Reasons to Hate Iggy Azalea

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1 Racist Tweets

No wonder videos like "Iggy Azalea sucks" get more dislikes than likes! >:(

2 Fake accent

What ghetto in Australia did she get her ghetto pass?

First time I heard this song, I thought it was some black dude singing it!

3 She looks like Wayan bros. from White Chicks
4 She tries too hard to rap

I hate your snobby rapping
Get a job doing anything other than "music"
Girl, you're so bad that I can't call what you do music
You should either stop attempting to rap or do something that may actually contribute to music - Songsta41

Give it up Iggy, you suck at rapping - YouShallEatPoopy

5 Overrated

She is very, very overrated! I don't like her even a little bit! - funnyuser


6 She won best rapper in the AMA's against Eminem and Drake

Iggy Azalea is nothing but a waste of air compared to Drake and Eminem - YouShallEatPoopy

Did she pay those awards people tons of money? - MLPFan

She sounds like a dying fish - amit1515

What no world?!

7 She's ripping-off Nicki Minaj's style

Honestly in my opinion, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea both suck. So if they are competing for the best female rapper ever, I can name a whole bunch of other MC's that will have them in tears during a rap battle. So they can both just kill that thought!

Not that Nicki is good enough to be ripped off - Songsta41

Both them are sucks

She is a fake copycat this iggy chick

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8 She's fake

Fake accent, fake look, fake attitude...
Everything is so fake in her I wonder if she's a robot

"Furst thangs furst I'm the realisss." Haha. Not with the fake ass, fake hair, fake boobs, fake accent and fake attitude you ain't!

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9 She does not write her own songs

And what,many artists does not write their own songs

10 Auto-tune to sound "black"

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11 She sounds like a dude when she raps

Why is her voice so deep? - YouShallEatPoopy

No she doesn't

I think you're right. really. -WillowChance

12 Her only good song is Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

Work? Bounce? Beg for it? Loads of hers are good to me

Her only bad songs are pretty girls and beat down - RockStarr

Did you know that Katy Perry actually wrote this song?

Makes sense that the only decent Iggy song was one she didn't write. - Songsta41

Yeah. Maybe the song would have been better... IF SHE WASN'T IN IT! - Iamcool

One of my favourite song by her.

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13 She's ugly

How can people find her attractive? She's pasty as f (coming from a white person), longass nose, tiny eyes, fake body, bigass jaw and don't get me started on those moles!

14 She always has to feature someone
15 She killed the booty fad
16 She's homophobic
17 She has to go out with Nick Young
18 Tacky style

Nearly all her clothes look trashy - YouShallEatPoopy

19 She copied Miley and Nicki
20 Even Lady Gaga looks more feminine than her

Even though I hate Iggy Azalea, I must disagree with this one. Just because you are a girl doesn't mean you have to be girly.

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1. She's fake
2. Auto-tune to sound "black"
3. She's ugly
1. Fake accent
2. She tries too hard to rap
3. Overrated
1. She's disgusting
2. She sounds black only in songs
3. She looks like gargamel



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