

49 They get Boris's hair wrong

There is a video where Boris ranted about users getting his hair wrong. - Murvine_Taylor

And other character too.

Dora too.

50 They Like Clarence

Because clarance is a good show

51 They're weird

Like Isaac Anderson Animations

52 In some videos Caillou sounds like an adult

That's true oobi also has an adult voice

Caillou sounds like a drunken pervert especially when he says Chuck E. Cheeses with that David Voice, and don't get me started on why he loves Dora, which is very stupid!

On uolliaC he sounds like a alien.

David does not fit him, but Ivy does - Officialpen

53 It has baby show fans

What's so bad about baby shows? they're just for the little ones. man, PEOPLE these days.


54 They hate characters for stupid reasons

Especially Baby Show Characters

They hate Dora because of her look - UntitledMan

Also they should die for hating most of the bad guys from most movie,video game and T.V. show franchises

55 They steal characters from other shows

(cough) (cough) Dora grounding videos (cough)

The Bodyguards look like those two guards from Johnny Test although I hate Johnny Test

They also steal youtube poops without permission - UntitledMan

56 They hate show and movies they haven't seen

Seriously they can't judge a book by it's cover. - Discord1

57 They hate nearly all villains

Just because the characters are villains doesn't mean you should hate them. Some villains like Darth Vader are awesome. - EpicJake

This is the biggest reason why they suck.

I bet they like Hero Factory. - ChroniclerMan5

Haha typical isn't it. - NikoX

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58 They Hate Frozen

I meant say say was although Frozen wasn't my absolute favorite Disney film, I still find it underrated

Although Frozen I my most absolute favorite Disney film, I still find it underrated to me.

59 They ruin your childhood

It ruined by watching caillou, dora and little bill

60 They Make Death Threats

What about "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together!? "

What Jerks!

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