Top Ten Reasons to Hate Islam

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21 Can't admit to being wrong

You guys are cornered please step out of your little world and admit the atrocious belief system that you confined to all your life as despicable.

Like non Islamic politicians, or radical Christains, or any teacher after 5th grade. - Skullkid755

22 Discrimination of homosexuals

Person who commented on this list, don't use terms offensive to religions. - Skullkid755

This should be number one!

It's not sexuality that matters in life, it's sense that life is about, which Moslems lack. I mean, there have been
successful gay survivalists, singers, actors, athletes and so much more. Have there ever been any successful Moslems (offensive term to Muslims) at anything except for bombing Paris? No.

23 Full of stupid and ridiculous myths

Lol! You people are stupid. Lord of The Rings is just a story. Islam is a religion which believe stupid myths.

Like lord of the rings, why aren't you hating on that? - Skullkid755

Lord of the Rings doesn't claim to be the one true story of humanity which everyone should believe in otherwise they deserve to be killed. LOTR fans do not go around flying planes into buildings because they are angry at non-LOTR-fans. Islam believes itself, even with its crazy myths and obviously false statements, to be absolutely true. Every sane person knows that LOTR is not true. THAT is why we're not 'hating on' Lord of the Rings.

24 Sharia law

No freedom of religion everything is halal I hope that law gets abolished

Muslim Bastards...More Ham Head was a barbaric invader forcing non Muslims to convert to the weird religio n..s o called Isla m..h aha weird ma n..f ar out dudes.

25 Hate preachers
26 The Quran promotes violence
27 Osama Bin Laden Osama Bin Laden Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was the founder of al-Qaeda, the organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets worldwide.

hitler - pouria_mt

28 Bans cartoons like My Little Pony

LOL. Maybe you should focus on the problem that you have with your religions followers killing innocent people all over the world. Cutting an 85 year old, Frail, Fragile, Elderly Mans throat because He was A Priest. Slaying Little Innocent children & butchering them. New born Babies who can't even speak or defend themselves getting there throats cut by the barbaric animals you call Muslims. COWARDS is what they are, the absolute SCUM of this planet to carry out such cowardly acts. But no, rather than focus on your murdering scum followers you'd rather focus on the issue of cute talking Ponies for kids entertainment offending your Allah.

We ban all cartoons with talking animals because we think that human must not twist the existence and creation of Allah with their wild imagination.

It stinks, being a Brony, this is so Insulting.

So that involves banning anything that includes:
Human superpowers
Talking animals
Sentient animals who can think like humans
Mythological creatures who everyone knows are fake but make fun stories
Picture books for kids involving animals
Peppa Pig (what blasphemy)
It does seem over the top that a religion spends more time pointlessly and meaninglessly banning innocent things than giving serious attention to or dealing with the fact that so many of its most devout followers have a bad habit of massacring people.

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29 Human rights
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