His Letter to the People Who Listen to Heavy Metal


He said in his letter that he "shares happiness in his songs". Sounding like a girl and yelling "Baby, baby" isn't happiness. In fact its stupid, pathetic. He only relies in 12 years old girls that have absolutely NO taste in music. I don't care if she (JB) doesn't like metal. Actually all the jerks in my life will be given to his opinion. But metal songs from bands that have POTENTIAL AND TALENT LIKE Metallica, IRON MAIDEN AND MEGADETH, aren't for girls and swag life. They try to pass a message, tell a story and having meaningful lyrics! We metal heads, aren't violent at all, we like feeding each others energy in a metal concert, the widely known "Mosh Pits" which are completely made for fun and only. A metal head is a REAL MAN who doesn't give up, who can take any risk and responsibility, someone who can take a punch in the face and doesn't cry but rather stands up and fights. A metal head listener no matter if they are a boy or girl are strong ...more

He has no right to insult Metallica or any other great metal bands when he's the most hated singer in the world - bobbythebrony

He's a dirty little dog who is famous because of the stupid girls who like him and then he thinks he's a good artist. Serious? Girls like him because of his bloody looks and not his music, even if they like his music, he can't sing. His lyrics go all about girls and stupid. A video that contains the only stupid lines: "Baby, baby, baby..." has 900 million views on You Tube? What is wrong with people nowadays, songs which have good messages in it have only 10.000 views and Bieber's stupid Baby... And how does he dare to diss all the Metal fans, Metal rocks, the artists have tremendous amount of skills to play the instruments, they write good lyrics (not girls), they love their fans like brothers. Bieber is a piece of crap, he should look at himself before saying anything to Metal. Long live Metal and may Justin Bieber become infamous!

Alright, its one thing to not like metal, that's all good, we don't like his music. Fine. But when you INSULT a genre of music that has always been about standing up and growing a pair of balls, taking stuff for what it really is that's completely different. Bands that have songs still playing on the radio after 30 years. If I hear Justin beiber being played 30 years from now, he might be worthy of the respect we now show those who salute to metal.

Really Justina? You insult Iron Maiden, and you call yourself a musician? You insult Megadeth when you're a wuss-bag? You insult Metallica yet the ONLY thing you "sing" about is girls? You're a joke. Metal-heads are tough, and start mosh pits, and can take a punch, but you cry when a water bottle hits you! You're a human being, and it's unethical for me to say I want you dead, but you don't deserve to make the money you make. Be careful what you say, cause what comes around goes around! -Rust In Peace

She is the worst hypocrite I've ever seen!

I do not judge people by their sexual orientation, he may not have hit puberty yet, it's nothing abnormal, he sounds like a girl, females can also sing good. BUT HE DARE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO DISRESPECT REAL MEN WHO PERFORM POWERFUL AND TRUE MUSIC, HE DESERVES TO BE TORTURED MAIMED AND KILLED FOR THAT

What the hell! That's playing fire with fire! I used to think that you were okay Justin (but I never liked you or your music, you were just another person) but now you have crossed the line now people hate you even more. You made a big mistake! If you are crying, fight against it! If you're regretting, walk forward! Only complaining on your misfortune, you're nothing but a common pig!

Do I care about his height? No. His stupid hair? No. His music? A mere annoyance. He's dating Selena Gomez. In a way, yes. But this is truly insulting. The funniest thing was James Hetfield wrote in reply and it was modest yet truthful and set Mr. Bieber straight! We're poor, violent people are we? Well... Now we are!

In a letter, he criticized the people who listened to metal!

This is the worst thing he has ever done, because he criticized Metallica:
"The singer, Hetfield, is mediocre and abuses of the screams, he completely lacks the harmony with which I was born. And the guitarist, only makes noises. So where is the music then?
Hahaaa, he has harmony and James doesn't?

And about Megadeth:
"I thought they were different, but I was disappointed. The singer uses a vocal style that makes me dislike, something like he is in constant crying. And the other musicians in the band... I best don't give an opinion. "
He says Dave sings like he's crying, that's an insult to thrash!

And about all the heavy metal fans:
"These teens are violent, are expressed poorly and live his life as a sentence, a bad thing. " - rock2metal

What does this guy have against heavy metal music anyway? Metal shaped the world of music in the past and still evolving until now and beyond. No wonder only young girls like him and almost no male fans (I mean real men). Justin, you should try singing metal sometimes; I'm sure you will like it as much as REAL MEN would.

And what's really ironic is that his that his talentless ass doesn't work quarter as much as metal bands do. At least metal music have a meaning! (not sure about all metal songs but the metal band me and my brother listen to are pure talent! Such as parkway drive, equilibruim... , the instruments they use, their music, their lyrics!.. God its just pure amazing! I even used to listen to songs like one direction and those trendy meaningless songs, then thanks to my, brother I got introduced to those bands! But then there's Justin Bieber! Tell me one subject about a jb song other than girls. Not to mention, crappy background music and lyrics. So Justin, before you start preaching bull, I hope your ass takes a long thought about what you wanna say, cause seriously the only thing that's bull is your music. you're just a talentless ass who got lucky with fame! I wish only talented people had this much fame smh

Girls may cry for you but...

Don't you dare say a thing against heavy metal...
Metal heads are gonna kick your ass to the core so that you think a thousand times b4 you sit.

This letter was ridiculus! I AM 11 YEARS OLD AND I LOVE SLIPKNOT! WHY DOES EVERYONE I MEET LOVE Justin Bieber AND HAS NEVER HEARD OF SLIPKNOT?! I think people my age should be encouraged to listen to metal instead of JB's garbage! LONG LIVE METAL!

He is a piece of chicken crap, has he seen his voice!? And oh yeah what the hell does a 16 year old person know about love putting everything aside how can he talk about heavy metal fans? Well everyone who listen to your music is a big whining ass

WOAH! Criticizing metal listeners? So he thinks he's better than those amazing bands who have achieved amazing success by singing and playing instruments while he goes to sing with his girly voice, dance as if possessed (maybe that would be better) and playing acoustic guitar so wrong on an album?!

Beiber wouldn't know anything about music, you can tell that by his music. Megadeth is one of the greatest bands of all time and this loser thinks he's better than them? I don't think so sonny boy - CrowdedChisel

Wow. Just wow. The funny thing is that my band director who teaches music survey (a class about appreciating all music) believes that Justin Bieber is unoriginal and overrated.

How the hell can he insult heavy metal when his "music" isn't even real music? - AngryMetalhead

How dare he write such an offensive letter to Metallica and megadeth. The punk calls himself an artist and judges both megadeth and Metallica for making "mediocre music". His only fans are dumb teenage girls with absolutely no taste in music and he has absolutely no talent.

He sings, talks, walks, looks and does everything just like a girl. She should b ashamed of herself and commit suicide. She should Learn something from the vocalist of Arch Enemy.

Okay. He dosen't like metal. Whatever. Metal isn't for everyone. But to openly INSULT a genre of music that isn't like yours, that's... Not nice, to say the least.

Oh my god this guy is an ass he criticizes people just because they like metal what is wrong with this guy what is his problem? - Lilkillervamps

GR he makes me angry! All the girls at school have a blooming crush on him, I'd rather have a crush on the most ugliest dog on earth! I love heavy metal and always will, it beats monkey music ( rap, pop etc)!

This should be number one. It's one thing to don't like Heavy Metal, but it's something else to write letter to the fans. If you don't like Heavy Metal, you can say it to an interiew or better, keep it to yourself, but DON'T BASH THE FANS BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE SAME OPINION AS YOURS. I don't care that he sounds like a girl (maybe not anymore) but this is worse. Grow up, Bieber!