Top Ten Reasons to Hate Gumball Watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball

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1 He is a selfish narcissistic jerk

But Gumball Watterson is one of my favorite characters from The Amazing World of Gumball. - cosmo

If that was true then Darwin would of been the worst character

Well remember they made fun of gumball for not being able to do karate? Darwin uploaded his fail? Who's a jerk now?

True when he tries to get Alan angry he’s trying to ruin his life as well

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2 He always gets Darwin in trouble

Then Darwin makes his way out of it,so everything is find

"The Flaker"

3 He looks down on Anias

Actually, the opposite is true, he looks up to her. The reason people think this is because he's overprotective of her, and the audience thinks it's because he doesn't respect her enough to leave her the heck alone, but no, it's because he loves her very much and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Also, would someone who looks down upon someone elseTRULY BELIEVE that that person is physically capable of injuring him? I don't think so.

No he doesn't that's Richard that looks down at gumball

4 He is a lazy slob

I think he is th laziness one

No Richards the lazy one

5 He makes a huge fuss over everything

Gumball needs to get his ass kicked for being such a whiner.

It doesn't make the character funny.

No gumball makes it funny,anais doesn't,that's why people call anais fussy

Gumball is a whiny little bastard who always has to gripe and bitch about everything that goes on in life. If I had to put up with this whiny crybaby's moaning and groaning I would punch him right in the mouth and I would tell him SHUT YOUR STINKING TRAP YOU SELF CENTERED LiTTLE BRAT! It's no suprise why the whole town of Elmore wants nothing to do with this little blue turd.. he's a menace not just to Elmore but to the planet in general.

6 He insults people on Elmore plus (Facebook)

What about that episode where he mKes rude comments and blocks people

No he does the best he can to make friends,it's banana that insults people on that,example: banana posted a video that was vines about gumball so weird face

7 He's a Rip-off of Spongebob

No he is not gumball makes funny faces a lot! SpongeBob does it sometimes.

Please! They're not even similar both by appearence and personality!

Spongebob is funnies one not this shows and mixels also funny

8 He shows his butt too much

Rip offs yaki butts

Still funny though - Theawsomeyoutuber275

The slap he sticks it us tobias face he claps his cheeks in microwave and the he twerks in the wicked - Theawsomeyoutuber275

The fraud he flashes mr vrown and shoves his dick and ass in richard face the dress - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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9 He is a spineless coward

True,but he's still funny

So am i

10 He is immature

But its very funny dumbass

That's why he s funny, idiot

If a characters is immature on T.V.,that's what makes the character funny,exept for Sanjay and Craig

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11 He takes advantage of nice people


Ok really,gumball said a good friend

12 He's a Ripoff of Bart Simpson

The entire show is a simpsons ripoff

13 He's a ripoff of uncle grandpa

You guys need to know facts

Wow it's so funny to see how Gumball was made first but he's a ripoff of ug? Also a lot of these reasons are repeated

14 He's the main character of an awful show

The character is awful not the show the show is actually really great it's just this one character - Bubblegumrage456

Shut up this show is cool so is Gumball

True,the show is awesome,but so is gumball

15 He's a terrible brother

And he's a terrible in bed because penny like gets no jizz up on her coooch - Theawsomeyoutuber275

16 He's stupid

He notstupid but henot that smartcuz he hate school and do t try hard - Theawsomeyoutuber275

17 He complain too much
18 He's a Pest

He tends to be a real pest and continues to bother everybody particularly Mr Robinson constantly. When he's to go away Gumball never gets the hint and he continues to annoy and aggravate people.

19 He throws tantrums

That's Why I quit likning the show back in febuary 2013

20 He is almost as dumb as Richard

He sucked idahos potato dicl - Theawsomeyoutuber275

So,he's a funny dumb character,like Richard,and patrick

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