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221 He Dissed Iggy Azalea

He can't even rap ill say again he probably has a psychological disorder

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222 He flung dog poop at a pedestrian V 1 Comment
223 He spat out a steak specially made for him.

Why Justin? Why would you do that to your OWN steak?!?! Disgusting! - BorisRule

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224 He loves Jersey Shore

Geordie Shore is WAY better than that show! Not opinion, but fact! - DaTrueSwagLord21

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225 He thinks Halo is better than Doom

That's it, I'm done with this piece of garbage.

How dare you Justins Beaver. - doodie

226 He Sometimes Throws Up On Stage

He does?! That is so gross! Then again, he was already gross in the first place.

That was one time one time. He doesn't always puke on stage

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227 He Guest Starred on "Family Guy"

Then peter beats him up and he wasn't shown again the end yay

He never did though.

228 He hates kids V 1 Comment
229 He hates Nyan Cat V 1 Comment
230 His Advertising On Face Products

I'm on a bet he's on advertisings for make up and girl facial wash - MLPFan

231 He Has a Dumb Haircut

His new haircut looks like a doormat

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232 Gives Hat Away. Claims It Got Stolen. Makes Big Deal About It.

What a moron he makes no bad deal out of any thing

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233 Preaches About Being a Boyfriend to Everyone

I'm a girl and I HATE him. I would NEVER go out with a douchebag like him even if he offered me a flower and called me beautiful. YUCK!

I don't want Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend because he is so racist and dumb

If I was a girl, then I would burn his flower, that he offered me - BorisRule

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234 He "Claims" to Help People and Children In Africa

Really, he claims to be helping people, in Africa by sending them lots of money and water for their community's. I don't think so, people are saying he used the money he was supposed to send on his billion $$$$ car, then cashed it what do you think?

That is so rude he should take back what he said.

He does that for all the money, nothing else.

235 His Attitude

He threw a tantrum because he did not get a Grammy award

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236 He Uses the Same Style Over and Over Again V 3 Comments
237 He Is the Reason We Are the World 25 for Haiti Wasn't As Good As the First

If only my hope for humanity comes back, by having Kurt Cobain come back to life as Jason Voorhees, and Michael Jackson come back to life as Freddy Kruger; So the both of them could team up and destroy Justin Bieber one and for all; as well as eliminating Miley Cyrus.

His vocals on that 2010 track we are the world were a humilliation to Michael Jackson's work! Whenhe just puts you off the song!

238 He Tries to Wear a European Football Club Jersey and Play Football.
239 He Doesn't Like Mariah Carey's Music

Dude. He hates everything except himself.

She has much more talent than he will ever have.

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240 He Threw Eggs Over the Fence of His Neighbour's House

If I was his neighbor I would throw two eggs one at each eye and then kill him

How do you think he's gonna react while looking back on all the stuff he did once he turns 50?

You need to be egged naked Justin - Nguyen0102

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