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101 He is a disgrace to Canada

They kicked him out because the don't want his bad luck! Haha!

Canada is a great nation intil Justin came and recked and then moved to the United States this is why I like Bollywood

Even though I an canadian, I MUST AGREE!

Canada is suppost to be like a nice pretty contry...then THAT GUY CAME

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102 He's Obsessed With His Looks

He would probably make Narcissus feel ashamed

He should stop obsessing and fan girling over his very own self. He should focus more on other things and not with his own looks. What a douche. I think he looks extremely ugly that it's getting sad

All he care about is being a girl - Nguyen0102

Never make his own songs just to wory about bringing girlier, what a douchies - Nguyen0102

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103 He Was Arrested for Drag Racing While Under the Influence
104 He Broke Selena's Heart Twice

He just wants to act all tough and is tries to act like a player looking at models

Actaly three times she will give him again form my looks of things

I'm happen to be a big selena fan so he's a jerk but selena could do better like taylor lautner

He broke Selena Gomez's heart by beating her up like a teenage white nobody!

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105 He Is Ugly

Just saying but Justin beaver oh sorry I ment beiber thinks he's funny cute and cool he sings really bad and I can't even really hear him

Advice:if your going to dine don't look at his ugly face other wise you will lose your appetite he is so ugly that he makes want vomit

I'm just 13 and I'm growing body hair fast, but Bieber looks like he hasn't even went through puberty. I feel so badass right now.


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106 He's Fat

No, he's a stick

No He's Not that's Rude

No. - TheRegular1227

I totally agree, you cannot trust fat people with the middle name drew these days.
sry 4 bad englis

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107 His Sad Face While Singing

What are you so sad about? , you have a chick... what were you singing to a guy? , LMAO - SmoothCriminal

Justin Bieber needs to suck it up because he is a idiot

Justin Bieber you don't even try because you need to suck it up because sad face singing is so dumb

He thinks his songs were meaningful, huh? - MLPFan

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108 Has His Own Nail Polish

She must have made it for herself because no one buys it

Correction: Has HER own nail polish

She must sing everyday and cry all the time to herself while putting it on because she is a big mistake. No wonder no one buys it.

Bet that the nail polish colour is pink! - MLPFan

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109 Has Temper Tantrums

I can already imagine him having a temper tantrum.. "Wahhh! Change my diaper bodyguards! "

He and Angelica Pickles would make a terribly great couple, since they're both obnoxious, short temperament, and widely hated by everyone! Laugh out loud.

I think he's supposed to be or already did go to anger management classes.

"temper tantrums". Haha Wouldn't even be able to fight his way out of a paper bag. :-DD

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110 His First Album

His first album? All of his albums are a reason to dislike Justin beaver!

All his albums are bad, but the first one. Oh gosh. Words can't describe how I feel - DaTrueSwagLord21

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111 He Hates Pokemon

Probably cause he ain't got not balls.

We aren't nerds jackass. You just need to get a life.

He can't catch em all but he can catch his balls lol


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112 He acts like a 2-year-old

He likes nuts

He is so babyish

Obviously - DaTrueSwagLord21

So annoying! Cover yr ears quick!

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113 His middle name is Drew

It's a strange name

From Whose Line?

He drew poo

I totally agree, you cannoy trust people with the middle name drew. jesus christ such a bad example on this generations children. those gosh darn DREWS, ruining our childrens mind. sry 4 bad englis

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114 He Has a Swag Coach

Some girls think Justin Bieber has his own special swag that distinguishes him from the other artists. Too bad he is actually taught how to behave in front of people by his swag coach.

Wow! That's sad! I have more swag in my pinky finger nail than he does in his whole body. laugh out loud.

What even is a swag coach? I probably don't wanna know

What, is, a, swag coach suppose to be? - Skullkid755

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115 Has a Punchable Face

He uses the same hair tonic as was used in "Something about Mary"

His face would look so much better if I whack it with a steel crow bar!

I feel like buying a boxing glove now

Can I borrow some money for a punching glove and some paper towels?

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116 He Wears Trousers That Make Him Look Like He Shat Himself.

Is that how most pubescent males wear their pants these days? Gosh, if it weren't enough being ugly and have a douche bag attitude these days... What ever happened to males dressing properly, clean and emotionally open? Bieber looks like he's wearing a diaper ( does he have some kind of fetish? No offense)

He also wear a skirt with his pants. He's a cross dresser. Lolololol! He supposedly stated that he wears xxl clothing. Probably to look like a bigger man but he failed.

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117 He Doesn't Like to Go Near Kids In the Children's Hospital

Justin only cares about himself

So mean Justin only cares about himself plus I'm a kid

Me too I'm a Asian kid who hate that girl because he hate me just because I'm Asian - Nguyen0102

I know people that aren't good with kids, but really?! What an ass

Why is he even at the hospital!?!?!?

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118 Thinks He Is the Next Tupac

I can think of five good reasons why Justin Bieber can't be the next 2pac.
1. Justin Bieber can't rap
2. Justin Bieber sings about girls (even though he doesn't mean it), 2pac raps about violence and drugs and.
3. 2pac writes his own songs. Justin Bieber gets like 10 people to write his.
4. Justin Bieber's music is lazy. So lazy that it will never reach 2pac's level.

Dear God, give us back Tupac and we will give you Justin Bieber.


Dear God, give us 2pac and we'll give you Justin Bieber. Deal? Yours Sincerely, everyone - DaTrueSwagLord21

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119 He Sang to an Old Woman While He Was Naked

Oh, that's just gross. (I saw his butt on a mag)

I feel bad for the old woman having to see him naked. I would be blind if I saw him naked. - surfacing

Dumb question. did he go to jail? I hope so

That's just wrong

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120 He threw a Water Balloon at a Police Officer

This should be 1 on this list! Singing like a girl is not bad. I hope this sick bastard Beiber dies a horrible painful death. BEIBER WE ARE SICK OF YOU! - TwilightKitsune

He should have been DEAD for doing that

Cops are gonna throw a bullet at him!

If I were the police officer, I will punch the filt out of him

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