Top Ten Reasons to Hate Islam

As you all know (and probably are in denial about), Islam is the most barbaric religion there is out today, and unfortunately, has over a billion followers. Sure, many claim that terrorist, such as ISIS, give the cult a bad name as they are an extremely loud minority covered by the media, but what many fail to realize is that the Quarn itself promotes this type of violence, so Islamic apologist are wrong in that regard. So after seeing a couple of pro-Muslim list, I have had the blessing of possessing this knowledge and coming here to educate the ignorant masses on a subject that many people are still ill-informed about.

The Top Ten

1 Promotes killing of non-believers

As a person who lives in an Arabic country this isn't true we have so many Christians and I have never seen anyone being rude to them, expect Afghanistan which is ruled by taliban, what do you know about Muslim countries? - Votebotingsucks

Just a question, why do you guys care so much? That you invest your time in expressing your hatred and towards something you haven't studied? Isn't it quite stupid how you all like to sound like you know what you're saying and take things out of context (which by the way is what terrorists do, the irony) when the entire religion is based on knowledge and the first word in Islam was "read"? Like, scholars of the past dedicated their whole life learning about Islam and sharing knowledge among others even where there was differences of opinion and Obviously I agree the state of Muslims today isn't the same. They forget Islam. What I think is that you should present your comments to an actual Muslim who can answer your question's otherwise you'll just be passing comments all your life. You only have one life. Why can't you all just think for a minute what you're saying and how if this was all part and parcel of Islam, how are you and me still alive?

As any stupid and primitive religion, which content is enterely false, but totally fanatic, islam is worse than cancer and plague.

Yes that's true

2 Terrorist attacks

As a Muslim I don't support terrorists, but if you didn't notice, they actually have their reasons, I must say that 9/11 has killed 5 thousands, but there's over 25 thousands Muslim's who have been killed in Israel back then by the Israeli army, they wanted the revenge from the US for supporting Israel.
And the country that had the most terrorists was Iraq and guess what? It was stable before the US invasion.
Muslim Countries like Jordan and Lebanon have also declared war on Isis before most of Europe. - Votebotingsucks

These people are the modern-day crusaders, killing all who don't believe in their barbaric beliefs. You can't deny that 9/11, all the wars in the Middle-East, and plenty of other terrorist attacks are because of Islam. I mean, they might be in the minority, but if Muslims don't wanna be categorized, then they should stop telling us that Islam is peaceful and actually PROVE that not all Muslims are bad.

Terrosim is not only to be considered when somebody is killed, pushed on rails, crushed by cars or vans, stabbed or explosed by a muslim ( 99,99% of the 35 000 attacks since 2001), but also due to social pressure over women, children, families, and neighbourhood ( veil, burqa, excision, madrassas, prayers, mosque, food, negation of science, threat on knowledge, culture, arts, music, dogs), to a create a sharia zone ( meaning a fanatic backward, criminal, stupid and ignorant and higly violent, intolerant and criminal zone)
Islam is worse than cancer and pleague

Paris, Brussels, New York ( the list is too long ) had to face terrorist attacks that are revendicated by Islamic groups. So, don't tell me that the Islam is a peaceful religion. The Islam is telling everyone that this is not the Islam beliefs and that only a minority uses religion as an excuse for their acts. My question is why does the so called peaceful Islam do nothing against those individuals? Why don't they try to stop those terrorist groups who are using the Islamic religion as their motivation for killing innocent people? Maybe it's because they won't admid that they secretely agree with those Islamic terrorist groups. Maybe there is no such thing as a peaceful Islam and that this is really a bad and dangerous religion ( if you still can call it a religion? ).

3 Muhammad was not as great as Muslims claim him to be

You don't like someone? Congratulations! Believe whatever do you want but do you really need to call him a pedohile or a killer? I mean how would you feel if I have insulted Jesus or Buddha? - Votebotingsucks

He was a looser.

Mohammed (may peace not be upon him) married a nine-year-old and had intercourse with her. Not only that, but he is against homosexuals, blacks, and killed many people, trying to conquer all the people in Arabia until everyone bowed down to Allah. And let's not forget his blatant misogyny.

First: if you really know anything about history you would know that people 1500 ears ago weren't like now, women at the age of 9 were adults many kings in the Roman Empire had a 9 nine years old wives and nobody talk is about it because they aren't Muslims
Second: homosexuals in Islam just shut up and don't talk about not like yours "oh I am gays you should give me rights I want to have sex with my boyfriend" and they aren't proud to have a sin, you won't get killed in Muslim countries until you had gay sex which is so disgusting.
Third: if he was racist as you say, why half of his followers were black? And I must stay most of Muslim are black skinned so why would they follow a racist?
Fourth: of course he has killed some people back then many Arabic tribes tired to kill him first and I am sure if he didn't fight them back you would say "ohh what a coward"
Talking to you is like talking a wall so no need to waste more of my time with you. - Votebotingsucks

Yep I feel like this

4 Discrimination of women

So now letting your sister to go out in public half naked is right? Letting her to have a boyfriend who can have sex with her is good? Wow so this what women's rights have become. - Votebotingsucks

Anyone who says Islam is a feminist religion is blind. Thousands of women die because if this religion every year. - TwilightKitsune

I'm a Muslim, woman and black. Islam doesn't discriminate my gender. I wear the hijab because I want to. I follow Islam because I want to. I've read that families of the tribes in the Middle-East were so ashamed to have daughters, they even buried them alive. The prophet stopped this tradition done by the tribes, and told the families to appreciate the children Allah gave them.

Growing up Muslim boys were more protective and friendly than non-Muslim boys. When a non-Muslim boy said something negative about the way I dressed a Muslim boy was quick to protect me.

I've seen that women here in the West are viewed as objects to satisfy men's desires and lust. They wear revealing clothing in magazines just to satisfy men. People are too quick to judge a woman who dress modestly but embrace women being half naked. What has society became? - studyhafufo

Islam is the most intolerant religion in the whole world. Not only that, it also teaches people that its okay to treat women as an object. The way Muslims treat women is horrible. Hate you Muslims!

5 Child abuse in madrassas

Madrassas mean schools should you really write in Arabic so people can think it's a bad thing? I go to school everyday I didn't see that "child abuse" anywhere. - Votebotingsucks

There is no child abuse in Mosques. My son and Daughter go to mosque. They go happy and come back happy

I go madrassa I don't get child abused I live in England and I like madrassa more than school

6 Everything fun is haram

If drinking alcohol, eating filthy animal like pig, watching porn and smoking weed is "fun" so I don't want your "fun - Votebotingsucks

Let me tell what really haram means cause you don't actually get the word true meaning, I would say not everything fun as you say is actually haram which means it is forbidden let's take an example : do you think taking drugs and drinking alcohol is fun think about what those people can do if they "get wasted" this actaully led to committing suicide and destroyed many families another thing that you think is fun which is having sexual relationships whithout being married that wouldn't make us different from animals if you think about it and those people do actually do have kids you know and what if the couples and not together anymore their kids would suffer anyway my point is do not believe all what is told about islam and everything that you think is haram have a reason and an explanation is quran so dosen't that make sense to you.

Guys islam is hate

Music ain't haram. - njalabi63989

7 Hypocritical

"Islam is a religion of peace, so to prove that, I'll bomb all who say otherwise. Hoping to see those 72 virgins in Heaven."

Same with Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and ESPECIALLY Christians. Christianity is just a distant branch from Islam and the Jewish religion. I hate religion.

Islam has such blatant double standards. The Qur'an is basically hate speech. It draws definitions between believers and non-believers, argues that they should be separated, tells Muslims not to befriend non-believers, and then instructs violence towards non-believers. But if you say something that might be deemed as slightly Islamophobic, they will get incredibly offended.
Muslims are allowed to say what they like about religions other than Islam but non-Muslims get killed if they say anything bad about Islam.
Muslims can kill non-Muslims and no one in the Islamic world seems to react much. If a non-Muslim kills a Muslim, the world explodes in cries of 'hate speech', 'ugly racism', 'Islamophobia', and 'hate crime'. How about 9/11 being called a hate crime? Or 7/7? Or Paris? Brussels? Orlando? Nice?

Sir you should go through roots of Hinduism. It never incourage to kill non-beleivers and non-hindus.. one of the best tolerant relegion, which beleives in their own scientific backed traditions and set of rules, which is way of life, it a dharma not a relegion! it dsnt worship any prophet and single person!

8 Hating dogs

We don't hate dogs we love them, we just don't let them go to the inside so they can't pee or something like that. - Votebotingsucks

Which is worse? hating dogs or hating 1.6 billion people - pouria_mt

Dog actually useful and kind, those 1.6 billion people follow a fascist doctrine of a pedophile warlord. I will hate those people every time - Redpill

We don’t hate dogs. I have a pet dog. - DijaUnicorn

9 Zero tolerance

So true. I grew up Muslim with Muslim parents who were homophobic, sexist and pretty much intolerant of anything that was against Islam. I'm glad that I left this sorry excuse of a faith and became athiest - TwilightKitsune

You disrespect prophet Muhammad in Muslim countries you die

You shouldn't disrespect anyone in this world and if you don't agree you actually should die because you are a threat to humanity - pouria_mt

10 No alcohol

That's a bad thing!? - Votebotingsucks

Those comments about being drunk are stupid. You don't have to drink alcohol till you're drunk. You can drink alcohol in a moderate way without being drunk. The main concern here is that they can't even drink alcohol in moderation. We on the other hand are " free " to drink and also " free " to choose between moderate or being drunk. The Islam can't choose.

If you paid attention in school you would know that another side affect of alcohol is that it destroys your brain and liver slowly just like poison so good luck with that - pouria_mt

Yeah, everyone should drink alcohol and ruin humanity. - Skullkid755

Drinking alcohol is nothing bad. You Muslims don't have any idea about anything and get offended without think about it. You people are really biased and regressive with no brain.

Alcohol makes you drunk and drunk people can walk into a street and get hit by a car and then drop dead. How good is that. - njalabi63989

The Contenders

11 Misunderstanding of it

Why u don't think with yourself how many muslims have been died in hand of justice america yes I don t agree with terrorism 1000% I hate terroriest because they ruin the real musilm life as I... at last you are free to choose who is right and who is wrong

Gay Billy here
Then why don't so called real Muslims get it together any try to assimilate, even just some what, in my country, CANADA.They hate gays wish us all dead!? So just for that I wish all Muslims, should be taken out of Canada even the ones born here, go back to there country, we all know you will at some point kill each other, sa le ve.

12 Discrimination of homosexuals

Muslim gays aren't like yours, they just shut up and don't say anything because they know that's the right thing, not like those in Europe "ohh, I don't like girls, give me some rights, I want to have a boyfriend" they aren't proud of this sin, and you won't get killed until you had gay sex so this is your fault here... - Votebotingsucks

Person who commented on this list, don't use terms offensive to religions. - Skullkid755

This should be number one!

It's not sexuality that matters in life, it's sense that life is about, which Moslems lack. I mean, there have been
successful gay survivalists, singers, actors, athletes and so much more. Have there ever been any successful Moslems (offensive term to Muslims) at anything except for bombing Paris? No.

13 Not eating pigs

It's not healthy read about it. - Votebotingsucks

It's not healthy and science proved that - pouria_mt

Islam never eat pork because you can go to the hell that's bad

14 Stoning as a punishment

We don't do that it's just to fear the criminals you would just get a normal execution or you will go to jail that's it.
And this isn't about Islam it's about th ancient Arabic culture. - Votebotingsucks

Most barbaric people in world. They would stone their own family members in the name of religion.

The Qur'an doesn't teach stoning as a punishment. Actually, the prophets of Allah were the victim of stoning, and the Hell is filled with stones. Yes, there are hadith that teach stoning but not every muslim believes in it. It's just that pathethic scholars keep misleading other people. They are devil-worshipping infidels.

So if someone rapes your mom and cuts her head would you just set him free? what if your wife has sex with 20 guys and get pregnant? what if someone steals your whole money? see? punishment is inevitable so if you do something wrong you have to be punishes - pouria_mt

15 Halal certified food

You don't like food? More for me! - Votebotingsucks

You muslims, eat your children

Muslims eat halal certified food because the animal is slaughterd properly and quick.Most of the animal's blood will be drained, therefore the meat is cleaner.
Next time when you talk about islam think before you do.

There is a reason we only eat halal and that's because of health. anything haram harms your body and science proved it. - pouria_mt

16 Hatred of music

We listen to music more than most of Europe, although it's horrible it stills a music - Votebotingsucks


17 The Quran promotes violence

You didn't read it, good job. - Votebotingsucks

18 Women can't drive according to some scholars

My mom has a car what's the problem?
Also "according to some scholars" didn't the Christian ones said crazy things too? - Votebotingsucks

That's not true :/ almost all women in algeria drives :/

It was just saudi arabia and now even they can drive. educate yourselfe - pouria_mt

19 Hate preachers

It's true, They support HATE on everything in fact Muslims in UK literally Supports Hate Speach, Hate Expression and everything that supports HATE as they oppose Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression as they called it a Western Terrorism even tough that they are the actually Terrorists!
They even want put Freedom to HELL, all I gonna say is: Then go FIRST!

I will never obey Sharia Law EVER!

20 Enslaving children to fight in wars

When did that happen? It's even about Islam Congo and central Africa are Christians and they still have this. - Votebotingsucks

They do this children are not allowe

21 Human rights

If I lived in Islam, I would have to wear that thing on my head and have a beard...>:(

You don't need to do that, heck you have the complete right to wear whatever you want, that "thing" isn't even Islamic we just wear it because we want to. - Votebotingsucks

22 Sharia law

No freedom of religion everything is halal I hope that law gets abolished

Muslim Bastards...More Ham Head was a barbaric invader forcing non Muslims to convert to the weird religio n..s o called Isla m..h aha weird ma n..f ar out dudes.

23 Can't admit to being wrong

The guy who coined the phrase islamophobia later recanted and said that coming up with the term was the greatest mistake he ever made and that he regrets it deeply.

You guys are cornered please step out of your little world and admit the atrocious belief system that you confined to all your life as despicable.

Like non Islamic politicians, or radical Christains, or any teacher after 5th grade. - Skullkid755


24 Bans cartoons like My Little Pony

Lol! Kids in my country watch this everyday even more than most of the west - Votebotingsucks

LOL. Maybe you should focus on the problem that you have with your religions followers killing innocent people all over the world. Cutting an 85 year old, Frail, Fragile, Elderly Mans throat because He was A Priest. Slaying Little Innocent children & butchering them. New born Babies who can't even speak or defend themselves getting there throats cut by the barbaric animals you call Muslims. COWARDS is what they are, the absolute SCUM of this planet to carry out such cowardly acts. But no, rather than focus on your murdering scum followers you'd rather focus on the issue of cute talking Ponies for kids entertainment offending your Allah.

We ban all cartoons with talking animals because we think that human must not twist the existence and creation of Allah with their wild imagination.

It stinks, being a Brony, this is so Insulting.

25 Full of stupid and ridiculous myths

Lol! You people are stupid. Lord of The Rings is just a story. Islam is a religion which believe stupid myths.

Lord of the Rings doesn't claim to be the one true story of humanity which everyone should believe in otherwise they deserve to be killed. LOTR fans do not go around flying planes into buildings because they are angry at non-LOTR-fans. Islam believes itself, even with its crazy myths and obviously false statements, to be absolutely true. Every sane person knows that LOTR is not true. THAT is why we're not 'hating on' Lord of the Rings.

Like lord of the rings, why aren't you hating on that? - Skullkid755

26 Muhammed was a pedophile

People 1500 years ago, weren't like know, let's say that som believe that Noah has lived for about 1000 years! Women back then were adults at the age of 9! Don't believe that? Read about it also so many Roman emperors had young wives why you don't talk about it? - Votebotingsucks

Muhammad elsewhere encouraged his men to marry “young girls” for sexual pleasure: "Allah's Apostle said to me, "Have you got married O Jabir? " I replied, "Yes." He asked "What, a virgin or a matron? " I replied, "Not a virgin but a matron." He said, "Why did you not marry a young girl who would have fondled with you? " (Bukhari 59:382)

27 Death penalty for being an atheist or agnostic in 13-14 countries.

Religion of peace amirite - TwilightKitsune

Muslims are morons


Yeah there are really that many countries where people get killed for the fact that they don’t believe in god, it’s in officially recognized that atheists gets killed for their beliefs in these countries.

28 People getting killed for apostasy even in western countries by other Muslims.
29 They make women cover their heads

Our women are happy doing that, it's non of your business. - Votebotingsucks

30 They think they will take over Christians

This does not mAke sense they are to strong

31 Bans movies in some countries
32 Allah doesn’t love as much as Jesus Christ

With Jesus, you don’t have to earn your way to heaven

33 All the rules you have to follow in order to gain paradise

What's wrong with? Don't you enter the paradise in Christianity and Judaism too? - Votebotingsucks

You can say what you want about us Christians, but at least salvation isn’t earned

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