A Sarcastic Overview on Justin Bieber

We are living in a world full of innovations. It has been told in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. We have been taught that humans and apes had a common ancestor, and that we, as a species of Homo Sapiens, have invented things, and have progressively developed through the ages since we were still Homo Habilis. One of those greatest innovations was the creation of music.

Music has progressed over the ages. It has come since the time of the Egyptians, and then classical music came to existence. It has been gone more melodically over the ages, and our musicians had been more skillful in what they are doing. Then came rock and metal music, which tried to beat the hell out of the whole world, but if we're talking about the history of music and it's innovation, there surely is something missing: the use of computer technology.

Who is the living proof of this great invention? We all know that it's Justin Bieber. He has used this music-enhancing software to alter his voice and make it greater than ever before. Not to mention that he has gained success all over the world. He has proved that technological advances can help in this progressing world and that music could be done without much effort. You don't have to get stressed. So you now know that this genius mind is one of the greatest people in the field of music. He does deserve credit for that.

Now, he has ruled the world in a great way, by starting with this great trend on music which shows us that a sequence of frequencies and sound waves can easily be corrected with the use of computers. Yes, robots! Why not? Because we all know that robots are cool! Who won't like such great things? No effort! And now, everyone is starting to make music because they have found a way to entertain themselves! Who would not want to do that and even be proud of it?

What else? He wanted to earn money, and he was smart enough to find a way. Why didn't we think of that? We would have been rich! And we'll get a lot of stuff that we want! Justin Bieber has been successful, not only by money, but also with his fame! He has been famous for popularizing and starting a great change not only in music, but also in our lives! He had been successful in a good way, and has been a great role model to his fans.

And, we all know that he gets a lot of girls, and he is worth being envious about. Who would not like getting girls? And who wouldn't wanna have the most followers on Twitter? It's great to be popular, and Justin Bieber has made a sensible reason to be popular. He has utilized the full potential of creating music with the use of computer technology, and has made it very radio-friendly, popular, catchy, and easy to listen. He is a great proof of the advancement of music, and he had a great achievement as a singer. Overall, he has earned a good reputation and yes, he's one of the greatest scientific minds of all time for creating an appealing sequence of frequencies of sound waves, also known as modern music. He's also a great role model.

So now, as a matter of fact, I have a plan to buy Justin Bieber albums and listen to them. I could even go to his concert soon, because I want to meet the greatest rock star on the planet. No, it ain't Kanye West, it's Justin Bieber! Because of all these achievements he has made, I'd just say one thing, "Justin Bieber for president in 2020!" Because if this great, genius and creative mind would be elected, he'd transform the Canada or even the United States for a better cause!


Genius like yourself! - RiverClanRocks

Oh, so you are trying to make a sarcastic overview of me... - visitor

I'm not! But you are a genius and a cute one at that! - RiverClanRocks

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I did not really hate JB before I went to this site. I just didn't care about him. But going to this site over time, I have realized that he's worse than 1D. - visitor

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I am sitting at a restaurant where Justin Bieber just performed on the T.V. next to my table. I'm so pissed off. I need to listen to Bad Boys Running Wild by Scorpions to calm me down. The people cheering because they have to and people forced to perform with him makes me lose Faith - bobbythebrony

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