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141 He Is Racist

He likes to appropriate hip-hop culture (baggy pants, gang symbols, yo, etc) but actually is a racist in real life (One Less Lonely ******).

He broke up with Selly for being Mexican. 👿👿👿

142 He likes Twilight

He will force people to love Twilight. No wonder Ariana Grande fawns over Justin Bieber like your typical Nickelodeon girl like The Naked Brothers Band.

It's called an "Opinion."

How dare you Justin? I hope you B.I.H.

Sparkle. What a brony. - alazeemrasaq2005

143 He dissed Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake will always better than Justin Bieber

Oh no you dint

Justin Timberlake is so much better than you JB.

Justin Timberlake is way better than justin bieber and even cuter,oh justin,I heard u want to join I Carl, well it's going to be a total freak

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144 He Thinks Bulgaria is Asian

Justin what is wrong with you? Bulgaria is Asian? Get the leaking atlas and learn what is diffrence between Bulgaria and Asia - BorisRule

Bulgaria is EUROPEAN - MLPFan

Bulgaria is EUROPEAN! NOT ASIAN! - BorisRule

I'm Bulgarian and I'm offended because he hates Asians and hates us because he thinks I'm asian, BUT I'M WHITE!
How white pride could be racist? - BorisRule

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145 He made a racist joke involving the N word

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande ducking hate Justin Bieber - zaynmalik2003



146 He Hates KFC

KFC had good fried chicken and good fries! Justin has NO good taste in KFC. And why people still LIKE him? - BorisRule

It very likely has something to do with different taste buds.


147 He hates Pac-man
148 Every Girl Cries for Him

Not every girl, just most of them. I'm a girl and I am literally disgusted by Justin Bieber. He's not as cute as some try to make him out to be, and his music is so horrible it shouldn't even be called music. And he has a horrible personality too. Why he even has any fans is beyond my knowledge.

Get over him he doesn't even care about you and I'm a girl saying this

Get over it girls. Every girl in the world can do MUCH better than Justin!

Well when he dies, I will throw a big party at my home for the name will be the funeral party of late boy Justin Bieber..

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149 His Album

More like all his albums, cause all his albums are crap

These belong to the recycling center.

150 He Loves Kardashians

Agreed I don't like Cody Simpson either for that

They go good together. They're both disgraces to today. - BubbleBear01

151 He Sags

Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Pull your pants up. You look like an IDIOT!

Sagging isn't cool. It just makes you look like a dork.

Buy a belt! I mean, come on, you're rich!

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152 Thinks He Can Act

It�'s not only that he thinks he can act. He also thinks he can sing!

153 He Flirted With a Model When He Was Dating a Model

He has no respect for women an it bothers me why a lot of girls still love him.

No, he actually flirted with a male stripper when he was dating another male stripper. - DaTrueSwagLord21

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154 He's a Disgrace to Music

His music is like an insult to real music

He's an insult to Canadians and to all sane people in the world!

Yes a big one music now sucks everyone listen to 90's music okay my advice

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155 He Punched a Little Girl

I saw it on the news. The girl was trying to hug him and he said he hit her by accident. It wasnt a accident. I saw the video from YouTube that is now banned because of his connections.

Justin Bieber is so stupid he deserves to die for doing that

He should've been arrested for child abuse.

Justin Bieber loved to beat up girls, didn't he?! First Ariana Grande, now Selena Gomez, then Miley Cyrus, now a little girl?! HE'S A NOBODY!

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156 He Said That His Haters Were Only Jealous of Him

Seriously Justin? Just because we hate you does not mean we are jealous of you. Never in my entire life would I ever wanna be like Justin Bieber!

How can we be jealous of him? There is NOTHING to be jealous of. NOTHING

I'm not jealous of you. I just hate you're terrible music and personality, Bieber.

No wonder Ariana Grande likes Justin Bieber! I hope Big Sean and I beat them both up.

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157 Kids Look Up to Him As a Role Model

Ugh... No... No kids. You'll be sorry.

As alex jones put it, kids should look up to real role models like thomas jerfferson, or nikola tesla, or magellan.

I look up to Wilhelm Keitel or any Nazi general instead (well, with the exception of Himmler.)

What justin bieber a role model? There is in no way, shape or form that this...THING is worthy of being called human let alone a role model. Who in the right mind calls this pervy criminal a role model? I was reading this one essay that said "JB IS a role model because he teaches kids what not to do," and I 1000000% lost faith in humanity when I read it. It's like saying foods that are highly saturated in fat are GOOD FOR you. The person that wrote that was probably on drugs when they did so. Justin bieber is about as much as a role model as a chimpanzee and even THAT has more talent at singing. I swear if Justin bieber comes anywhere near me with his fake physique and starts singing nonsense I'll rip out his vocal cords so the world won't have to deal with his crap anymore

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158 He Slapped Selena Gomez

Damn you Justin, You're even worst than Chris Brown

Shut the front door

I think he just beats up girls.

Justin Bieber: ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU! *beats up Selena Gomez*
I'VE GOT ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU! (2X) *still beats up Selena Gomez*

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159 He Thinks He Is Better Than Everyone

Yep! He always thinks he is the better one around the crowd! And that's one of the main reason why people hate him

Why is this not in the top 10? What a shame. - DaTrueSwagLord21

A pig is even worth than he is

He's so arrogant.

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160 He Laughed at Brian Griffin's Death

You know, considering what I've heard about 'Life of Brian' and 'Christmas Guy', I think Brian deserved it.

Its rude, but I am damn sure to cry on his funeral.

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