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81 His Hat

His hat should say I suck, arrest me

U could say that again!

82 Tried to Beat Up Paparazzi

Little girl couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag

Gosh, it's their job. They take pictures of you because they need money to support their families. If you didn't want paparazzi, build a time machine and stop yourself from becoming famous! It would be doing all of us a favor.

He can't even beat up The Undertaker or Randy Orton

I was looking at "JB hates anime" and I saw that he tweeted: "Before I beat up the paparazzi, I make sure my mascara is perfect! " I'm like LMFAOOO

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83 He Sung a Song About Killing Black People

I hate racist bastards like him. What a horrible, horrible person!

He is so racist wish he retires

Perhaps we should just force gangster-wannabe Justin Bieber into Compton. Let's see what happens.

He'd be dead straight away when he touches Compton soil. COMPTON 4 LIFE! - DaTrueSwagLord21

Poor black peoples - BorisRule

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84 He Peed In a Bucket at a Concert

Many ladies like beiber, but I'm sure they don't wanna see him do that crap. Or maybe some do :3

What, did he drink it too? He probably just put some in his mouth and spat it on his "fans".

Straight up nasty I can't believe the people that like him still do their just weird

Wait till my school see that

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85 He Hates Warrior Cats

He also thought Poland was Russia. Warrior cats is awesome. He has no taste and that is how he can bear his own music without his brain obliterating inside his head. Oh wait, it already did.

Dude, BEST SERIES EVER! Loved it a few years ago, and still keep up with it to date!

Does he really hate warriors cats? I didn't even know that he knew about it. Stupid loser. Warriors is 9999999999999999 (and more numbers that I can't fit ) times better than " oh Justin ". Let's face it. He doesn't care about anything but himself.

No, no, no, no, no. I got into it in fifth grade and loved, but for like a year or so I was also discovering other books too so sadly Warriors wasn't in my life for a long time, but this year I have recently restarted the entire series and it still rules. However even Tigerstar is better than Bieber in many ways. - Anonymousxcxc

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86 He Spit On His Fans

' He spit on his fans face ' What? He was standing on a terrace with his friends & he tried to spit on his lovely fans standing below. He sucks

This has to be somewhere on top.

That is mean. His fans love him, but he treats them bad. He doesn't deserve fans- AnimeDrawer85

87 He Is Against Abortion

Well, since he's a woman, he's untitled to his opinions, but he's just taking his own rights away...

What? He's not a woman? Oh, well he's just a dick then.

A Sarah Palin at heart?

There's another thing we have in common. Be able to abort any time, instigates irresponsibility and girls think it's okay to do it any time. So let's get pregnant. When the time comes, we'll just abort.
Justin is right. People should be held responsible for their actions.

Even I hate Bieber, I have to agree on this one. That's why, never think of screwing around with people especially in your teens. - MLPFan

Abortion is not a bad thing. It could prevent another Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, or ISIS. Have you ever thought of that?

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88 He's Immature But Successful

Justin Bieber is not successful he is jest an immatue boy who can't rap

Totally agree, he made fun of Manny Pacquiao and got banned from the Philippines because of it, very immature indeed

He's not successful.

How old Is he? five? - MLPFan

I came in here because I don't like Justin Bieber either, but now I don't dislike him as much after reading some of the retarded comments.
You people are disgusting. Get a life

89 He Can't Sing

Me neither but I sound better than his song baby

He is so bad, my grandad is better than that mud blood

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90 He Said That Poland Is Russia

Poland is not Russia you little pig-faced twerp. Get a ' atlas and look it up yourself, Derpette. Learn what an international border is, freak. Nienawidze cie, Justin, and I hope everyone else does to. Oh, and, in case you're wondering, nienawidze cie is Polish for I hate you.

What's the difference between Poland and Russia? Poland is neither the biggest country in Europe nor the only country on the globe that SHOULD have anything to do with communism, and gigantic Russia is both of those things! Everyone not named justin bieber knows that!

Poland IS NOT Russia! D:<

He will never be smart - BorisRule

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91 He's Rich

First of all he doesn't deserve the luxuries he's living and second of all he become so rich even though he released 1 album back then but I see, it's probably 3 albums because he's fans are too dumb to feel betrayed by him re-releasing the same album with couple more tracks and expect them to buy a few more money for a couple of new tracks but also the ones they've already got but it's their money, their loss.

It's hard to believe that he's somehow richer than top album sellers Rihanna and Adele! So Rihanna released six album (3 went number 1 and stays in the Top 40 for very long weeks) and Adele has 2 albums that went number 1 and can stay in the Top 5 album chart for more than 30 weeks (meaning it's still selling and could probably sold over 2 or 3 millions copies), although Bieber released 3 album but it took him 1 album to get the best out of them, who's next Hugh Hefner? , Bill Gates? Who the hell is giving him all these moneys?

The only good thing about him was ...more

This turd hasn't even hit puberty yet and is already a millionaire. WOW.

Just because you have money doesn't make you a worthwhile person. I mean look at Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, and the Kardashians

I guess he earned it, I don't know

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92 He's Been Busted for DUI / Underage Drinking

Yeah, this is just the kind of role model and pop star that parents want their kids to emulate. He flies from LA, where he was busted for vandalism of a neighbor's house causeing $20K in damage and then gets on a plane and gets busted for Driving Under the Influence / Underage Drinking and Drag Racing with a rented yellow Lamborghini.

Maybe that will be enough to get him deported.

He decided to flee to Miami with a model who was in jail and then he tried to remain incognito but failed and got in trouble in Miami.

Getting a DUI at 19? Yeah, nice job... now you lost about 60% of your nonexistent "Beleiber" fan base! Now isn't that making you happy? Its making us happy

He's Not Good Role Model he's Bull

Yeah so what I hate this guy but judging him 4 drinking is just over doing it

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93 His Smile

Jeff the killer's smile is more adorable than him.

Justin Bieber's smile is horrible why because he never doesn't smiles he is most stupidest person ever

A pig farting on a dog looks cuter than him!

Nightmare fuel - MLPFan

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94 He Actually Has Fans

Yeah. BILLIONS of fans. I wish the scientists can discover a new planet EXACTLY like Earth so I can move from this insane and ruined planet - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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95 He hates PewDiePie

It was probably because of what Pewdiepie did to him in that finger haircut thing game. He put Justin Bieber's face in it and edited it with whatever what was in his mind. Justin Bieber doesn't seem to take jokes like that well but who cares, Pewds did it to Anthony Padilla of SMOSH (Both Channels seem to be friends) and on my opinion he just found it funny

Pewdiepie is the best gaming YouTuber, and what does Bieber have, the video with the most number of dislikes (even worse than Rebecca Black)

First anime, then warrior cats, now PewDiePie? This is why he has a zillion haters.

He sounds like a girl, l don't care.

He hate Hatsune Miku, l don't caring crap.

He hates anime, so what( l do care a bit but not that much)


Pewdiepie is one of the best people on the planet! That may be why he has millions of haters. ( because he hate Hatsune Miku, anime and Pewdiepie.)

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96 He Faked That He Had Cancer

He should get arrested and never do that again that will teach him a lesson.

Ever since I found out he faked having cancer...he is my least favorite person in the history of mankind, no joking...Adolf Hitler actually was a talented artist and supported animal rights, idea rather have supper with a horrible human being like Hitler than a guy who compares himself the Jesus...way to go Justin. You made #1 to a list, not the best singer list, but on my most hates person list!

I hope he did he would of died quicker

When did that happen

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97 He Broke Up With Selena Gomez For A Monkey

Again not true. He did have a pet monkey, and he broke up with selena for sure, but those are two totally different things.

Because he IS a monkey

Justin beiber can die

Oookkkaaayyy...wonder how that happened!?!?!

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98 He is Boring Like John Cena

John Cena sucks! Justin Bieber sucks! Love that song!

Agreed. Justin Bieber is the most overrated and hated superstar in music industry. John Cenais the most overpushed and most hated superstar in WWE. Both are almost same.

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99 His Fans

Lots and lots of stupid little girls... - sam117

I agree with the third replier. I mean I don't like One Direction's music, but I absolutely despise Bieber as a person and his music. - Anonymousxcxc

I swear JB's fans are among the stupidest human beings ever. They are so blindly obsessed with him and they can't accept any criticism at all.

We accept it, it's just that you judge more than to actually know what really happened. You listen to those that say bad things about him, yet you don't even know what really happened.

Most annoying people on this earth and I'm a girl and note to the fans if you think he will be your boyfriend wrong first off he probably doesn't even know you exist so stop just stop

They're obsessed of a talentless brat who only gets famous for no reason - MLPFan

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100 He's Dumb

Well duh... Of course he's dumb. Actually, stupid

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