Top Ten Reasons to Hate Jay Z


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1 He married Beyonce

Come on, its not like he married a Kardashian - 445956

So...? - AlphaQ

2 He made Rihanna famous

So what? - 445956

3 He's overrated

Yeah, because The Lion King and Spirited Away are overrated, so they deserve hate! - 445956

4 He thinks too highly of himself

You people must like Axl Rose - 445956

His removal of songs from Spotify is proof. - SelfDestruct

5 He named his daughter Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is a beautiful name. - 445956

6 He's a sellout
7 He's ugly
8 He fell off
9 His rapping sucks

It's not true

10 His voice is annoying

The Contenders

11 He likes Kanye

Kanye is good - 445956

12 He uses tidal
13 He named his record label after the Rockefeller family
14 He removed all his songs from Spotify

Yup, we got another Taylor Swift when it comes to how music should be seen as; art that should be paid for. As if it makes any sense! Looking at a piece of art is like Streaming a song in a free streaming service, but paying for the art is like paying for the song. So yeah, it was done out of greed and wanting to piss off his fans as much as possible. - SelfDestruct

Don't worry guys, you can still get it on cassette! - ProPanda

You got Soundcloud, YouTube, MP3Juices... - AlphaQ

15 He is a hypocrite
16 He uses ghostwriters
17 He's getting too old for music
18 He's responsible for Kanye West's success
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1. He made Rihanna famous
2. He married Beyonce
3. He thinks too highly of himself
1. He's ugly
2. He married Beyonce
3. He named his daughter Blue Ivy



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