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281 He Needs 6 People to Write One Lyric

Bohemian rhapsody was only written by 1 person (freddie mercury) and that is one of the greatest songs of all time.

Wow. Tuomas Holopanien of Nightwish single-handedly wrote most of the Nightwish songs and they're all masterpieces!

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282 He Is Literally Retarded

Is like he has no brain

true that

283 He Throws Tantrums Even Though He's 20

What a ass hole he complies like a two year old

284 He Got Arrested for Street Racing

This is illegal you know.

I wish he goes to jail

285 He Is Still Famous

He is famous for the wrong reasons - DaTrueSwagLord21

I'm seriously surprised that he's still relevant. He should just dissappear already.

He should just retire and not make anymore music for real- AnimeDrawer85


286 He is Dumb

How many times has this been mentioned on the list?

287 He Hasn't Fallen Off a Cliff Yet

That will be funny if everyone got tired of him so they threw him off a cliff

Lmao, someone needs to push him off one if it does not happen soon enough

288 He Repeats the Same Lyrics Over and Over

The only lyrics I know is Justin beiber's song baby because he says the word baby was repeated over 90 times

My mom said the same thing!

289 He Makes Noise That He Calls Music

Real music have meaning, not your "music" make some better song BEAVER (no offense to any beaver except for Justin Bieber)

Actually, it's called auditory garbage.

Real music is the Beatles, Metallica, and Guns n Roses, not Justins so called music

Even the singing In the 2nd Opening of Code Geass(It actually is my favourite OP from the anime, But the singing)sounds better! - MLPFan

290 He's Still Breathing

So if Kurt Cobain is still breathing, does this mean that you should hate them? Lol.

When I seen this I thought of still breathing by green day why

291 His Songs Would Be Better If They Were Never Released

And nobody would even look for his unreleased auditory garbage.

292 Shirtless Selfies

He thinks he's hot, huh? Guess what Bieber, you're not! - MLPFan

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293 He thinks he's better than Metallica

Justin Bieber is worng he is not better then Metallica because they can sing better than Justin Bieber

Anybody (almost) is better than Justin Bieber.

Only Nicki Minaj is worse than him.

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294 His Size Makes Him Look Like a Baby
295 He Fought With Orlando Bloom

At least orlando bloom got him back. Legolas never comes out with a beat of sweat of his forehead.

Just another reason to hate him.

296 He ranked in Japan's "Celebrity Coming of Age 2014" rankings

Justin Bieber is not Japanese. So why do they even need to put him there?

Japan was bored. RIGHT? RIGHT?!

That's why he is a weeaboo. Why he ranked in this when he hates Asians, Japan and anime. - BorisRule

Uhh, weeaboo at heart I presume.. ?
No, that can't be right! He doesn't even like anime (I'm not saying liking anime makes you a weeaboo, I meant to refer to the rabid percentage that give decent anime/manga fans a bad name) Anywho, he doesn't deserve to be called Japan's celebrity coming of age nor he should be in welcomed in Japan anymore; The should be given to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! She's waaay better than that Bieber

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297 He Licked the Bare Naked Boobs of a Stripper

Eww... What a pig! Hopefully those poor prostitutes would file a restraining order against the likes of that jackass.

Maybe you should taste it with seasoning!

That's gross! He's a disgrace - MLPFan

* Projectile Vomits*

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298 He covered Let It Be by The Beatles

Don't let him touch and/or harm any ACDC or Aerosmith songs please!

I'm gonna shoot myself in the head for this. Goodbye Cruel World! - DaTrueSwagLord21

Charlie Puth covered chandelier by Sia. Go hate him senseless people.

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299 He likes Selena Gomez even though he likes Brazilian prostitutes more

Of course. Justin isn't an obvious sex maniac.

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300 He thinks he's 2pac

He's always shirtless and he thinks he's a thug. Just keep in mind he can't rap and his lyrics suck. 2pac has more talent in one fingernail than Justin Bieber does in his whole body.

Dear God, give us 2pac and we'll give you Justin Bieber. Deal? Yours Sincerely, everyone. - DaTrueSwagLord21


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