Top 10 Reasons to Hate Gravity Falls

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1 Mabel is Annoying and Selfish

I love Gravity Falls, and don't get me wrong Mabel is a great character! She's just crossed the line too far. Her selfish needs always lead to Dipper giving something up. Mabel guilt trips other people into doing what she wants. Gravity Falls is great, and characters should have flaws but they should change and apologize for their mistakes! I left a link to a video stating why Mabel is a bad character. Be warned that it has a bit of strong language here and there.

Man she needs to die. First she teases Dipper and makes fun of him. They get in danger, because of her attitude. She hardly helps Dipper, and on the episode "Dipper and Mable vs. The Future" she wasabi happy about Dipper staying and gave the thing to Bill. Causing the end of the world

I Have Notice That Seen The Show's First Season

Dipper has done so much for her but she never did anyting in return she EVIL

2 It's Popular

Wow, imagine how many shows that you like that are popular.
Learn the term "overrated". - Qryzx

Hating a show for being popular is retarded.

Wait! You Hate On Gravity Falls Because It's Popular? Well That's A Dumb Excuse.

I don't even like this show, and I disagree with this list!

3 It's Racist

Just because you don't see much black people and more white people in the show means it's racist? Absolutely not! This show is set in Oregon, just look at the people there, it isn't a perfect balance between white and black people, and when in the show did they say anything negative about black people? Never!

Racist? Showing more white people than black doesn't make the show racist. Imagine how many other shows do that, and you only blame this one? I don't follow you... - Qryzx

How the hell is it racist? It doesn't make fun of different races from what I've seen.

Because there's more white people than black people and they hardly show black people on the show. I'm a black person and shows and movies with hardly any black people are so lame and unfair. - s10484

4 It's Sexist

So is this show sexist not having "equal" balance between genders, like you've stated with the reason saying it's "racist"? - Qryzx

its sexist

I don't see how it's sexist either... it doesn't believe in gender superiority/ dominance so...

Mabel isn’t even 13 buy she’s obsessed with love, boys and absolutely want to have a summer romance (why? by the way). She basically saved by Dipper in the first two episode from toxic relationship. What does she do with her friends playing card game? Funny kids games? No, speaking about boys and screaming.

A good exemple "Northwest Mansion Mystery" : Dipper tries to revolve the mystery. During this time what Mabel and her friends are doing? Try to find the Charming (and rich) Prince (in one night). Oh yeah, they even they even betrayed Grenda to find the Real Love (still in one night).

This is that the main female character? Great! (But I still love her...)

5 It's Very Disgusting

Not really I mean there might be some mild usage of blood but it's not disgusting...

Bill is the most annoying and disgusting thing I have ever seen other than SpongeBob.

Gosh, Dipper just picks his noes like every episode. I think why his name is Dipper

He calls himself Dipper because of his forehead's birthmark (looks like the Big Dipper), not because he 'dips for gold'. I don't even follow the show and I can remember that. - Qryzx

No just no his name is really @&#%€ but he's called dipper because of his birthmark in the shape of the Big Dipper

6 It's Stupid

How is it stupid exactly?

Seriously that's your excuse
It teaches you love lessons like growing up and everything doesn't last forever
You would know this if you actually listened to it

How? You can't just say "It's stupid," when you do not even explain how.

7 Fans Say That the Characters Are Perfect But They Are Not

Haha who said we thought they were perfect. The only character who is perfect is Waddles (because he's a pig)

Fans do not say that a good character has flaws

Characters are not supposed to be perfect - DCfnaf


8 Lame Mysteries

Not lame to me but eh.

9 Stupid Characters

The only stupid character in the show is Soos and that's about it.

Actually. I have nothing worng with the fans of the show.
But the insane ones have ironic and hypocrite opinions from those who dislike it.
What? Just because you are the "biggest fan" doesn't mean you can bash on others who don't like it.

Also, Dear rabid girlfriend fans...
You need to learn to accept people's opinions. But is you don't agree with them, why you don't you STFU about it?

10 Dumb Plots

I get it, some of the plots are dumb, yes, like Mabel's obsession to having a summer relationship and things like that, but overall, the main plots are interesting and fun. Besides, it all leads up to a bigger story, and it's been forever since I've seen a good story!

The show is about two twins staying at their uncle's house in a town with a weak inter dimensional barrier, causing it to have strange stuff happen their, a dude builds a portal that causes him to leave his world and a friend of his to go insane, the man's brother brings him back, and now bill has gotten into their dimension and they must stop him.

The plot of a Bieber song is about babies.

You are the biggest troll ever and I will never follow you even if you follow me Mr. Biased! - Skullkid755

The plot is a lot more interesting than say Wander Over Yander.

Quit bein' such a baby, Skullkid755! All people can hate Gravity Falls all they want.

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11 It Has Awful Animation

I hate the animation it's ugly, gross, and stupid - myusernameisthis

I think the animation looks very appealing.

It’s not like you look any better

Shut up skullkid755 and Captain Mowsker it's just a show. stop calling a troll skullkid755 or should I say skull-baby idiot 99 and Captain Mowsker stop saying positive comments on the it's for negative reasons only

Can you please complain somewhere else? They have their own opinions you know.

12 Bad Voice Acting

The horrible voices! If you're someone who does not watch it and just overhear the characters, ESPECIALLY MABEL!, you feel like you either have to kill someone or turn to a cartoon and silence that stupid girl FOREVER!

The voice acting isn't that bad.

Dipper and Wendy have boring voices with little emotion, Soos has the typical "dumb guy" voice, and Mabel's voice is one of the most annoying voices in animation in recent years.

They should have birds voice act instead. Then it would be like the opposite of what it is.

13 It is a Very Disturbing Cartoon

Please... if anything's disturbing it's King Star King...

14 Dipper x Mabel

So disgusting I wanna puke, what the hell is wrong with humanity?
But even so it's the fandom not the show itself.

It's called a fandom. - Qryzx

That's more of a reason to hate the fandom not the show.

Most disgusting thing of the fandom. Like seriously, they are related and brother and sister. In short, they are twins!

15 Has Adult Jokes

It's not the only kids cartoon with adult jokes... SpongeBob is also guilty of this.

16 It's Overrated for All the Wrong Reasons


17 It Has a Boy in It

Sounds like something a fourth wave feminist would say.

Irony, in the earlier reasons you said the show was sexist.
Nice job, hypocrite. - Qryzx

So what? Don't be sexist!


18 It's Creepy

Kind of the point...

Hell yeah, it is due to all the stupid a-- content on it.

19 It's Too Dark

AGAIN kind of the point...

20 It's Ugly

Doesn't look ugly to me.

21 It Doesn't Even Have an Actual Theme Song

But it does…even I it didn't that wouldn't be a reason to hate this show! its fine if you don't like it but you at least need a valid reason.

Again, other shows do the same thing. You're only blaming this show. - Qryzx

Not all Theme songs need to have lyrics.

But that’s incorrect though

22 Stupid Episodes

Please be more specific on how episodes are "stupid".

23 No Real Villain or Real Harm to Its Main Protagonists

Hahaaahaha. Idiots.
Buy gold byeee

Does Bill Cipher ring a bell at all?

24 Bad Art Style

Saying it has a bad art style is objective, like most of the things on this list.

25 It's Annoying

Wow you must be a very bored parent writing this. Just because you don’t like the show doesn’t mean you can go and ruin it. But SERIOUSLY saying “It’s annoying” is the best thing you could think of? #girlbye

26 It's Stereotypical

Not as stereotypical as Phineas and Ferb.

27 It Has No Plot

Huh so you're telling me that the Weirdmageddon finale has no plot... interesting...

28 It Has Horrible Role Models


29 It's Unrealistic

That's the whole point of cartoons... It's fiction... nothing real. Gosh, can you just get one thing right?! - FuffleyandPeetah

Cartoons are MEANT to be unrealistic if they were realistic they would be boring.

I Voted, JUST to Say This: People Watch T.V. to Escape Reality, Have Freedom from The Bad Things in The World, and Yet Your Judging a KIDS SHOW for Not Being Realistic? Half of The Kids Shows are Totally Unrealistic, You Morons!

30 Mabel is Stronger Than Dipper
31 It's Considered "Better" Than Steven Universe

Steven universe is better.

I like SU a little more than girlfriend, but just don't hate on Gravity Falls because of that!

I like SU a little more, but just please don't hate on girlfriend for no valid reasons!

32 It Never Does Crossovers with Cartoon Network Shows

Of course it doesn't... It's on Disney Channel, dumdum! - FuffleyandPeetah

33 It's Boring

How is it boring?

34 It Has Horrible Morals

Gravity Falls isn't a cartoon about morals if you want a show about morals than watch Arthur for Christ's sake!

35 The Character Designs Aren't Interesting

"Gravity falls"? Seriously?

36 Horrible Concept

I've seen worse Cartoon concepts... *COUGHS* Steven Universe...

Gravity Falls is trash

37 90% Unsolved Mysteries
38 Horrible Fanfictions

This has NOTHING to do with the show. - Qryzx

More of a reason to hate the fanbase but eh...

39 Unfunny Humour

The humor's kind of corny but I've heard worse.

One of the main praises for this show is it's humour but it's humour is actually god awful and nothing on this show made me even smile

40 Predictable Plots
41 Wendy is Ugly

Yep. Look at her legs., why does Dip-butt like her like what?

42 It Goes Too Far

Jokes like "I wonder what cute stuff goes in the mine hole" at the golf course make no sense. People living inside? CAN'T THE SHOW EXPLAIN! The joke would be fine if it was a dark daydream.

43 The Jokes Go to Far We Don't Know Anything About Dipper's Parents and Nothing is Really Answered

The joke at the golf course where dipper wonders what goes on in the mine hole is stupid. It would make sense if it was just a daydream but it is real. I wouldn't be upset but they never explain. They bring up tons of mysteries that are never explained. You have to explain in A MYSTERY SHOW!

44 Sonic Isn't in It
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