Top 10 Reasons to Hate Jailyne Ojeda

For those who don't know, Jailyne Ojeda is a popular Instagram model who got famous because of her plastic derrière. This person just drives me absolutely insane. Here's my 10 reasons why she does.

The Top Ten

1 Her Fake Butt

Come on people! It's fake! There's even proof of it. Just look up a photo of her before and after surgery. Find a real butt for once! - Aragorn98

2 She's Ugly

I don't get why people find her attractive. She's just ugly. I've seen other women hotter than her. - Aragorn98

3 She's Barely Legal

I get she's legal and all but people her age are still not legal for other things like alcohol or renting a car. It's best to date someone your own age if you know what I mean. - Aragorn98

4 She's a Slut

Keeps shaking her fake plastic a** towards the camera. enough said. - Aragorn98

5 She Prefers Older Men Over Men Her Age

I know 18-19 is legal, but seriously date someone your own age. You're not fully experienced yet. - Aragorn98

6 She Claims to Be Mature Even Though She Got Plastic Surgery on Her Butt

Getting plastic surgery at a very young age? That is so "mature". - Aragorn98

7 She's the Perfect Example of Sexualized Instagram Teens

She is really is. And unfortunately, she's not the only sexy teen on IG... - Aragorn98

8 She's Overrated

For all you men out there, find a real woman. An actual intelligent woman who's experienced and not plastic. - Aragorn98

9 She's Unfunny

There's even comedy videos involving her with actors doing "funny" things. I've seen live Carrot Top stand-ups that are more entertaining than her videos! - Aragorn98

10 She's an Insult to Mexicans

Poor Mexico. Now they're left with the stereotype that they like barely legal teens with fake butts. - Aragorn98

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