Top 10 Reasons to Hate Joy Sparkle BS

A new recent youtuber on the rise with the username of Joy Sparkle BS, known for her repetitive Onision videos and DaddyoFive videos. I used to like her a few months ago but now she's just so boring and annoying in my opinion

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1 She made 100+ Videos on Onision

Shes no better than Daddyofive

She monetizes child abuse after proclaiming she would never gain profit from the suffering of children. She lectured and lectured about how wrong it was until her patreon money dried up. The mother of the underage children in question has asked joy to stop obsessing over her and her recovering children, since Joy has been obsessing over them since May 2016. It is now September 2018 and she continues to impede on the children's psychological recovery.

She's an obsessive pig and stalker. If you don't like Onision's content, don't watch it! Simple! I'm not defending Onision in any way but she needs to stop. - xashex

I rarely watch this channel and yeah I agree with this item - RoseCandyMusic

2 The "BS" foreshadows/hints all the lies she made

She's a compulsive liar an claims she gets sick everyday from her fibromyalgia but how does she have that kind of energy to make 10+ videos in a day? She said she suffers from anxiety and depression but how can she make videos for thousands of people and be completely fine? - xashex

3 She's immature

She's not any better than Onision. They're both immature idiots in their 30's. - xashex

4 She said that "Brown people are poop babies and a product of anal sex" and then makes more videos about it, laughing about it

So she's racist too? What a horrible person - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 She's a huge SJW

Nahh, she's actually very anti-SJW but she's still a snowflake

6 She's hypocritical

*Onision makes a video on whatever*
*Joy does the same thing but it's acceptable to her fans* - xashex

7 She calls people out for not agreeing with her and then gets mad and calls people idiots

She can't handle criticism at all. - xashex

8 She makes rape jokes but claimed she got raped in the past


9 She makes 24 minute videos of her crying about her "health issue"

Yes, we get it you're "sick" maybe if you just take a break from youtube, drink some water, go outside for walks, and eat a healthy diet, maybe you'll feel a little better. - xashex

Stay away from people who fake illnesses, whether they're on YouTube or real life. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 She's a special snowflake

Joy Sparkle BS sounds like this girl at my school who has "depression" in order to gain friends and sympathy, but 1 second later she will be laughing and smiling with her friends. Mention the words "sad" or "depressed" and she'll act like it. She also ditches her sympathy-gained friends for other stuff, but when they're about to drop her she comes back with her depression act and they come back to her again. The funny thing was I used to think she was a nice person before I learned of the fake depression/whining side of her after a friend of mine told me. I think everyone around her secretly hates her (like the friend who told me) except her closest friends who cannot see through her lies. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

She plays the sick card too much to say whatever she wants. - xashex

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11 Her incessant ranting

In almost every video, she goes on these long rants whether it’s about Onision, or DaddyOFive, or whatever. She goes on and on and on about it, yelling and cussing and getting really angry. And she posts multiple videos a day of her doing this.

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