Top Ten Reasons to Hate GoAnimate

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61 It has baby show fans

What's so bad about baby shows? they're just for the little ones. man, PEOPLE these days.

62 The users are tomgirls

so...? :/ - Iamcool

And gay - UntitledMan

63 They Hate Haruhi Suzumiya

Have they even seen Haruhi Suzumiya - NikoX

Trust me Kirby loopsy hates that show.

Only Kirby Loopsy I think. But that's her opinion. P.S: She's one of my pals on DeviantArt - mayamanga

64 The users are invading Plotagon
65 They steal ideas from other grounded videos

I've seen Caillou Misbehaves at Pizza Hut, and it's the exact same thing as Arthur Misbehaves at Burger King! Stop making grounded videos and make something else!

66 They are absolutely cruel and intolerant

When they aren't being immature brats, they are literally setting up campaigns with their fans to harass and relentlessly attack on ONE SINGLE PERSON who pissed them off, often just because they "disrespected their opinion." When one guy tried to say a girl a Go hated on killed herself because she was getting so much crap from him and his fanbase, you know what this kid's reaction was to her "death"(It didn't really happen, it was just said to see how this guy would react)? He laughs and says "your welcome "

I hate this fandom so much... - RoleplayerR

67 They Like Hatsune Miku But Not Any Other Vocaloids

I like Hatsune Miku AND other vocaloids. - mayamanga

Imagine if Caillou and Dora danced to "Burn Me Down", which is an original Vocaloid song. >:D

68 Sequel Videos

Justin Thomas is so immature and stupid for making these videos - UntitledMan

All they do is kill someone to get revenge on the user or say "video deleted". The worst part of it is that they can't take criticism.
-Starkitty McClain The Legendary Human Cat

69 They ruin your childhood
70 They like anime

What's wrong with liking anime? I'm not a huge fan of anime, but I'm just asking.

71 They Like Nearly All Non-Baby Shows

Would some one please do "They Ship Dora and Caillou Together" for the next new comer?

72 Fetish videos

Trent Morrison is the mastermind behind all those videos. Thank god they stopped for good. - AinezoChan

73 Some videos are disgusting

That's definitely true. - anonygirl

74 They always ask ''do you like me?''
75 The fans with a bad username. For example x yes y no, x FTW y FTL,
76 Constant swearing Constant swearing
77 No free or cheap option

Free users are gone. I used to be a free user on there but I can't make random videos anymore because I am blocked because of payments.

They got rid of Basic and GoPlus. What more do you except from a company that is extremely greedy? - imacg4

78 They got rid of eCards

Well yeah so do I but there are other things put there that you should hate

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79 You can get expelled or grounded for farting

THIS IS SO WEIRD to get expelled just for farting.

If you thought that was weird, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Ripoff of Four Twenty

A BASIC HUMAN BODILY FUNCTION... Can get you in major trouble?

80 The new business videos

Business freindly sucks

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2. All they ever do is grounded videos
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