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101 His Smile

Jeff the killer's smile is more adorable than him.

Justin Bieber's smile is horrible why because he never doesn't smiles he is most stupidest person ever

A pig farting on a dog looks cuter than him!

The best way to have a nightmare is look to his smile. Even Stan from Gravity Falls smilling is cuter. Even my dog smilling is cuter. Even Soos is cuter than him. I don't have shame of saying that Soos is adorable.

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102 He Only Went to Jail for 2 Hours

It be better if he stayed for the rest of his life

I know for a fact that people not as bad as him stay in jail longer than 2 hours! TWO DAMN HOURS! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!


Two hours are not enough to this little stain?! What we need to throw him in into solitary confinement with Leif Garrett, Albert Fish, Charles Manson and the entire Manson family, and Hannibal Lectour for 60 years to life, or export him to a concentration camp in North Korea, or blast him into a black hole in space!

He was bailed out for just a couple a thousand bucks. Are you Kidding me? - Neonco31

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103 He Actually Has Fans

Yeah. BILLIONS of fans. I wish the scientists can discover a new planet EXACTLY like Earth so I can move from this insane and ruined planet - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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104 He is a disgrace to Canada

They kicked him out because the don't want his bad luck! Haha!

Canada is a great nation intil Justin came and recked and then moved to the United States this is why I like Bollywood

Even though I an canadian, I MUST AGREE!

I agree!

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105 He hates PewDiePie

It was probably because of what Pewdiepie did to him in that finger haircut thing game. He put Justin Bieber's face in it and edited it with whatever what was in his mind. Justin Bieber doesn't seem to take jokes like that well but who cares, Pewds did it to Anthony Padilla of SMOSH (Both Channels seem to be friends) and on my opinion he just found it funny

Pewdiepie is the best gaming YouTuber, and what does Bieber have, the video with the most number of dislikes (even worse than Rebecca Black)

First anime, then warrior cats, now PewDiePie? This is why he has a zillion haters.

He sounds like a girl, l don't care.

He hate Hatsune Miku, l don't caring crap.

He hates anime, so what( l do care a bit but not that much)


Pewdiepie is one of the best people on the planet! That may be why he has millions of haters. ( because he hate Hatsune Miku, anime and Pewdiepie.)

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106 He Faked That He Had Cancer

He should get arrested and never do that again that will teach him a lesson.

Ever since I found out he faked having cancer...he is my least favorite person in the history of mankind, no joking...Adolf Hitler actually was a talented artist and supported animal rights, idea rather have supper with a horrible human being like Hitler than a guy who compares himself the Jesus...way to go Justin. You made #1 to a list, not the best singer list, but on my most hates person list!

I hope he did he would of died quicker

When did that happen

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107 He is Boring Like John Cena

John Cena sucks! Justin Bieber sucks! Love that song!

Agreed. Justin Bieber is the most overrated and hated superstar in music industry. John Cenais the most overpushed and most hated superstar in WWE. Both are almost same.

John Cena does not suck!

John Cena is such a sucky boy. He and Bieber is the worst.

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108 He Disses Anime Fans

I and my friends are anime fans! So shut up Justin DIAPER

This autistic Canadian rip-off is dead for me! - DaTrueSwagLord21


Just because u hate it, bieber, doesn't mean u have to make everyone else agree

109 He Was Arrested for Drag Racing While Under the Influence
110 He Broke Up With Selena Gomez For A Monkey

Because he IS a monkey

Again not true. He did have a pet monkey, and he broke up with selena for sure, but those are two totally different things.

Justin beiber can die

Oookkkaaayyy...wonder how that happened!?!?!

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111 His Fans

Lots and lots of stupid little girls... - sam117

I agree with the third replier. I mean I don't like One Direction's music, but I absolutely despise Bieber as a person and his music. - Anonymousxcxc

I swear JB's fans are among the stupidest human beings ever. They are so blindly obsessed with him and they can't accept any criticism at all.

We accept it, it's just that you judge more than to actually know what really happened. You listen to those that say bad things about him, yet you don't even know what really happened.

Most annoying people on this earth and I'm a girl and note to the fans if you think he will be your boyfriend wrong first off he probably doesn't even know you exist so stop just stop

They're obsessed of a talentless brat who only gets famous for no reason - MLPFan

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112 His First Album

His first album? All of his albums are a reason to dislike Justin beaver!

All his albums are bad, but the first one. Oh gosh. Words can't describe how I feel - DaTrueSwagLord21

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113 He's Dumb

Well duh... Of course he's dumb. Actually, stupid

I hate him he is dumb

114 He Is Ugly

Just saying but Justin beaver oh sorry I ment beiber thinks he's funny cute and cool he sings really bad and I can't even really hear him

Advice:if your going to dine don't look at his ugly face other wise you will lose your appetite he is so ugly that he makes want vomit

He wouldn't be so ugly if it weren't for all the plastic surgery, but it's too late now. I don't understand how people find him handsome, his face is revolting! If his fake tan isn't enough, his lips and eyes are enhanced by surgery. And his hair is the worst part, it's so unkempt and messy.


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115 He Hates Original Teen Titans

He loves Teen Titans Go! - MLPFan

He has no childhood - BorisRule

He hates original Teen Titans, but loves TTG? UGH, HE IS AN IDIOT! - BorisRule

How dare he! He loves Teen Titans Go! but hates the original? You gotta be kidding me!

The original Teen Titans will never compare to Teen Titans Go!

TT: Badass, karate master leader
TTG: Stupid cluts leader

TT: Pretty, confused alien that is powerful and friendly
TTG: Stupid, wanna be a girly teenager

TT: Dark, half demon, and most powerful teen titan
TTG: Emo, emotionless girl who has 0 fun and never takes off her hood

Beast Boy
TT: Goofy green teen who cracks bad jokes
TTG: Jackass

TT: Super smart, scientific member of the team who makes all the machines and can figure out almost anything
TTG: Jackass #2

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116 He Broke Selena's Heart Twice

He just wants to act all tough and is tries to act like a player looking at models

Actaly three times she will give him again form my looks of things

I'm happen to be a big selena fan so he's a jerk but selena could do better like taylor lautner

He broke Selena Gomez's heart by beating her up like a teenage white nobody!

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117 He Hates Pokemon

Probably cause he ain't got not balls.

We aren't nerds jackass. You just need to get a life.

Probably because he can't be the very best. Well, cheer up, Bieber, you're the worst


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118 He's Fat

No, he's a stick

No He's Not that's Rude

No. - TheRegular1227

I totally agree, you cannot trust fat people with the middle name drew these days.
sry 4 bad englis

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119 His Sad Face While Singing

What are you so sad about? , you have a chick... what were you singing to a guy? , LMAO - SmoothCriminal

Justin Bieber needs to suck it up because he is a idiot

Justin Bieber you don't even try because you need to suck it up because sad face singing is so dumb

He thinks his songs were meaningful, huh? - MLPFan

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120 Has His Own Nail Polish

She must have made it for herself because no one buys it

Correction: Has HER own nail polish

She must sing everyday and cry all the time to herself while putting it on because she is a big mistake. No wonder no one buys it.

Bet that the nail polish colour is pink! - MLPFan

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