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121 He Hates Original Teen Titans

He loves Teen Titans Go! - MLPFan

He hates original Teen Titans, but loves TTG? UGH, HE IS AN IDIOT! - BorisRule

What this show Ia amazing

So what?

122 Has His Own Perfume for Girls

No girl will ever want to cry for Bieber because he looks like a girl too

Same with Her own nail polish. She must have made it out of her very own tears

Real guys and girls would look for something better like nike, adidas or bench perfume

123 Hasn't Gone Through Puberty Yet V 3 Comments
124 He Acts Like He's From the Ghetto

He forgets his own race too. He thinks he's black and hasn't been looking in the mirror at all or he surrounds himself with black people and therefore believes he's apart of the crew. I don't think he'll ever realize he's white.

Why because he listens to too much Eminem? Oh my gosh, this truly has to be the worst time for hip hop ever.

You know id actually like to see him in the ghetto. maybe the best thing yet to come will happen

His Personality is so stupid!

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125 Hates His Own Mom

Wow. Hey Justin. If your reading this then let me ask you something. Who let you live in this world? Your mom! And do you hate your mom. YES! P.S. If you hate sonic the hedgehog, you r the worst thing in the galaxy and beyond.

I heard that the stripper he was sucking boobs from was old enough to be his mom.

I don't Hate My Mom But Why Did JB Hate His Mom When She Gave Birth To Him So Justin Is A Retard

I actually feel kinda bad for his mom and little brother, but they love him so whatever. However like I said before I absolutely despise Bieber. - Anonymousxcxc

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126 He Hates The Simpsons

He is stupid to hate the Simpsons

How does he hate something he guest-starred in? What a douche. - DaTrueSwagLord21

I know right. I love the simpsons.

V 3 Comments
127 He Touched a Fan's Breasts

He is so gross and inappropriate! I would freak if he did that to me!

Oh god! He is the biggest pervert I have ever known! Seriously?! How can he do that?! Touching a fans...ugh I can't even finish the sentence! - Stoplookingatmyname

No mind at all!

Feminist will be SO angry!
(I'm not saying that I like them I HATE THEM ) - BorisRule

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128 He Farted on His Bodyguard V 4 Comments
129 He Belongs to Corporate America
130 Ladies Consider Him the Cutest

How is this even possible?! Justin Beaver is one of the ugliest popstar wannabes I've ever seen, both inside and out!

But he's an ugly dump and no lady should consider him cute or good looking. He deserves nobody whatsoever and every girl should forget about him

I am a girl and I think my cousin with crooked teeth is cuter than him

Eww! Gross! I am a girl and saying that ladies consider him the cutest makes me wanna turn into a boy! Justin stinker makes a worm look cute. - Stoplookingatmyname

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131 He Was Banned From the Philipines

Ban him everywhere except the Pacific Ocean - MorganChambz

He posted insulting pictures of a famous philipino boxer ( forgot his name ) when he was on the ground. He put Michael jackson looking over him and simba from the lion king
I could not believe it how dare he.

The name of the boxer is Manny Pacquiao and filipino's have very high respect for their own citizens unlike canadians

He should be banned from the world

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132 He Wants to Make a Concert In Auschwitz.

Gosh, EVERYTHING on here is worth voting for. But this... this... THIS is just awful! Did he learn ANYTHING in school, or did he just mindlessly stare out the window?! Because if he DID, he would know that Auschwitz is a HORRIBLE place where MILLIONS of poor Jews were killed and tortured! WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO THROW A CONCERT IN AUSCHWITZ?!

How can think that that is acceptable?

I hope he sings in the gas chamber while it's on.

He poisons kids!

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133 He is a Terrible Role Model

This guy smokes, hurts people, threatens them, drunk driving, being late, punching mascots, hurling balloons at COPS! Spitting, peeing in public, and people think he is a role model, Hitler is much better role model, at least he had a big army! - Cobbleborg

Even Hitler is a better role model than him.

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134 He dissed Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake will always better than Justin Bieber

Timberlake is still one of Michael Jackson's followers and JT will always be part of the anti-Biebers.

Justin Timberlake is way better than justin bieber and even cuter,oh justin,I heard u want to join I Carl, well it's going to be a total freak

V 3 Comments
135 He Thinks Bulgaria is Asian

Justin what is wrong with you? Bulgaria is Asian? Get the leaking atlas and learn what is diffrence between Bulgaria and Asia - BorisRule

Bulgaria is EUROPEAN - MLPFan

Bulgaria is EUROPEAN! NOT ASIAN! - BorisRule

I'm Bulgarian and I'm offended because he hates Asians and hates us because he thinks I'm asian, BUT I'M WHITE!
How white pride could be racist? - BorisRule

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136 He Hates KFC

KFC had good fried chicken and good fries! Justin has NO good taste in KFC. And why people still LIKE him? - BorisRule

It very likely has something to do with different taste buds.

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137 Every Girl Cries for Him

Not every girl, just most of them. I'm a girl and I am literally disgusted by Justin Bieber. He's not as cute as some try to make him out to be, and his music is so horrible it shouldn't even be called music. And he has a horrible personality too. Why he even has any fans is beyond my knowledge.

Get over him he doesn't even care about you and I'm a girl saying this

Get over it girls. Every girl in the world can do MUCH better than Justin!

Well when he dies, I will throw a big party at my home for the name will be the funeral party of late boy Justin Bieber..

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138 His Album

More like all his albums, cause all his albums are crap

These belong to the recycling center.

139 He Sags

Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Pull your pants up. You look like an IDIOT!

Sagging isn't cool. It just makes you look like a dork.

Buy a belt! I mean, come on, you're rich!

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140 Thinks He Can Act

It�'s not only that he thinks he can act. He also thinks he can sing!

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