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21 His Dancing

It sucks, boy if I was famous I would challenge him to a Dance off, and out dance him, and he would get all embarrassed, Bieber sucks, and Bieber fever is Diarrhea - SmoothCriminal

I saw Justin dance on MJ's Billie Jean. I am extremely disappointed to say that Justin Bieber dances like stiffed rubber tightly stretched across a slurry piece of garbage truck to prevent it from spreading the crap! Justin should never try dancing, otherwise die!

It's mediocre at bestand nothing compared Michael Jackson he has no talent couldn't get through a single YouTube videos of his where I could watch Michael jackson all day

Ian Curtis may be Epileptic, but his epilepsy dance (especially when they perform "She's Lost Control" on something else) is ONE BILLION TIMES WAAYYY BETTER THAN JUSTINA'S IDIOTIC DANCE. I HOPE THAT SHE BROKE HER BACK

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22 He Thinks He Can Rap

He tries to sound all sultry and husky in his terrible song "Boyfriend" followed by squealing and whining noises. He is SUCH a wannabe, especially with those gold chains and when he's waving those gang signs around.

Yeah man in boyfriend when he is at his first verse he thinks that his flow is like nas

In the song babe he probably didint even know the rappin part of his lirics and let a real rapper do it... That's smart let a real rapper do it for ya...

That is the funniest thing I have heard all day.

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23 He Thinks Anne Frank Should Be a "Belieber"

Dear God,
If we give you Justin Bieber, will you give us those who hid in the secret annexe (all 8 of them).
Thank you. Anon

That's the only thing he had to say after his visit to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam

Bieber is a stupid brat. He only had a name

Dear god
If we give you justin beiber
Please give us back david bowe robin williums and prince

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24 He Hates My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

He needs to be slapped. Badly.

Justin the only reason you hate my little pony friendship is magic is because you have no friends and you can try to cover up with your phony balony crap BUT no Justin you hate everything no one can ever make you happy because your such a prince aren't you Justin can you answer that no your probably having a tantrum like the baby you are just get out music business so you can save a people a whole lot of trouble and that's exactly what I hate I mean HATE about people LIKE YOU THINK YOUR SO PERFECT WELL GUESS WHAT Justin NEWS FLASH! YOUR NOT PERFECT AND THE PEOPLE IN MY LITTLE PONY HAVE BETTER HEARTS THAN YOU SO WHY DON'T YOU RIP THAT FAKE LIFE STYLE THAT YOU HAVE AND FIND A NEW ONE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE GOSH! IDIOT

Why does it matter if someone hates my little pony. You don't need to watch that crappy show to have friends and none of the characters there are cute. They are annoying and ugly just like Justin Bieber. Also even though he needs to be slapped its not for hating mlp

Okay, I hate MLP as well. This is one of the only things I like about JB.

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25 He Hates Hatsune Miku

The hell... Miku sings better than him... Even Miku is just a software... After all, he's a piece of trash in music palace... I personally think that he underestimated the power of the virtual diva... HELL YA Justin! I WISH MIKU AND HER COMPANION WAS REAL, SO THEY CAN BURP RIGHT ON YOUR FACE!

Miku has more talent in her virtual little finger than Justin Bieber has in his whole body. Hatsune Miku could teach him a thing or two. Oh, no, wait... Nobody could teach someone as stupid as him ANYTHING.

How can he not like Miku she is a way better singer than he will ever be or dream to be and she's not even a real person!

He is nothing like a good singer - BorisRule

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26 He's a Moron

I find the "he sounds like a girl" card really offensive and pathetic, sounding like a girl isn't an insult, as that is offensive to girls and anyone with a feminine-like voice. I dislike Justin because he mistreats people on his false belief that he is superior to everyone else and deserves some kind of special treatment. His mentality is disgusting, and I think he needs a slap of reality.

YES! THANK YOU! I AM A HUGE FEMINIST and I really felt like posting that but I wanted to see if anyone else would post it b4 me. THANK YOU!

Bieber is the King of the Morons. - 05yusuf09

That is so obvious, he is a retard

He does not sound like girl (so no offense to them)he sounds WORSE LIKE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE 'bad voice scle' basiclly RUBBISH (dog crap)

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27 Smokes Weed

He is SUCH a HORRIBLE example to anyone! Go back where you came from, Justin... We don't want you here corrupting the USA anymore than it already is. How can your parents be proud of what you are doing?... I mean really?!?

Honestly I don't care if he is on drugs, Kurt Cobain and Paul Mccartney did drugs to, but the downfall of this is that this shows a bad example to teenage girls and boys

And THIS is who was voted Best Role Model. He's teaching young boys to be drug-addicts and prostitutes

Shows how little respect he has for his body

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28 His Song Baby

The worst song of 2010. It's also the reason people say 2010 was a bad year for music. It WASN'T. If you go and hear good songs from 2010 like OneRepublic's "Secrets" (the best song of 2010), then you'll know that it was a pretty good year for music. Why did you release that horrible "Baby" song, Justin Bieber? WHY?!

This isn't even a song; it's just one really stupid and really annoying line being repeated, again and again. Justin Bieber is NOT a musician, he's a wannabe!

I feel like I want to go back in time and slap my younger version for liking this song

Worst song of the entire world,period.

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29 He Threatens to Kill People

Really, what are you, a five year old girl, going to do? Run over people's toes with your Cozee Coupe? You probably don't even have enough strength to pull the trigger on a gun! And if you did, you should use it on yourself. Another thing is that he threatens people for the dumbest reasons, like someone telling him to drive more carefully? How stupid! Someone needs to catch that little bugger and through him in jail with nothing to eat but cold, out-of-date Burger King- which coincidentally, is where he should be working instead of rubbing his lack of talent in everyone's faces.

I hate how he spit in that guys face when he told him to be careful, he spit on his fans too -_-

How he threatens to kill people: Get off my lawn or I'll start singing!

For what? That's what I'd like to know

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30 He Sang About Girls Before Hitting Puberty

I would like to kill deez defenders down

He's still doing it, because he hasn't hit puberty yet.

He sounds like a girl, I don't care.
He is dating gomez, don't give a damn.

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31 He Hates Asians

Beiber you are RACIST!

Justin Bieber hates Asians.

So he hates me.

Why? Because of our extreme awesomeness and smarts? Ya we get it Bieber I think your just jealous and besides WE HAVE THE BIGGEST NUMBER OF AsiaN CITIZENS WHO AREN'T YOUR GODDAMNED BELIEBERS YOU TURD.

Asians are the smartest people on the face of this planet!

Indians are Asians too! Studio Ghibli, hunt Justin Gayber down! >

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32 He Doesn't Write His Own Songs

I don't mind bands covering songs or anything, but when someone can't write their own songs, and require entirely on song writers (His are apparently terrible) it just bugs me! SHows a lack of talent.
And one more thing.. His attempt at a drum solo... >. >

This is not a valid reason to hate a performer. Many great singers have never written their own songs.

I bet 3 year olds write his songs. Those lyrics really suck, man. They makes Lil' Wayne's lyrics look great.

That isn't relevant. If anything that should shift hatred to his writers. Makes Lil Wayne's and Nicki Minaj's look good? Okay, listen to Karate Chop and Only, then come back. - WonkeyDude98

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33 He Hates Lady Gaga

I swear I could've started to hunt him down when I heard him say that on some midnight talk show. But you know, Gaga hates violence and stuff, so I'll just let Satan do his job and take that lesbian out of this beautiful world.

I love Lady Gaga nad I hate Justin Beiber

I really really hate gaga but Justin Bieber is worse than her

At least lady gaga up is more creative than him because she can write music and sing wayy better than him

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34 He Is Making a Fool of Selena

Dear Selena, please do your best to FORGET THIS LOSER! Let him go and do whatever the crap he pleases! You are way so much better than his trashy mess of a self. There are so many better things in store for you and your life and HE ISN'T PART OF IT! He will kill your soul and continue to bring you down! He is poison to you! Run far away from him and NEVER LOOK BACK! He is a liar, a cheat, and a self centered narcissist who has OCD with himself. You seem like a lovely young woman with a sincere heart. You don't need him in your life. He will continue to manipulate you and tear you down. He is poison to you. Poison will kill you. Close the chapter of your life with him and throw it away. Don't hang around dead things. Dead things stink. That part of your life with him has died. Go forward and walk in life. It's hard at ties but you can do it. Your help comes from The Lord.

Alright. This is to Selena. I do not like your music, or any pop at all, expect Pop Rock and Pop Punk, but just... Don't give a damn. You're not stupid, like Justin Bieber. Forget about him. He's a villain.

Doesn't selena gomez have any self-respect?
She should.

And Selena Gomez is still crying over him, really!?

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35 His Mouth hasn't been glued shut yet

Someone should really fund this thing.

More like nailed... Nailed shut... Because that's the only think that works for untalented wooden wannabe puppets... Then we kill it with fire...

Someone should engineer next-gen super glue that stick through metal, guys you know what to do right

People justget a glue and tape his mouth so simple right and now he cannot sing

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36 He Is Gross

I'm not just saying that for the fact that we have to say negative things about Justin Bieber but I SAW A PICTURE. ON T.V. oF HIM SPITING ON HIS FANS ON HIS DJ AND ON HIS AGENT. Watcha gotta say bout that you DISGUSTING CREATURE. Why does this happen

Justin, have you heard of the Men's room

Randy Boggs

Ill spit on his face myself if he spits on me

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37 He Gives Music a Bad Name

He also gives love a bad name. (Bon Jovi reference)

He gives men a bad name, justifying the stereotype that we are all addicts

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38 Girls Are Cutting Themselves Because of Him - "#cutforbieber"

I'd cut myself too if I had to hear his crappy music

Yes just yes... He also thinks his music is ROCK! I listen to real rock... Not a bever. Real rock is like, Green Day, nickelback, blink, not a bever. If you hate him that muck (I do too) you should just call him Just a Bever. Me, my 3 cousins and my 2 brothers helped me come up with that

I know it had nothing to do with him but he could of told them to stop.

One girl committed suicide for him. Did he care about it? No.

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39 He Said That Rape Happens for a Reason

WooHoo! Everything happens for a reason -NOT! Sometimes it mightn't even be your fault, in fact, its never your fault

One of the worst statements ever

Because being sexually assaulted has some deep meaning. Obviously.

That is serious reason to hate him. Now women and girls are wondering if it were their faults and possibly committing suicide

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40 He Has Attacked People for Small Reasons

How dumb can some one get?! Apparently very..

I hope he gets deported to Russia

I hope he gets deported to North Korea - nothingbutcool

Hope he gets banned in the uk deport him to north korea a taste of his medicine

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