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61 Arrived 2 Hours Late for His Concert

This happened twice! A lot of people left, no refund, he didn't even apologize

But no, he thinks that he was only late for 45 minutes. He was late for 2 hours. SO DEAL WITH IT Justin Bieber. - EpicJake

Why the hell would he do that twice?

Probs raceing cars

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62 He's Canadian

Reason I'm voting for this is because I'm canadian and I am ashamed why couldn't he gave been born in the U. S or somewhere else?

Funny how my favorite singer and least favorite singer are from the same country.

So what if he is Canadian? Canada spawned many other terrible acts, including Nickelback, Daniel Powder, Drake and Carly Rae Jepsen! Basically a place where music forgot, so a perfect place for him!

As a Canadian I would like to apologize.

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63 He Compares Himself to the Beatles

UM THE Beatles DO NOOOTTT SUCK. I don't really listen to them but I totally respect them. Besides, nothing sucks more than Justin...

I'd rather listen to the Beatles than his crappy music, if that's even what you should call it.

Beatles are better for obvious reasons. - EpicJake

He shouldn't.He shouldn't compare himself to anyone

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64 You Can't Understand a Word He Says

He's more dumb than a 3 years old kid

He sound likes someone with a cent lip and a cleft palmate! He can't even say a word never mind sing! He talk luke this: moms me want me own wet!

Asks questions like he's a kid AND HE IS

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65 He Argued With a Cameraman

People these days - BorisRule

66 People Say He's Better Than Eminem

Eminem is much better than jb. Jb doesn't write his own song, he has no male voice. Em has great rap voice and his own lyrics are so cool like lose yourself. I don't understand why jb is better than em?

What the hell man! Eminem? And Justin Bieber? No bloody comparision in hell. Em is one of the best artists ever lived! And everybody will agree with me on this! I mean, Mockingbird, Lose Yourself, Stan, Till I Collapse! And baby?

Not even close, I see YouTube fights on this all the time, and it's total crap

Eminem has struggle too hard to reach where he's right now! And jb on the other hand is just a shame on the Hollywood industry.. Eminem is far better than Justin and he is not even bit close to my idol, EMINEM

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67 Most of His Music Is Unoriginal

His latest songs are really similar to hits that were made years ago. "Boyfriend" mimics the style of Timberlake, and the concept of "Maria" mimics MJ's "Billie Jean". One of his earlier songs "Love me" is

Most of his crap is so bland, generic, and overused

Somebody to Love was ripped off by Justin Bieber. (Somebody to love was written by Queen in Mid-1970's) She said in a interview about the song "Nobody Remembers Her anyways"

Not just unoriginal, but garbage.

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68 His Tattoos

They are crappy and probably have no meaning towards them

His tattoos are horrible!

I think its kinda good he has them so he can HIDE HIS BABY SKIN!


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69 Friends With Chris Brown

Chris brown isn't very good by that I mean anyone friends with JB is a loser!

Look chris brown on Wikipedia see him in a picture taking his shirt off?

Chris Brown is a bad influence because he is known for fighting women. - Connor360

Leave Chris Brown alone his is far better than JB

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70 He Cries When He Sings

That's what makes him get so many stupid fans! The tiny little punk teens just feel bad for him! But the little popular brats don't even know what a homeless person is. What type of society are we living in? On the bright side, at least more people are getting smarter, such as the people viewing this list.

What a moron this guy cries like a 2 year sense a butch

That's why he has so many stupid fans! The little teens feel bad for him! Yet the little brats don't even know what a homeless person is. What type of society is this?

I'm a punk but punks like green day blink 182

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71 Thinks He Has Swag

Really? Thinks he has swag. Sure. Leaving your pants halfway down really helps you become more famous. Please get this disgrace of a man out of here.

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool wit yo pants on the ground.

Really? Swag? The jonas brothers have more swag! Three talented people are way better than a talentless girl ( my opinion)

If he keeps leaving his pants halfway down soon enough Fleece Johnson will come looking for him... 'Now, JB, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours. '

No baby girl like justin bieber has swag

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72 His Disrespect of His Mom

J.B. I hat you for life and I em going to tell every one

You will regret every disrespectful thing you have ever said or done to your parents you sorry little wuss.

What the heck is wrong with you?! I love my mom moms are the best your such a damn fool screw you!

His poor mother

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73 He Thinks He's So Awesome

Someone needs to make it clear to him that he isn't as great as he thinks he is. The world would be a better place without his existence in the first place.

He is the complete opposite of awesome. In fact, he's not even remotely close to being awesome. He's horrible.

No you're not, Bieber, don't lie.

He sucks

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74 He Calls Dragon Ball Z "The Worst Cartoon" On His Twitter Account

Dragon ball Z is an anime not cartoon - BorisRule

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75 He Doesn't Know What German Means

I was listening to the radio and they were interviewing Justin beiber (I already hated him at this point) and then he said "what does German mean? We don't use that word in America. " YES YOU DO USE THE WORD German IN AMERICA! That was just his excuse for being a stupid dumbass.

What I love is he said "we don't use that word in America, and yet he's Canadian". What does that stupid immigrant know besides being terrible. - lukestheman4

Hell ya! I mean if anyway doesn't know what 'German' means he's REALLY dumb. My 4yr old cousin know what it means!

He said we don't use that word in America.
Justin you are disgrace to Germans and you are CANADIAN, Not America - BorisRule

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76 His Height

His like what 5'5, 5'6 ya his short like the size of a girl! Lame guy!

Well my mother is pretty short and my sister and I both inherited the shortness (I'll only grow to be 5' 4"), but I have plenty of other reasons to hate him so the height doesn't matter. Though he's still a huge jerk. - Anonymousxcxc

My mom is 5'9",while this guy is is 5'6".Such a shorty,I will be much taller than him as an adult,and since he's short he must have a small brain if he actually has one

Short ass. - AmtrakHan6993

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77 He Walks Into Glass Doors and Falls Off Escalators

Really? You don't notice glass doors and escalators?

Pfft, he's blind. Oh, he isn't? Never mind then, he's flat out retarded.

He's gotta be blind...

How do these things happen!?!?!? Haha! :-)

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78 Famous for No Reason

Yes he doesn't deserve to be famous

Famous because YouTube. Because his little fangirls decided to spam Usher on Twitter and Usher got so annoyed that he decided to check out Bieber and became another mindless zombie.

Its unfair. Anyone could record themselves singing or playing something and post it on youtube and there are many other people more talented than him but how come he became famous and let a lot of other kids feel useless and untalented? Its unfair.

Only famous because of his FAKE ABS

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79 He Smokes

He always pretends to be perfect like kids never smoke and all that, when he does!

He almost ran over a kid

Wait, he almost ran over a kid?! What a dumbass

What's the big deal if a guy smokes I hate Justin Bieber but I just don't hate on celebs for taking a few cigarette breaks. Gawd

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80 He Ruined the Song Let It Be by the Beatles

Nobody should cover or ruin a piece of Beatles art. The Beatles art is a valuable piece of art that shall not be touched.

Music, I have lost all faith in you.

I will "Let It Be" that Justin Bieber loses his voice.

He even ruined Sorry. I heard another version of Sorry in my car radio.

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