Top Ten Reasons to Hate GoAnimate

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81 It Has Furries
82 It's a waste of time
83 When they cry it takes too long
84 Too Many Users are Younger Than 18
85 They Hate Baby Show Fans
86 No free or cheap option

Free users are gone. I used to be a free user on there but I can't make random videos anymore because I am blocked because of payments.

They got rid of Basic and GoPlus. What more do you except from a company that is extremely greedy? - imacg4

87 They got rid of eCards

Well yeah so do I but there are other things put there that you should hate

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88 You can get expelled or grounded for farting

THIS IS SO WEIRD to get expelled just for farting.

If you thought that was weird, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Ripoff of Four Twenty

A BASIC HUMAN BODILY FUNCTION... Can get you in major trouble?

89 The new business videos

Business freindly sucks

90 The company is greedy

Most GoAnimate plans were retired just because of THIS reason. This even had the removal of things, and the customer feedback was the cause of the greed. - guyisbackable

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91 They sound like robots V 1 Comment
92 It took away DomoAnimate for GoAnimateforSchools

I hope NHK sues Goanimae - BorisRule

93 The characters sound like zombies

Yes, GoAnimate does have zombies in it, but that's also what the characters sound like

94 They give kid characters adult voices

There is a voice named Eric, and it is the most grown up voice of the site. Yet some users use the voice for the kid characters... - EpicJake

The only 2 character voices for small kids they have are Shy Girl and Ivy. It's unfortunate. - anonygirl

Caillou = David, Dora = Princess

Seriously? Stop using those types of voices on the baby show characters, especially Brendan Barney! - UntitledMan

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95 They hate Rugrats

Only one user Hates it but not the rest. - Discord1

Rugrats was great show

I like Rugrats and the other gotards hate it because of the looks of the characters! - UntitledMan

96 Unikitty errors

The Lego Movie

97 Lumpkin and Princess Matilda are the only awesome characters

Lumpkin is awesome not Princess Matilda she sucks ass

98 They hate The Boxtrolls

Boxtrolls was alright... Not great, but it was okay.

The Boxtrolls was a disgusting movie

99 Alvin Hung is removing Comedy World and Lil' Peepz

He just did - mayamanga

Nooo Not Lawrence. At least there is still James Carter.

Bitch Alvin Hung!

100 They Hate Frozen Haters

Cable the animators is a opinion disrespect

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3. All they ever do is grounded videos
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2. All they ever do is grounded videos
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