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361 He's Friends With Usher

Poor Usher. It is all Bieber fault - BorisRule

362 He Stole Drake Bell's Spotlight at the Grove
363 He's a Disgrace to French Canadians
364 He's a Disgrace to Germans V 1 Comment
365 He's a Disgrace to the English

He's basically a disgrace to everything.

366 He's a Disgrace to the Irish

I'm Irish and I fully agree with you! - DaTrueSwagLord21

367 He's a Disgrace to Aboriginal Canadians
368 He Collaborated With Carlos Santana
369 His Song Speaking In Tongues
370 He's boring V 1 Comment
371 He Ruined the Song Lose Yourself by Eminem V 1 Comment
372 He's attracted to strange old women

He is a strange old woman!

Okay, now that's sickā€¦and its not an expression.

373 His Career is Pointless V 1 Comment
374 He Makes You Sick

Justin Bieber is more like a piece of tissues that used

V 2 Comments
375 He Whined About Not Winning a Grammy

Of course he didn't win a Grammy, oh and he going to have a tempure tantrum about one direction hating him and just say " SORRY" and think every thing is cool

V 2 Comments
376 He Punched a 12-Year-Old Boy

Well if he punches me, I'm gonna use him as a dummy for target practice

If she punches me, I'll kick her ass and beat her up worse

I am going to punch Justin Bieber for real. I have a strong punch for him to die. - waraypiso

My 2 year old brother can kick her ass - DoroExploro13

V 2 Comments
377 He's a Hypocrite
378 He Did a Cover of Eminem's Lose Yourself
379 He try to crash Drake Bell's New Album Release Party

Everyone hate you for dis respecting lots of people like drake

380 He hates Megurine Luka

He hates her 'cause she sings better than him!

V 2 Comments
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