Reasons to Hate John Cena


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41 Made Wrestling More Like a Kids Show
42 Claims That He Never Gave Up

Give up stupid

43 He Was In the Game WWE Immortals
44 He Never Loses Clean
45 His Fans Are Mostly Annoying Kids

Like that annoying kid in school who always sings that dumb theme song.

Yeah, I agree his fans are the most annoying

46 His Lame Jokes

His jokes are so childish and gay

47 He Pooped His Pants While Wrestling

Ewww.. John Cena is disgusting.

Why do people like this guy



48 He thinks he is Superman
49 He Likes Anime

I wonder what kinda anime he likes

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50 He Won Over 1000 Matches

You have got to be kidding

51 He is 15 Time World Champion

Make it 16 now. I am officially done with WWE by overpushing this idiot.

52 He is Scary

You mean he is ugly

He is only scary if you found him in a cored-or with the intentions to kill people

53 He is the Golden Boy of WWE
54 He Cheats
55 He is Only 6 Foot 1

What a shorty!

Justin Bieber is 5'7

56 He Sucks

Cena sucks Cena sucks Cena sucks

No, Cena swallows.

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3. He's Overrated
1. People Consider Him the Greatest of All Time
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3. He Has Been Given Titles Left and Right



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