Top 10 Reasons to Hate Happy Tree Friends

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1 Over the Top Gory Violence

I was traumatized as a child when I first viewed this show. My grandmother was making pancakes in the kitchen, and I thought, as any 4-5 year old might (I forgot how old I was at the time) that this show was a cartoon for kids. Little did I know that it had a boat load of gory violence. I was the episode where there was nails stuck in the kids head. It was probably one of the worst episodes, too. After that, I was completely traumatized by the whole experience. It was insane.

The violence is tasteless. There's nothing funny about the show. Sadly I can imagine what the fan base for this show looks like. Enter, Fall Out Boy.

I'm so glad this list was added to the "Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed From TheTopTens" list, why isn't there a list called "Top 10 Reasons Why The List 'Reasons To Hate Happy Tree Friends' Is Bad"?

Inappropriate for children with this show.

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2 Annoying Theme Song

The Over-The-Top Gores and Mindless Violence were bad enough, but the theme song is even worse and annoyingly catchy, even more obnoxious than Let It Go. - TheRegular1227

It's meant to be obnoxious.

Let It Go is more obnoxious

3 It's YouTube Copyright School Video

This episode sucks because it's not bloody and funny like the other ones

Grow a pair oh wait you wont

What's wrong with it

4 Characters Dying and Magically Coming Back to Life

What? It would suck if they used different character in every episode

How does it work?!

5 It's a Ripoff of Conker's Bad Fur Day

You're wrong. Because...
Happy Tree Friends - Release Date: December 24, 1999
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Release Date: March 5, 2001 - Yona_db

Also the zombies look familiar to the halloween htf zombies

No! Conker's bad fur day is a rip off of htf

No, not really. Conker's BFD was released some years ago after the first HTF episode. And even if it wasn't, this one would still be false.
The only thing that CBFD and HTF are same at is the gore and violence, and cute protagonist(s). There is not really anything more that matches :).
If it would be a ripoff of CBFD, it would be filled with swear words, jokes, poo, references, and more 18+ rated stuff.

6 It's Repulsive
7 It's Overrated

Whoever agrees with this list are Dora fans

8 It's Boring

This list is boring

9 The Fanbase

This is actually the only thing that is true on this list.

When you scroll down to the comments all you see are retarded bronies and little kids. Bo.

Fan base for some reason takes the show seriously and thinks it's cute. It's funny, DEFINITELY NOT CUTE!

This is the only thing that I agree with on this list.

*coughcough* Flippy Sues *cough* - Hanjax70

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10 It's Dumb

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? Promotes animal abuse

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11 Flippy x Flaky fans

The only thing I can't stand besides the whole hentai/anime things.

Grow up kid

12 Lumpy is a dumbass who ends up killing all the other animals on the show.

True he is an idiot

13 It's Sick
14 It's Repetitive
15 Fooled you with a cheery title name, with cute characters

Admit it, at first you viewed it as cute, adorable and whimsical. That is until when you decided to see it, you witnessed its terrifying deception. Then, 50/50 chances that you're addicted to it. - TheRegular1227

16 It's Babyish

Did you ACTUALLY WATCH the show? If so, would YOU show it to your baby sister/brother?

17 Peta Hasn't Sued It Yet

I hope PETA doesn't, I love htf, and also I hope peta rots in a hole.

18 The Show Ended Too Early

There are five new episodes being made

19 Flippy Kills Everyone

Yeah I agree

20 Pop Kills Cub

I can not stand that farther,not watching his child and killing him.

21 It's Scary

No it's not! Stop putting stupid reasons just to hate something you barely even know about!

This list is a crap, seriously, if hate them because it's gore is something okay but... scary?

22 It's Hard to Watch
23 It's Unfunny
24 Only Four Seasons
25 Characters are too dumb


26 No Season 5 or 6
27 The Animals get killed by Man-Made Objects
28 The Creators Hate Animals
29 It's Stupid
30 Petunia Commits Suicide on One Episode
31 It Has Tons of Merchandising
32 All the Character Murder Flaky on Happy Trails
33 Nutty is Annoying
34 It Has Annoying Voice Acting
35 The Ants are Jerks to Sniffles
36 It Ripped Off Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons
37 All the Animals Have the Wrong Colors
38 Lumpy is Stupid
39 The Characters Kill Each Other
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