Top Ten Reasons to Hate GoAnimate

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101 They only like the main characters of things
102 They think that being a fan only means liking something

What Idiots!

They even say they're fans of autumn and christmas! what the hell?! - Iamcool

103 The hate Harvey Beaks
104 They are bandwagoners
105 They Call Dora's Mom Veena instead of Elena
106 Plastic Surgery Videos
107 They love bad users
108 They want to be edgy so bad
109 Virus/OS videos

For example "Caillou OS" "Dora Virus" etc

Look it up and you'll get the main point - Lunala

110 It's lazy

All the time spent lazily making 200 drag-and-drop GoAnimate clips could instead be used learning to animate properly in Flash etc. - after a decent start with that, much more creative animations can be put together instead of having to use the cheap canned GoAnimate animations over and over again. - Entranced98

111 The community sucks
112 Pointless Arguments
113 The users rage too much
114 Bad OCs
115 The characters cry after being punished

God this annoys me. The crying animation is cringy itself, but I hate how the users overuse it. They'll have characters cry after they do extremely bad things, like destroying the city or stealing their parent's car. - izackak

116 They think real people count as characters
117 On behavior card days, white is always a neutral card.

Can they just pick a different color like yellow or purple for a change? - anonygirl

118 Bratty users
119 Too many immature teenagers
120 They like skylanders but have no idea what the original spyro is
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1. Punishment Days
2. Caillou's Dad is Really Harsh on Caillou in the GoAnimate Series
3. Some characters get grounded for coming in last at a race
1. It Is boringly generic and repetitive
2. They always make grounded videos out of baby show characters like Dora, Caillou, and Little Bill
3. All they ever do is grounded videos
1. It is a waste of money
2. All they ever do is grounded videos
3. Dead meat videos

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