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321 He Insulted the Philippine's National Boxer, Manny Pacquiao, and Did Not Apologize

Now he's a fan or Mayweather. They're both cowards and jerks. How dare he insult one of the greatest Filipinos of all time!

Manny Pacquiao is my favourite boxer, and you dare insult him and not apologising. You are dead. - DaTrueSwagLord21

Yay now you just got banned from a country, wait it's 2 countries!
I hope that manny will chain Justin Bieber up makeing shure that Justin is naked with a live cam watching him on the T.V.

I love Pacquiao! You are anything but a bitch,Justin BARBER! You can't punch,you can't box. One day Manny will muay Thai Her face. Can Manny do a muay thai? I wish.

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322 He's Friends With Lil Wayne and Drake
323 He Tried to Rap

He can't rap, he is so bad at rapping. Listen to real rappers like Tupac or Biggie, not him- AnimeDrawer85

324 He idolizes getting messed up and getting into trouble
325 He's Not That Family Friendly at All
326 He Destroyed Ludacris' Career by Doing a Song With Him
327 He Gets Arrested Numerous Times

The worst thing is that he was in jail for 2 hours - Nguyen0102

What's worse is that he still have fans - Nguyen0102

328 He Collaborated With Rascal Flatts
329 His Rap Name Is Shawty Mane

What does that mean?!?!

Rip-off name of Gucci Mane - waraypiso

That a stupid rapper name.More like boober lickz

330 His Lyrics

His lyrics make me wish I was deaf

His lyrics are totally suck. - waraypiso

It's beautiful

331 He is Immoral
332 He Eats McDonald's

I love mcdonalds and kfc but the restaurant should just ban him and stuff him with poisoned chicken and gravy

Gross I hate McDonalds

KFC is better! - BorisRule

One day,he's a big fat bitch.

333 Justin Bieber Is Extremely Absent-Minded
334 He Used to Sing Better As a Child

He NEVER sang better! - BorisRule

335 Pretends That He Found God

He never found God, he found Satan! - DaTrueSwagLord21

Not even Satan would like him!

He only dosen't believe he's going to heaven.

336 Fools People Into Believing He Has Changed

He hasn't changed. It's nothing more than an act. He is so fake, it's embarrassing!

He is so fake and he will never change... So not SORRY

337 Believes He Is Better Then Eminem

Eminem is better than ass bieber - waraypiso

I would like to see Eminem to make a new song about Eminem dissing JB

Rap god sucks. I hate Eminem to the core, and I am also a belieber

Bitchber,you can't rap,your song dosen't sound like rapping.It sounds like rape-ing.Eminem is better,PewDiePie is better,you are just a stinkin whore.

338 He Looks Like a Dork

More like a noob, a retard, a moron and an idiot

I read that in Kevin's Voice. enough Said. - Ededdneddyfan55

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339 He Ruined Eminem's Best Song
340 He Takes Drugs

He is a terrible role model

No wonder he's a stinkin whore.

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