Top Ten Reasons to Hate Jacob Sartorius

This is a list of reasons to hate Jacob Sartorius. Yes, he went to my school, and on my profile, I have a link proving it.

The Top Ten

1 He posts nude pictures

The only reason he is famous is because of stupid 10 year old girls who have no idea what talent is, thinking that they can get banged by a midget version of Justin beiber.

That's cool

Did you include the part where he said, "i hate hugging fat smelly fans"? that's what I heard about the kid.

He asked a fan for a nude picture google it

2 He made "Sweatshirt"

The song is insulting.

That song sucks

3 At school, he said "I'm better than Rod Stewart"

Don't make fun of Sir Rod Stewart, you auto tune peasant! - doodie


4 He hated kids who were just walking around
5 When I encountered him in public, he asked "is your science teacher still being a bitch?"

I'm not going to say my science teacher's name, but he asked that, and I don't like it because that's not a way to greet someone. And plus, she was nice. - doodie

He really said that to you?

6 He mocks his fans at school

Like Kim Kardashian - doodie

7 He lied about moving to another school, when really he dropped out
8 He uses auto-tune

This sadly isn’t exclusive to him

He sounds like a prepubescent robot

What he actually sounds like: "YoOoOoUuUu caAaAn EeEeveEn weEaAar my SWEaAatshirt! " As if I'd WANT to wear something that belonged to him.

9 His annoying fanbase

His fanbase consists of 8-13 year old brat girls. - Catacorn

10 His voice is a ripoff of Shawn Mendes

You are mean and that is not true

The Contenders

11 He makes bad jokes

9/11 jokes, vine jokes, what are those jokes, etc. - doodie

12 He can't sing

He obviously can't sing. He rely on autotune, only to sound like a robot. He need to retire from the music scene. He better stick to musically even if his musically videos are cringy.

Although this is a very good argument, basically all young stupid male singers who are only liked for their looks can't sing. examples: shawn mendes, BTS

13 He looks like a elf

Elfs are scary

14 He is fake


15 Teen girls always defend him
16 He asked one of his fans for nudes

He is only 13 years old.

17 His fame is questionable

I don't get how he get popular by making super cringy musicallys. He can't sing. He don't even have any special talent. His songs sounds like total crap. He use heavy autotune which made him sound like a robot. His songs are intolerable.

18 He is rude
19 He thinks all of his songs are "lit"
20 He sucks

No he doesn't y'all are just jealous

21 He thinks he's famous
22 Mean to fans

Not mean he is sweet

23 His songs are all disgusting

They suck

24 One day he will be more hated than Taylor Swift

But at least Taylor Swift is beautiful has talent won Grammy became famous for a smart reason and can sing dance and write songs.

25 He's too inappropriate for his age

He hasn't even hit PUBERTY and he sings about sex

26 He only likes girls on they way they look

He once said "I like girls, I like boobs and big butts." There fore he only likes girls on they way they look.

27 He's too weird

He is so weird and it makes me wanna like him and that's rlly sad. very disappointed in him. he needs to go away and stop.

28 He's arrogant

In his song Sweatshirt, he's talking about how the girl will dream of him. HOW SELF INDULGENT CAN YOU GET!

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