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221 He likes PAW Patrol

You're not a kid, or are you

Ummm... he hates Pokemon and likes Paw Patrol? Seriously?

What a nerd!

Hahaaa the only person ik who likes that show is my 3 year old cosin

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222 He Is Fake V 1 Comment
223 He Is Literally the Worst Music Artist of All Time V 1 Comment
224 He Tread on the Blackhawks' Logo

The only good thing he did. Go Blues! - DoroExploro13

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225 Bieber Wears His Clothes Inappropriately

Justin Bieber no matter how many pictures you see on the internet wears clothes loosely and looks like a bum. Bieber STAY AWAY FROM ADIDAS! He wears Adidas and does not care how to wear them. He is Dark and hateful. Just so you all know We already have a God and that is Jesus himself NOT Bieber! Bieber should be off the face of the earth.

226 He uses Auto-Tune

Yea, showing he has no singing talent

Every singer uses autotone


227 He Is a Homosapien

We are humans. Therefore, we are Homo Sapiens. However, I believe that Justin Bieber is of a different species.

Yep. Exactly. He is awful AND a homosapien


228 Because People Will Hate You for Loving Him

Yes, in TheTopTens, but in real life people will actually hate you if you HATE him - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

229 He Punched Mickey Mouse in the Crotch

This is just an interesting reason

That was totally rude. Without Mickey, he wouldn't be famous.

That is offensive yet so stupid

He must be with Robin from Teen Titans Go - BorisRule

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230 He Dissed Iggy Azalea

He can't even rap ill say again he probably has a psychological disorder

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231 He flung dog poop at a pedestrian V 1 Comment
232 He spat out a steak specially made for him.

Why Justin? Why would you do that to your OWN steak?!?! Disgusting! - BorisRule

What Justin - BorisRule

233 He loves Jersey Shore

Geordie Shore is WAY better than that show! Not opinion, but fact! - DaTrueSwagLord21

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234 He thinks Halo is better than Doom

That's it, I'm done with this piece of garbage.

How dare you Justins Beaver. - doodie

235 He Sometimes Throws Up On Stage

He does?! That is so gross! Then again, he was already gross in the first place.

That was one time one time. He doesn't always puke on stage

Oh, okay...

236 He Guest Starred on "Family Guy"

Then peter beats him up and he wasn't shown again the end yay

He never did though.

237 He hates Water

Water is important. He doesn't know what he is doing - BorisRule

Justin Bieber hates WATER?! - flagfan02

238 He hates kids

He is full of himself - BorisRule

So justin bieber hates mean then! AND ALSO I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! - RootBeerFan

239 He hates Nyan Cat V 1 Comment
240 His Height

His like what 5'5, 5'6 ya his short like the size of a girl! Lame guy!

(IRRELEVANT UPDATE: Oh the irony on that height hopes 13 year old me. You still have half an inch before you get to 5 feet and even then your growth is slowing down. Keep dreaming 13 year old me.) Well my mother is pretty short and my sister and I both inherited the shortness (I'll only grow to be 5' 4"), but I have plenty of other reasons to hate him so the height doesn't matter. Though he's still a huge jerk. - Anonymousxcxc

My mom is 5'9",while this guy is is 5'6".Such a shorty,I will be much taller than him as an adult,and since he's short he must have a small brain if he actually has one

He is 1'0 inches! - RootBeerFan

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