Top Ten Reasons to Hate Homophobes

You should hate these bigoted demons of the earth who should kill themselves.

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1 They use religion as an argument

Religion was the reason why it was illegal. (Yeah I know its still illegal in some countries)
The Church banned it.

I found out that the church was what made it illegal and threw people into prison for centuries.
Christianity is the blame.

I hear some people say that if people are gay then they're "going to hell", and it's stupid. I'm spiritual, but I tolerate Gays/Lesbians as long as they aren't total dicks. - Qryzx

GUYS! The supreme court ruled in favor for gay marriage! Finally, FINALLY! YASS! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I FEEL SO ELATED ABOUT THIS BUT I DO YAS EQUAL RIGHTS FINALLY YASS - ToptenPizza

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2 They are often bullies

Yeah, little pricks who have nothing better to do then attack others, who are also retards. - ToptenPizza

You're doing no better by calling them "demons who should kill themselves". - keycha1n

TopTensFan is a bully, and a homophobe.

Have you ever heard of Christian U2ber? If you know Pewdiepie, you probably have.
He was a 12 year old, and got cyber bullied. People would call him gay, even though they were assumptions. Why, "Oh, because he has d*** sucking lips" that's the worst excuse I ever heard.
They also spammed "homo" in his comments, even though homo also is Homo SAPIENS, aka HUMAN.
I think they're just roasting themselves by calling him a human as an insult, because they're basically implying they're monsters. Pretty damn accurate.

And the "they can't reproduce" thing is getting old. They're saying that gays are overusing the reply "homosexuality isn't a choice", yet they can say they can't reproduce? Hypocritical much. - Qryzx

3 They think it's their business

I'm glad that same sex marriage is finally legal in the US! And this is one of the only items I agree with on the list. It's not like someone you DON'T EVEN KNOW affects you (unless they're Illuminati...$. - Turkeyasylum

This is by far the one that irritates me the most. They present these arguments as if they're legitimate and are completely ignorant of the fact that a gay couple getting married has LITERALLY NO EFFECT ON THEM WHATSOEVER! It's not even your life that you're arguing about, so butt the hell out! #LoveWins - theOpinionatedOne

It's not, ok? It doesn't effect your marriage, it doesn't affect your life at all, you just need to learn to accept others. - ToptenPizza

My sister always tells me "Promise you won't marry a girl. I'll be embarrassed to be your sister." SHE SAYS THAT ALL THE TIME LIKE WHHAAT?!?! It's not her business, she's not the one gonna marry a girl.

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4 They use stupid arguments

The stupidest ones:

"They can't reproduce! "
The world is over populated, we don't need more kids!

"Adam and eve, not adam and steve! "
This is the dumbest statement, oh look two people we don't even know are real are straight!

"Kids do better with a mom and dad"
Well, better two moms then no moms! - ToptenPizza

I myself am a homophobe, but homophobe does not mean "hater of gays." Or "someone who wants gays to burn in hell". It means "someone who is afraid of homophobes".

Science proves it is complexly natural to be gay,buy they still scream it's wrong and I am sick because of a book wrote 2000 years ago that no one know if it is true or not.Also the world is overpopulated.

What a point ToptenPizza rember you were born becouse your parents are are htersexuals

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5 They are website warriors
6 They use gay and fag incorrectly

Gay means happy... - Qryzx

Being called a sexuality isn't an insult it's just plain stupid

Gay doesn't mean something stupid, and fag doesn't mean someone stupid - ToptenPizza


7 They are stubborn to other opinions

They can't accept anyone - ToptenPizza

8 Their hate is directed to average gay people, not famous gay people

Dear Toptensfan,
Do you like Freddy Mercury? Ellen DeGeneres? Tim Crooks? They are all gay. And chances are, you're using an iPhone!
From, people with common sense - ToptenPizza

TopTensPizza since you wanna be a smart mouth I don't even know Freddie Mercury. I know you just wanted attention but back off. - TopTensFan

Gays are plain weird

9 They are either Republicans or religitards

This just totally messed the list up!

I'm a Christian. I'm a republican. And I'm a man who likes other men!

Stop stereotyping all republicans and all religious people as homophobic. Being LGBTQ+ does not automatically make someone a democrat. Being LGBTQ+ does not mean you can't be religious. Being religious does not mean someone hates gay people. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, NOT ALL HOMOPHOBES ARE REPUBLICANS AND NOT ALL REPUBLICANS ARE HOMOPHOBIC! Sit down and learn something some time! The world does not operate in black and white. - theOpinionatedOne

There's a difference? Who knew?

The religitards are worse, they run around online trolling and spamming and picking fights, and in real life, they run around with signs, sticking the bible up everyone's butt and also spend 99% of their life preaching hatred, and the other 1% derping - ToptenPizza

Ok, this IS offensive. I'm religious, and I'm a republican. I have no problem with homosexuals. - Therandom

10 They think being homosexual is a choice when it isn't

Please understand everyone homosexuality is not a choice

I can't help liking girls!

That's like saying we choose who we have a crush on, when we don't. no one can control love.

Lmao homophobes are so annoying and they should go die. I apparently chose to get on and chose to hide my identity.

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11 They complain when they are called homophobes

Homophobia doesn't exist, phobia is a irrational fear. No one is a afraid of homos. Some people just don't agree with homo stuff. If they don't agree then that's on them, not on you. You can't force anyone to agree with homosexuality whether you like it or not.

You can't force every one to agree but everyone should have the same rights

12 They deem gays "inappropriate" for children.

The final scene of "The Legend of Korra" was almost impossible to get on T.V..
If you don't like stuff with gays in it, don't watch!

Luna and Sam from loud house

Clyde's two fathers from The Loud House for example. - Croy987

13 They are everywhere

Everywhere yes. Africa, Asia, Russia, South America etc.

14 They make normal Christians look bad

Yeah, I'm not Christian but it really irritates me when everyone thinks Christians are the problem when their really not

Yes, they give normal Christians a bad name.

IKR?! They make Christians who support gays like me look like a joke.

Take westboro baptist church for example.

15 They drive homosexuals to suicide

Because gays should die - pouria_mt

16 They make up offensive and untrue stereotypes

Wow just wow do you know how many gay stereotypes there are

17 They think that they're so much better than homosexuals.

Sexuality is just your preference over men and women. Love is love, and no one can stop it. We're all equal, no matter what differences we think we have, we're still the same. And nobody has the right to say that they're better because of religion or sexuality.

Homosexuals who don't bash straights and are nice are WAY better than homophones

18 They complain about everything
19 They are biased

Being gay is natural so STFU

The only thing they will say is Gay is not natural because it isn't

20 They never leave you alone
21 They are ignorant and prejudiced.
22 They are on the same team as 1 million moms

1 million moms called my feavorite show trash! They can go die for all I care.

23 They can't get with the times
24 They think it's the same as pedophilia

It will always be illegal to marry a child.

25 They think gay people were raped as a kid
26 They don't get that God never made any rainbows
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