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141 He Flirted With a Model When He Was Dating a Model

He has no respect for women an it bothers me why a lot of girls still love him.

No, he actually flirted with a male stripper when he was dating another male stripper. - DaTrueSwagLord21

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142 He's a Disgrace to Music

His music is like an insult to real music

He's an insult to Canadians and to all sane people in the world!

Yes a big one music now sucks everyone listen to 90's music okay my advice

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143 He Punched a Little Girl

I saw it on the news. The girl was trying to hug him and he said he hit her by accident. It wasnt a accident. I saw the video from YouTube that is now banned because of his connections.

Justin Bieber is so stupid he deserves to die for doing that

He should've been arrested for child abuse.

Justin Bieber loved to beat up girls, didn't he?! First Ariana Grande, now Selena Gomez, then Miley Cyrus, now a little girl?! HE'S A NOBODY!

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144 He Thinks He Is Better Than Everyone

Yep! He always thinks he is the better one around the crowd! And that's one of the main reason why people hate him

Why is this not in the top 10? What a shame. - DaTrueSwagLord21

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145 He Is Racist V 1 Comment
146 He Laughed at Brian Griffin's Death

You know, considering what I've heard about 'Life of Brian' and 'Christmas Guy', I think Brian deserved it.

Its rude, but I am damn sure to cry on his funeral.

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147 He hates Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is better than that pile of crap.

Are you kidding me it's the best game on the Nintedo 64. Man this guy is rude.

Plus he dissed such timeless, awesome, underrated Pac-Man games such as Pac-Man World (PS1) in favor of the bad Pac-Man games such a Pac-Man (Atari 2600), Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures and Pac-Man World (GBA). I wish I cold put that on the list even if he dissed none of these things. Justin Bieber needs to be grounded (big time) for liking Ariana Grande. >:(

148 He likes Twilight V 3 Comments
149 He Is Boring Like Daniel Bryan V 2 Comments
150 He made a racist joke involving the N word

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande ducking hate Justin Bieber - zaynmalik2003


151 His Tours
152 He Loves Kardashians

They go good together. They're both disgraces to today. - BubbleBear01

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153 His Fashions

So many fans of his thinks that he is cute because of his coats, hats, sunglasses etc. But I think HE IS DAMP IN HIS CLOTHES. He looks very ugly with them. And most of all he uses make ups but truely he's ugly.

I would like to see him dressed appropriately for once. No low-riding pants, no ripped jeans, not walking around topless and naked at concerts.

You know, I once punched my brother in his stomach because it had Justin's picture on it. That shirt is currently nothing but ashes

He should wear sweaters and leg warmers, not tight pants and Uggs!

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154 Eats Junk Food

Why the heck would you spend money on garbage food instead of real food?

Come on guys, find better reasons to hate him.

We all eat junk food

I don't like junk food.

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155 He Thinks Every Girl Likes Him

I am a teen girl and I hate him! I'm with the dudes in my class... -_-

I am a girl and I seriously think he needs to get a grip. No girl likes him unless they're under the age of 16, and even then most of them don't like him! (oxymoron? )

My best friend and I are teenage girls and we both can't stand this guy. We would much rather fall in love with cartoon characters and celebrities from other countries than fall in love with this dumbass.

Nope. Only brain washed ones. What a phony - MLPFan

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156 He Flirted With a Model When He Was Dating Selena

He is so mean to Selena Gomez! She should really leave him for good because she's just waisting her time with him!

Poor Selena Gomez. She's my idol and has more class in herself than this sex-obsessed freak.

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157 He Thinks That Everyone Loves Him and His Music

Well people who do like him NEED TO GET A LIFE seriously not everyone likes you in fact there are thousands of people who hate you your a disgrace to the world and your mom should have had an abortion
Ps he is retarded

He thinks he's the salt of the earth. It's not always about you beiber!

I'm n 8 year old boy and I hate him and I always had even though I saw a video of the rock calling out Justin Beiber

No one likes his music or his personality. Worst person ever. I rather be stuck on a deserted island alone than with him! - MLPFan

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158 He Cheats On His Girlfriends

Won't be long until this dick and the 2nd most talentless clown Miley Cyrus to reproduce some horrible spawn from Hell to doom all of humanity but it's wretched singing and preying on young impressionable children to corrupt society and will destroy us all to make it all happen!

How many girlfriends did he had anyway? What a pimp - MLPFan

Wait, he had a harem? Before hitting puberty? - MLPFan

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159 He Said That His Haters Were Only Jealous of Him

Seriously Justin? Just because we hate you does not mean we are jealous of you. Never in my entire life would I ever wanna be like Justin Bieber!

How can we be jealous of him? There is NOTHING to be jealous of. NOTHING

I'm not jealous of you. I just hate you're terrible music and personality, Bieber.

Really,no one will ever get jealous of a gross pervert

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160 He Stripped Off His Pants On Stage In Perth

Not in my country you don't. If he so much as mentions Western Australia ever again I'll hunt him down and murder him in his sleep. We don't need that sort of behavior here.

At this point I can believe anything crazy like that

No, we don't want to see that. KEEP THEM ON.

Bieber we don't want to see your butt.

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