Autistic Jewish south park music kid rants: Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius

Oh hello there guys! This is Kody here and welcome to another music rant made by me. This time I am going to rant on one of the worst songs of all time and the worst song in 2016 ever, Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius. Now let me tell you something. Jacob Sartorius has to be one of the most annoying piece of garbage music artists I ever listened to and I don't even consider him to be "music". He has no talent whatsoever and he cannot even sing with auto tune. He sounds like screaming goat being slapped with a wet soggy fish or a cat being strangled and every time I listen to his "music" I feel like screaming and ripping my hair out and raging like crazy, because of how earbleeding htmhow abomination of a "song" is. Anyways this time, I am not going to rant on a music artist, so be warned this is not going to be like my other posts, because this this time, I am going to rant on one of the worst songs of all time and that is sweatshirt.

First of all, basically it's a pop song about Jacob Sartorius trying to sing a song about his love relationship, but despite Jacob Sartorius trying to sound calm. Peaceful, untroubled and serene, he so fails in every way as possible. The whole lyrics are absolutely abysmal and cringe worthy. I mean Literally, what does a sweatshirt have to do with love? I mean come on Jacob Satorious. You could do better than that, that's for sure. Also its so the opposite of relatable. It's like Jacob himself, is that loser and one person from the party, nobody even cares about and he can't even get his own feelings across. So yeah, he tried too hard to sound serene and all cool and untroubled but failed in so many ways as possible and ended up being a complete total cringe joke. What a buzz kill!

Second of all, I would like to mention the beat. Apart from the acoustic guitar he has, played in a boring, dull and shallow tone, there is absolutely no beat to redeem how garbage this song is. It's nearly all boring, dull and abysmal to listen to. I mean its like the only beat in the song is the acoustic guitar and that's all. Come on, Jacob Satorious. You would honestly do better than that!

Also, his voice doesn't help the song either. His voice is another one of those reasons why I loathe this song with a burning passion. It doesn't even match the melody well and it rips off shawn Mendes voice. I am not a fan of Shawn Mendes and I don't really like the song Stitches that much, but hey hey! At least it is original, influential and Shawn Mendes did so much better, compared to this abomination of a "song", also known as "sweatshirt".

My overall rating: 1/10 It could've been a lot worse to be honest, but still this song is absolutely atrocious as heck! The lyrics were cringe worthy and raunchy for his age, I mean repeating "You could have my sweatshirt!"? "cringe". Seriously?, there is absolutely no beat at all, except for the acoustic guitar he has, but its played in such as boring and abyssal tone and what's even worse, is the fact that the acoustic guitar is the only beat in the song and the singing??? Wrong! Simply just wrong! It's not even a song! It's torture! I mean torture! His voice cannot match the melody well and it rips off Shawn Mendes's song "stitches" and auto tune just makes it worse. So how did this get so popular in the first place? Lip-syncing??? Ugh! Ugh just ugh! If you think 2010, Justin Bieber is the worst music artist ever and you are so blinded by nostalgia and is too busy listening to baby and bashing it as much as you want, you might want want to check out Jacob Satorious. Trust me, Sweatshirt is just as bad, if not even worse and you would honestly, lose your faith in music, if you think about listening to this song. So lets give it a 1/10 and move on.


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I hold the same opinion on this song that I do with "It's Everyday Bro" by Jake Paul. Each song is so awful and the lyrics are so cringeworthy that I can't help but enjoy them in an ironic way. They're both unintentional hilarious. - phillysports

I agree. They are so hilariously god awful and cringeworthy and try too hard to be cutie serene boys, but they fail in every single way as possible. Also it's so awful, I can't help laughing in an unintentional way - visitor

Jacob Sartorious can’t even play guitar for s***. He is a user, what talent can you expect from him? None. Just because he lip syncs to songs does not mean he can actually sing. - visitor

This guys is nothing, but Justin Bieber 2.0, but much worse than I ever imagined. - htoutlaws2012

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Honestly TheTopTens is the ONLY place I have ever heard about this Jacob Sartorius guy. - Nonpointed