Reasons to Hate Hello Kitty


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1 She is a rip-off of Miffy She is a rip-off of Miffy

Just look at that photo and see for yourself. - 445956

2 She is overrated
3 She is considered "kawaii"

I loved Hello Kitty when I was a kid. I had her notebooks and stickers and everything - TwilightKitsune

4 She is boring

Does she even do ANYTHING? - AlphaQ

5 The creators don't even give credit to the author of Miffy.
6 She is considered cute when she is not.

She looks like her mouth is stitched. - AlphaQ

7 She is the reason "Hello Kitty" by Avril Lavigne exists

Douchebag Lasagna Lavinge doesn't have talent. - AlphaQ

8 She makes fans get bullied
9 She gets too much merchandise
10 She has no potential at all

The Contenders

11 She has no mouth
12 She is not a cat

Cats suck. - AlphaQ

13 She's has no personality
14 She's useless
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