Top Ten Reasons to Hate Islam

As you all know (and probably are in denial about), Islam is the most barbaric religion there is out today, and unfortunately, has over a billion followers. Sure, many claim that terrorist, such as ISIS, give the cult a bad name as they are an extremely loud minority covered by the media, but what many fail to realize is that the Quarn itself promotes this type of violence, so Islamic apologist are wrong in that regard. So after seeing a couple of pro-Muslim list, I have had the blessing of possessing this knowledge and coming here to educate the ignorant masses on a subject that many people are still ill-informed about.

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1 Promotes killing of non-believers

This list is not racist because being Muslim is not a race. I agree not everyone made a choice to follow Islam (many are born into it of course) but as an adult you have a choice. Religion is a personal choice, not a race. No one can choose the colour of their skin, but people can choose their religion.

So I'm a Shia Muslim from Pakistan and Adam Saleh is the most sickening and evil Muslim in the world. I'm pretty sure that all of you people had heard the news about Adam and his other friend got kicked out of a plane for speaking Arabic. But many eyewitnesses say that Adam and his friend didn't even speak Arabic but instead yelling and putting their fists up high in the air. Did you remember that Adam Saleh said in his YouTube video that they didn't do anything harmful and was just speaking Arabic, but it turns out that Adam's story was completely false and was trying to hide what exactly happened. Plus I remembered that he said that there was a woman sitting a few seats behind him and told him to speak English, but that didn't happen. Adam Saleh and his friend told her to shut up and enjoy the flight after when the woman asked them to quit yelling. Then Adam said that all the passengers were screaming and pointing at them for just speaking a different language. Yes, you guessed it, ...more

It's a shame to call it a religion. Look at the meaning of religion. Religions teach you to respect one and all. Live and let live in harmony inspite of ideological differences. A religion which teaches you to kill some one in the name of religion should be eradicated from this earth. If you want the world to be in peace, eradicate this so called religion. Make everyone safe. Wake up before it's too late!

If this is so horrible, why aren't we complaining about how Christians say you go to Hell forever if you're not a Christian?

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2 Terrorist attacks

These people are the modern-day crusaders, killing all who don't believe in their barbaric beliefs. You can't deny that 9/11, all the wars in the Middle-East, and plenty of other terrorist attacks are because of Islam. I mean, they might be in the minority, but if Muslims don't wanna be categorized, then they should stop telling us that Islam is peaceful and actually PROVE that not all Muslims are bad.

Islam and it's terrorists are responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people plus more. Islam is a cult not a religion, throughout the Koran there are many references promoting violence, "holy war", murder. Right now, the whole world is struck with fear after witnessing the atrocities carried out by ISIS and Jihadists all over the world, especially now in Europe. We are all left wondering is it going be us next? If it wasn't for The Police and Terrorism Investigators foiling ISIS many attempts to carry out acts such as 9/11 on the western, civilized world. There would be millions more dead. They should get every single Koran in the world and chuck them on a great big fire until every single last word of this sick cult is destroyed and no more people can be brainwashed & warped into it's evil to kill & rob many people of there lives.

Paris, Brussels, New York ( the list is too long ) had to face terrorist attacks that are revendicated by Islamic groups. So, don't tell me that the Islam is a peaceful religion. The Islam is telling everyone that this is not the Islam beliefs and that only a minority uses religion as an excuse for their acts. My question is why does the so called peaceful Islam do nothing against those individuals? Why don't they try to stop those terrorist groups who are using the Islamic religion as their motivation for killing innocent people? Maybe it's because they won't admid that they secretely agree with those Islamic terrorist groups. Maybe there is no such thing as a peaceful Islam and that this is really a bad and dangerous religion ( if you still can call it a religion? ).

This is very right. You can't feel safe in countries enhabited by muslims

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3 Followers are easily offended

I'm pretty sure calling someone's religion a deadly cult, telling them that every copy of their holy book should be burned, and calling followers of that religion barbaric, evil, scum of the earth, would offend any person. You can't call a person's beliefs evil and then get mad at them because they get offended by your remark that was worded so it would specifically offend them. What do you want us to do? Just stand there and say nothing while people are saying that you're a terrorist who beats women and burns gays just because you pray 5 times a day, don't eat pork, and read a book that's in a different language?

The negative votes when you say something bad but true on this list proves how offended they are. So, followers of Islam, vote us down, we don't care about your allah.

Anyone will be offended if you're going to make such rude remarks. Although I'm not a Muslim, but I think that Muslims are not bad. Peace out, haters.

They never learnt or truly understand the meaning of love, care, kindness.

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4 Muhammad was not as great as Muslims claim him to be

You make me laugh! Muhammad did not hate gays, he didn't like what they did, but prayed for them. When a Jewish man throw garbage to his house, he did nothing, when the Jewish was one day sick, he came to him with a gift. Muhammad also married a black woman, and made a black man be hos greatest alleys. Even in the war Muhammad said never kill a woman, a child, or an elder, and only fight who fight you.

Mohammed (may peace not be upon him) married a nine-year-old and had intercourse with her. Not only that, but he is against homosexuals, blacks, and killed many people, trying to conquer all the people in Arabia until everyone bowed down to Allah. And let's not forget his blatant misogyny.

Muhammad was a Pedophile, A false prophet & a Tyrant. May be upon him.

I hate islam

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5 Discrimination of women

Islam is the most intolerant religion in the whole world. Not only that, it also teaches people that its okay to treat women as an object. The way Muslims treat women is horrible. Hate you Muslims!

I despise Feminism and all the atrocities it has committed in recent times, but even I have to admit that as a proclaimed Men's Right's Activist, the Quaran speaks out against women. They are treated as objects and are oppressed in Islamic countries. Remember that the terrorist follow their holy book word by word, so you'd think that their hatred towards females might indicate what other disgusting verses might lie in their text.

Women are just fine and Muslims treat them like pets. STUPID Muslim BASTARDS

MUSLIM WOMEN follow islam not YOU. they accept it and they love it so who are you to judge? that's none of your business GOD - pouria_mt

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6 Followers are bigoted

Notice that I said MOST, not ALL. But still, you can't deny that there are quite a handful of devout Muslims out there advocating for the killing of non-believers. They are crazy! Seriously, studies have been shown that Muslims actually SUPPORT these terrorist attacks.

A woman converting to Islam is like a Chicken converting to KFC.

'A woman converting to Islam is like a Chicken converting to KFC.' Well said.

The followers are not bigoted. Some months ago I went to my local mosque and asked the Muslims there both women and men their opinions on terrorist groups killing under the name of Islam. All of them came with comments like ''IS are animals killing innocent people everywhere, you can't call them Muslims'', ''Islam doesn't promote killing of innocent people, and they're bombing places screaming Allahu Akbar, I'm pretty sure they don't even know the meaning of the word'', ''Wallahi, all these 60 years of my life I've never seen such barbaric acts done by a group saying they're Muslims'' and ''They endanger the livs to peaceful Muslims like us''.

None of the people I asked in the mosque supported IS. I also asked both the women and the men their opinions about women's rights and the women's clothing.

The men said:
''I respect women. Allah (SWT) created all humans equal. To Allah every human is worth the same to Him. If I see a women abused or bothered.. I have a duty to ...more - studyhafufo

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7 Muslims are not educated

Some are very well educated ( if you can build nuclear weapons it means that you're educated and having a high IQ. ). The problem is not the education. It's the religion itself which is the fundament of every muslim that is the problem. Every materialism aspect is less important than every spiritual aspect of the koran. Western values are very materialistic and therefor opposed to Islamic values. That's also why you see terrorists bomb themselves up who are very educated. Not every terrorist is a weak uneducated individual that is brainwashed by a more stable person(s). If the fundament of your life is spititual and not materialist it really doesn't matter if you're educated or not because it means that ideology comes before education.

Many non-Muslims people have seen through Islam's disguise and saw its nakedness along with all its secrets the Muslims still have look past this so called "religion of peace," failing to look at how their peaceful beliefs are masqueraded, and ones that did reformed the religion and left. Most Muslims are pretty dumb, more so than most other people.

Of course Albert Einstein got his college degree. And Bill Gates also got his college degree. What's the point when saying these lies when some of the greatest people in the world haven't got full education.

Semms like you are not - pouria_mt

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8 Everything fun is haram

Let me tell what really haram means cause you don't actually get the word true meaning, I would say not everything fun as you say is actually haram which means it is forbidden let's take an example : do you think taking drugs and drinking alcohol is fun think about what those people can do if they "get wasted" this actaully led to committing suicide and destroyed many families another thing that you think is fun which is having sexual relationships whithout being married that wouldn't make us different from animals if you think about it and those people do actually do have kids you know and what if the couples and not together anymore their kids would suffer anyway my point is do not believe all what is told about islam and everything that you think is haram have a reason and an explanation is quran so dosen't that make sense to you.

Guys islam is hate

Music ain't haram. - njalabi63989

Many Muslims pretend to be pious n put on an appearance of being holy when in public. In their private moments many watch pornography n fantasise about sex, in fact I have heard the wonen/girls are surprisingly horny n wouldn't turn away from experimenting with as many men as possible...! Even the men would check out the bodies of non-Muslim women in public. Talk about being 'haram' they are actually pathetic HYPOCRITES controlled by their 7th century religion

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9 Hypocritical

"Islam is a religion of peace, so to prove that, I'll bomb all who say otherwise. Hoping to see those 72 virgins in Heaven."

Same with Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and ESPECIALLY Christians. Christianity is just a distant branch from Islam and the Jewish religion. I hate religion.

Islam has such blatant double standards. The Qur'an is basically hate speech. It draws definitions between believers and non-believers, argues that they should be separated, tells Muslims not to befriend non-believers, and then instructs violence towards non-believers. But if you say something that might be deemed as slightly Islamophobic, they will get incredibly offended.
Muslims are allowed to say what they like about religions other than Islam but non-Muslims get killed if they say anything bad about Islam.
Muslims can kill non-Muslims and no one in the Islamic world seems to react much. If a non-Muslim kills a Muslim, the world explodes in cries of 'hate speech', 'ugly racism', 'Islamophobia', and 'hate crime'. How about 9/11 being called a hate crime? Or 7/7? Or Paris? Brussels? Orlando? Nice?

Sir you should go through roots of Hinduism. It never incourage to kill non-beleivers and non-hindus.. one of the best tolerant relegion, which beleives in their own scientific backed traditions and set of rules, which is way of life, it a dharma not a relegion! it dsnt worship any prophet and single person!

10 Child abuse in madrassas

I go madrassa I don't get child abused I live in England and I like madrassa more than school

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11 Stoning as a punishment

Most barbaric people in world. They would stone their own family members in the name of religion.

The Qur'an doesn't teach stoning as a punishment. Actually, the prophets of Allah were the victim of stoning, and the Hell is filled with stones. Yes, there are hadith that teach stoning but not every muslim believes in it. It's just that pathethic scholars keep misleading other people. They are devil-worshipping infidels.

So if someone rapes your mom and cuts her head would you just set him free? what if your wife has sex with 20 guys and get pregnant? what if someone steals your whole money? see? punishment is inevitable so if you do something wrong you have to be punishes - pouria_mt

12 Zero tolerance

You disrespect prophet Muhammad in Muslim countries you die

You shouldn't disrespect anyone in this world and if you don't agree you actually should die because you are a threat to humanity - pouria_mt

13 No alcohol

Those comments about being drunk are stupid. You don't have to drink alcohol till you're drunk. You can drink alcohol in a moderate way without being drunk. The main concern here is that they can't even drink alcohol in moderation. We on the other hand are " free " to drink and also " free " to choose between moderate or being drunk. The Islam can't choose.

If you paid attention in school you would know that another side affect of alcohol is that it destroys your brain and liver slowly just like poison so good luck with that - pouria_mt

Yeah, everyone should drink alcohol and ruin humanity. - Skullkid755

Drinking alcohol is nothing bad. You Muslims don't have any idea about anything and get offended without think about it. You people are really biased and regressive with no brain.

Alcohol makes you drunk and drunk people can walk into a street and get hit by a car and then drop dead. How good is that. - njalabi63989

This is actually the only good reason...

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14 Misunderstanding of it

Why u don't think with yourself how many muslims have been died in hand of justice america yes I don t agree with terrorism 1000% I hate terroriest because they ruin the real musilm life as I... at last you are free to choose who is right and who is wrong

Gay Billy here
Then why don't so called real Muslims get it together any try to assimilate, even just some what, in my country, CANADA.They hate gays wish us all dead!? So just for that I wish all Muslims, should be taken out of Canada even the ones born here, go back to there country, we all know you will at some point kill each other, sa le ve.

15 Discrimination of homosexuals

Person who commented on this list, don't use terms offensive to religions. - Skullkid755

This should be number one!

It's not sexuality that matters in life, it's sense that life is about, which Moslems lack. I mean, there have been
successful gay survivalists, singers, actors, athletes and so much more. Have there ever been any successful Moslems (offensive term to Muslims) at anything except for bombing Paris? No.

16 Halal certified food

You muslims, eat your children

Muslims eat halal certified food because the animal is slaughterd properly and quick.Most of the animal's blood will be drained, therefore the meat is cleaner.
Next time when you talk about islam think before you do.

There is a reason we only eat halal and that's because of health. anything haram harms your body and science proved it. - pouria_mt

17 Hating dogs

Which is worse? hating dogs or hating 1.6 billion people - pouria_mt

Dog actually useful and kind, those 1.6 billion people follow a fascist doctrine of a pedophile warlord. I will hate those people every time - Redpill

18 Hatred of music
19 Not eating pigs

Islam never eat pork because you can go to the hell that's bad

It's not healthy and science proved that - pouria_mt

20 Women can't drive according to some scholars

That's not true :/ almost all women in algeria drives :/

It was just saudi arabia and now even they can drive. educate yourselfe - pouria_mt

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