Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Hub

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1 Shezow

So stupid why Hub made the biggest screw-up yet when they invented this piece of garbage. This show is even more hated than Dora the Explorer.

UPDATE: Teletoon is going to air this show in March 2014. Can't this get any worse?! I bet SheZow sucks for Teletoon.

This is the most controversial Canadian show that Teletoon had to make. This is the worst show ever put on the Hub Network. Is DHX Media crazy?! This show is more controversial than Almost Naked Animals.

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2 Same Ol Family Movies That Nobody Cares About Anymore

It's boring and none of them are good, plus they're also too kiddy for me.

3 The Aquabats! Super Show!

Whoa, now those pedophiles in stupid blue outfits are even more creepy than Barney the dinosaur!

4 Family Game Night

This game show totally sucks and it's written "boring" all over it.

5 They Cancelled G.I. Joe Renegades

They should've last this show a little bit longer than just one season.

6 They're Overrated
7 The Only Good Show We Watch Is My Little Pony And Transformers

I'm barony and I get so tired of having to turn to this crap channel to watch a show that is ten timesbetter than all the others.

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8 Getting Rid of Cartoon Action Shows
9 Old Cartoon Shows That Sucks

G.I. joe, Transformers, Batman and Superman, okay. Ninja Turtles, ALF, and other old shows, not okay.

10 Crappy Anime
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