Top 10 Reasons to Hate Gravity Falls


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1 It's Popular

Wait! You Hate On Gravity Falls Because It's Popular? Well That's A Dumb Excuse.

That is the dumbest excuse I've ever heard, whoever made this list isn't the biggest piece of crap on Earth, one of

Really right now?..._.

2 It's Very Disgusting

Bill is the most annoying and disgusting thing I have ever seen other than SpongeBob.

Gosh, Dipper just picks his noes like every episode. I think why his name is Dipper - bugger

No just no his name is really @&#%€ but he's called dipper because of his birthmark in the shape of the Big Dipper

3 Mabel is Annoying and Selfish

I Have Notice That Seen The Show's First Season

Dipper has done so much for her but she never did anyting in return she EVIL

4 It's Racist


5 Fans Say That the Characters Are Perfect But They Are Not

Characters are not supposed to be perfect - DCfnaf


DCfnaf as if we didn't know that already u retard

Dipper: Is a rip off of JB
Mabel: 2 Girly 4 me!

I know only TWO characters in this show and they are NOT perfect characters - bugger

6 It's Sexist
7 It's Stupid
8 Dumb Plots

The show is about two twins staying at their uncle's house in a town with a weak inter dimensional barrier, causing it to have strange stuff happen their, a dude builds a portal that causes him to leave his world and a friend of his to go insane, the man's brother brings him back, and now bill has gotten into their dimension and they must stop him.

The plot of a Bieber song is about babies.

You are the biggest troll ever and I will never follow you even if you follow me Mr. Biased! - Skullkid755

Gravity falls sucks

9 Stupid Characters

Actually. I have nothing worng with the fans of the show.
But the insane ones have ironic and hypocrite opinions from those who dislike it.
What? Just because you are the "biggest fan" doesn't mean you can bash on others who don't like it.

Also, Dear rabid girlfriend fans...
You need to learn to accept people's opinions. But is you don't agree with them, why you don't you STFU about it?

10 Lame Mysteries

The Newcomers

? Mabel is Stronger Than Dipper


The Contenders

11 Bad Voice Acting

Dipper and Wendy have boring voices with little emotion, Soos has the typical "dumb guy" voice, and Mabel's voice is one of the most annoying voices in animation in recent years.

They should have birds voice act instead. Then it would be like the opposite of what it is. - bugger

12 It Has Awful Animation
13 It is a Very Disturbing Cartoon
14 Has Adult Jokes
15 It's Creepy
16 It's Overrated for All the Wrong Reasons


17 It's Stereotypical
18 It Has No Plot
19 It's Unrealistic

I Voted, JUST to Say This: People Watch T.V. to Escape Reality, Have Freedom from The Bad Things in The World, and Yet Your Judging a KIDS SHOW for Not Being Realistic? Half of The Kids Shows are Totally Unrealistic, You Morons!

20 Dipper x Mabel

Most disgusting thing of the fandom. Like seriously, they are related and brother and sister. In short, they are twins!

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