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401 He Loves 2 Girls 1 Cup V 1 Comment
402 He Lies V 1 Comment
403 He disappoints everyone V 1 Comment
404 His Birthday is in March
405 He is White and Male
406 He Posed in a Photo With a Chained Tiger V 1 Comment
407 He's a Horrible Role Model

Not a good role model at all, he can only be a role model for having a terrible voice and crap songs

V 1 Comment
408 He's Famous for the Wrong Reasons

He's famous for a lot of the worst reasons!

409 He Cannot be Taken Seriously

And I can't take beliebers seriously, too!

410 He Disliked Gangnam Style

That's because Gangnam Style overtook his video in views so him being him he try's to make not liking it a thing!

What's your problem? Huh?

He dissed Gangnam Style? What is wrong with him? I'm a Kpop fan and I don't like Gangnam Style all that much either, but seriously? Disliking the song of an artist and then saying that he's "looking forward to doing a collab" with PSY? -_- He has a mental problem...

Gangnam Style is an awesome song how could he hate it

V 7 Comments
411 He Hates Gravity Falls

What? He hates Gravity Falls? Bill should kill him!

Wendy should take an axe to him!

That is wrong!

So? - pcn

V 9 Comments
412 He Kept a Pet Monkey V 4 Comments
413 He Takes Pictures Like a Girl V 1 Comment
414 He Gives Humanity a Bad Name

Send him to the sun to burn him or use him as bait for alien

V 1 Comment
415 He's the Male Taylor Swift. Breaks Up. Sings a Song.

Taylor swift is better than him! - MLPFan

At least Taylor swifts music is better then his. - NoOreoForU

I LOVE TAYLOR so just because JB is rubbish don't take it out on her

Kadshiras, Taylor, Milies Cyrips and a guy who hates Sega and Nintendo (forgot his name) are very bad but mishmash of Teen Titans Go and Jusin Bieber are far worse than Dora, Barney and Cailliou combined. - BorisRule

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