Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber


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341 He Takes Drugs

He is a terrible role model

No wonder he's a stinkin whore.

342 He Thinks He's a Legit Gangster

He's an idiotic poser. Enough said.

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343 He Was Rated the Fifth Most Hated Man In America In an E-Score Survey

#1 most hated in my list

He should've been first

You mean woman - DaTrueSwagLord21

Good for him.It's hell for him

344 He's a Disgrace
345 He Has No Dignity
346 He's Not Worth Recommending to People
347 His pants made it look like he wore diapers V 2 Comments
348 He Ruined Rascal Flatts's Career

UGH! Rascal Flatts is better than him! RASCAL FLATTS FOR LIFE!

349 Everyone Hates Him So It's Ok If You Do V 1 Comment
350 He's a Pervert

I agree - BorisRule

351 He's Evil

Yeah, he's even on #4 in most evil people in history on the other list on this site!

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352 He's Close-Minded
353 He Thinks He Gets Free Gas Because He's Part-Indian
354 He's a Nobody
355 His Bodyguards Carried Him Over the Great Wall

He farts on his bodyguard too.

What an lazy ass

356 He Tries to Act Like a Gangster Even Though He Has His Own Perfume


357 He Gives Hip Hop a Bad Name

He makes EVERYTHING a bad name - DaTrueSwagLord21

358 He Gives Humanity a Bad Name

Send him to the sun to burn him or use him as bait for alien

Also people with brain cells!

359 He Said That Patrick Carney Should Be Slapped

Patrick Carney can kick her ass real hard!

He'll go to hell for saying that to Patrick!

360 He Kicked a Ball Inside the Vatican V 1 Comment
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