Top Ten Reasons to Hate Jewel Sparkles from Lalaloopsy

Ever heard Jewel sparkles? Do you hate her? Me too! And find out in this list as the most common reasons why we hate her

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1 She's bossy

Jewel Sparkles is peppa pig in a nutshell and she is a mary sue.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

2 She always thinks that she's perfect

I've seen this show before. And I have to say, Jewel is the worst character by far! - nintendofan126

3 She has nothing good to do than to bully poor Spot

True,Spot isn't the best,but she and Specs are the only character that I gave respect at this show.Poor Spot! She reminds me about me,i used to get bullied too - MLPFan

4 She's a control freak

She manipulate others to do what she wants! What's next? Maybe when a male lalaloopsy character is released to the show,maybe she'll manipulate someone(probably Spot)into a relationship - MLPFan

5 She ruined Spec's birthday theme

Jewel,Spec is a bookworm,not a snobby rich girl like you! - MLPFan

6 She humiliates her victims at parties
7 She is mean to her little sister

My brother always disturbs me when I'm playing my keyboard,but at least I don't treat my brother as my servant,in fact,we like to play together - MLPFan

8 She forces Crumb to make her treats at parties

Does Jewels Want 9 Million Cookies? She Is So Greedy

9 She's a bit of a stereotypical popular girl

Making her hair pink doesn't really change anything.She's not really a stereotypical popular girl because a stereotypical popular girl should have blond hair.But,Most of them by stereotype are rich,snobby,and mean - MLPFan

10 She bosses Trinket around

The Contenders

11 She is a villain

She is bossy and thinks she is perfect and I the she is a spoiled brat and so annoying

12 She is greedy

She wants everything her way. What?! She wants to be the boss or queen of the world?!
She is the worst character of Lalaloopsy.!

13 She bitches all the time
14 She is rude
15 She is stupid

She is very mean and she's in idiot and she is bully and a total freak, STUPID JEWEL 😡

16 She doesn’t deserve friends

She has friends but she is so annoying she does not I repeat NOT deserve her friends die jewel!

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1. She's bossy
2. She always thinks that she's perfect
3. She has nothing good to do than to bully poor Spot
1. She's bossy
2. She always thinks that she's perfect
3. She has nothing good to do than to bully poor Spot


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